Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 463

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Vinchamp was upset, but Bonifas was rotten and bruised. I’m not sure if there’s a person who’s not happy with the DGSE Director, but wants to meet him! ‘Damn it, somehow!’ Bonifas’ troubles deepened. DGSE is known as a thug on the international stage. Traditionally, they focus on Humint rather than SIGINT, because of their immediate and violent tendencies. France learned a painful lesson from the Dreyfus Incident that if the secret intelligence agencies were talking about their pride, not only would the organization collapse, but it would also put a great burden on the country. Honesty, honesty, and macho temperament are contained in the genes of DGSE. Bonifas was no different. The reason the inside is rotten is not because of your self-esteem. Anxiety that the good relationship he had worked so hard for might be ruined gripped Boniface’s heart. You are the person who knows the value of the National Tresor Black Mamba best. The supreme leader of sabotage, a consultant who has overcome the limits of an agent, and the worst assassin is Black Mamba. In a word, he is Hugh Mint’s highest peak and a super-special consultant who is perfectly compatible with the macho-oriented DGSE. France benefited greatly from the three dukes of the Black Mamba. Three operations, but 32 operations in DGSE operational units. That’s why the huge allowance is not worth it at all. The beginning and the end of information activity are human beings after all. No matter how much Sigint develops, it is just a meaningless signal without Humint. The reason the Yankees don’t notice even after drinking from the Black Mamba is that they rely too much on Sigint. This is because machines cannot analyze existence beyond common sense. If France is to compete with Sigint powers such as the Soviet Union, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom, the Black Mamba is a necessary existence. Judging by the head of intelligence, the Black Mamba is a cheat that you have to catch even if you give Corsica. The problem is that he is sloppy, and the fact that the cause of his turn lies entirely with the French government.
DGSE shoveled every time the Black Mamba was operating to see if it got stuck. Giving wrong information, attaching wrong guides, giving poor back data…. Nevertheless, the Black Mamba did not receive much damage from his operational activities. That is to say, it is beyond common sense. He didn’t blame the DGSE for repeated mistakes or lack of ability. There is a part where he is insensitive, and it is also the leeway of the strong. This time, even if he got stuck, it was big. It was not a simple mistake, but the Ministry of National Defense and the highest level of the DGSE took the lead and exposed the operation of the call name. There was no excuse for the Black Mamba who had been hit in the back of the head. Even if the touch is too good, it is a mask. Musou, who is the real party, is holding a toast with his friends for the discovery of genetics, and is bewildered by the unexpected increase in ability. He’s never done anything other than pout from the start. Boniface is like playing the drums and playing the drums alone and buying troubles. Tick ​​Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak – Boneless fingers have been beating the table regularly for 30 minutes. This is a habit of Bonifas that appears when he is anxious. He is unaware of himself, but it is a torment for those who have to constantly hear the intermittent noise. ‘Ugh, check that guy’s finger~’ Colonel Vinchamp stared at the rhythmically moving fingers with his fluke eyes.
“Vinchamp, isn’t there a sharp way to relieve your mood when your VIP partner is upset?” I’m not asking because I don’t know. It’s frustrating to ask. ‘Even if the surfund was caught weak by the special military advisor, he was firmly caught.’ After 30 years of jjambab, dig a trench with a fork. Vinxiang, scratching his eyes, said nothing.
“well. It will vary from person to person. Shakespeare said that if a woman is upset, she should hold her first and then lie to the end, and if a man is upset, tell the truth and give her a present.” Vinchamp dragged Shakespeare in, and he slipped away. He had no intention of getting hurt by getting involved in a whale fight. “Isn’t that a gender-discriminatory statement? Why?” “It’s not about gender roles, it’s about temperament. A woman values ​​her own feelings more than her truth. It is better to empathize with one word than to explain a hundred words. Men often accept clumsy excuses as ignoring them. Isn’t there a saying that it is better to sell first?” Bonifas nodded his head. What Vinchamp said is a hundred times right. Balzac also said that women should approach them emotionally and men should approach them sincerely. The secret to maintaining a good relationship with Black Mamba is also thanks to the sincere treatment of the cause. A person whose pride is at the top of his or her head does not tolerate intrusion.
‘Yeah, it’s better to get hit first.’ Bonifas jumped up and put on his frock coat. “Vinchamp, the intelligent beast must first be given a gift and then beaten.” Vinchamp was choked by the outfit of Bonifas. In Djibouti, the temperature does not drop below 30°C even after sunset. The general was dressed in a white muslin shirt, cashmere vest, bladed trousers, and a frock coat. If you dress like that, your body will be covered with sweatbands. Vinchamp, who was about to say a word, shut his mouth. He may actually be a human with cold reptilian blood. He’s a human wearing a frock coat these days in the same world. He’s not the kind of person to get advice from. “I hope that the general director’s worries become as bright as the sky in Djibouti.” Vinchamp bowed his head towards the back of Bonifas’s head. The sleepover went out. During the three years of being assigned to the 13th Djibouti Regiment, there has never been a more embarrassing day than today. The intercom rang. Simon D quickly picked up the handset. -Guest, a person named Piginer (swimming pool, DGSE alias) came to visit. “How many?”
– One minute. When Simon D looked at the message from the desk, the pair nodded their heads. “Put it up! Simon D threw a few words and hung the intercom on the hook. The furious incomparable shook his head. He understood that the gesture he nodded meant that he was going down to the lobby, and that he would call Simon D. The behaviors of Ombuti and Simon D have something in common. It’s like a woman who takes care of her lover. Goosebumps swelled up. “Huh!”
Bonifas, who had entered the room, retreated. His eyes met a huge creature lying on the rug. If you are not surprised when you encounter a beast whose eyes are flashing blue in a hotel room, you are not human. In an instant, lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, and wild beasts stored in memory pass one after another, but there is no matching animal. “That guy is a dog. It’s Waquille’s pet, so don’t worry.” Simon D, who opened the door, sighed. “Ugh!” Bonifas took a step back. No one would be surprised when a black giant with three heads bigger than himself appeared silently, revealing his empty teeth. ‘This guy is Black Mamba’s bodyguard, Simon D’s boss.’ Bonifas looked at Simon D with each eye. A suffocating gigantic body and a force that matched it spewed out one after another. He is indeed the bodyguard of the Black Mamba. Bonifas glanced around the room. A giant beast that you’ve never heard of, a black giant that even a grizzly bear can beat, maybe there’s something else. Fortunately, there was a milky-white metal box in one corner, but no other monsters were seen. The matchless figure sitting on the window sill flashed and appeared in Boniface’s face “Congratulations on your appointment as Director-General.” Bonifas grabbed the incomparably outstretched hand. Like an old man taking care of his younger lover, he was full of affection. “Thank you for the congratulations. The person who signed the letter of appointment is Mitterang, but the actual appointee should be Black Mamba.”
“It sounds like a no-brainer. I am just a field man.”
“If you are a field worker, I am a voyeur.”
It’s not like Bonifas, invincibility, or promotion. Didn’t say a word of thanks. The corners of the pair’s lips rose slightly. DGSE is a spy group, so voyeurs aren’t wrong. I liked the general director who did not stick to formality or formality. “This time, I did it in a flashy way. A lot of hard work.” “What is hard work? At the cynical answer, Bonifas clapped his back. He sounded like a threat to calculate properly. It is the sorrow of Eul, who is hurt by even a single thoughtless word from Gab.
The heavy-ass president replaced his thanks with a handwritten letter. An invitation is also included. He said that he would like to meet him this time when he returns to Paris.” Bonifas took the blue envelope out of his briefcase and handed it to him. I didn’t like the shiny gold border and the colorful seal. Black Mamba took the envelope and flicked it with his fingers. The envelope flew across the living room and crashed into the mahogany desk. It’s a surprising red leaf story, but it’s nothing compared to the earth wind. Bonifas, who had become chronic, was not too surprised. “Read it when you have time. I am not Marguerite Duras (French novelist, screenwriter, and acquaintance with Mitterrand, who was known as a lover because of frequent meetings with Mitterrand). The invitation is discouraged. What will the president, who is too busy to meet with sweet writers, talk when he meets the bloody call name?” Bonifas smiled bitterly. This is a subtly criticizing Mitterrand, who leaned to the left while advocating for the president of culture. The person in front of you is a person who has refused the French president’s invitation at all. He’s not the kind of person to be moved by a thank-you letter. “Then you will receive a proper present.”
“Gift? Isn’t that an allowance?” At the sudden sound, the pair looked straight into Boniface’s eyes. This man is not the kind of person who can talk about gifts for no reason. “It’s just a gift. What do you need most right now?” “Hey, you’re coming out big. You need a lot. Geosonometer, rod set (set of conduit required for drilling), turbine drilling rig, Nahoroimer~” “Wait, are you okay?” “Maybe that’s right. Yujing was found on a Samaritan farm in Toba.”
The pair spoke frankly. Anyway, you need Boniface’s help to develop the oil fields. Bonifas is a helper, not a loser. Bonifas’ eyes widened. “Huh, Allah’s favor is pouring into the Black Mamba, no, invincible. The matter is complicated, so let’s focus on that later. There must be something else you need. “We need electricity. Every Novatopia construction site has a mobile generator running, but they say they don’t have jaws.” “That’s right.” Bonifas clapped his fingers and made a click. “I will build an 800MWp heavy oil thermal power plant. That’s enough capacity to reliably supply electricity to a large city of 1 million people.” “For free?” He asked with a stern look on his face. A power plant is not a gift that can be exchanged for words. “of course. A gift for the founding of Novatopia.” “It’s strange. The general director I know isn’t this big…” The pair shook his head outward. “Why is this! I have a small head, but a big liver. It should be that much of a national gift. I have already received the approval of the president.” Bonifas jumped.
“I have so much to be thankful for! thank you, general manager You are Santa who came in June.” The pair was genuinely happy. The stable power supply is the first step to constructing Novatopia’s infrastructure. When electricity is supplied, the living standards of refugees can be raised on several levels. A large-capacity power plant is not an infrastructure that can be built with money. I don’t know why the French government is so generous, but if you refuse to give it, there’s nothing wrong with it. As oil fields were developed, thermal power plants rolled in. It feels like he has big hands and is holding his mouth firmly. “Hmmmm! I’m glad you like it too.” Bonifas was delighted. He’s never seen a crush like this one since he’s teamed up with the Black Mamba. With this, he achieved half of the purpose he had come across the Mediterranean Sea. He said, “Wakill, I asked for room service. If you don’t want to hear gossip later about being petty, you should serve a glass of wine.” If you watch it, it’s samdi. As the atmosphere became more lively, I quickly grabbed a table for drinks. “Hey, I’m learning from Simon D. Well done.” The pair laughed softly. He is certainly far from a socialite. If you go out as a negotiator, it’s easy to fucking eat. “Is that sergeant Simon D who blew the heads of hundreds of kidnappers with a shovel?” Bonifas looked at Simon D, who was standing behind the pair. The intimidation of the real thing was ten times stronger than that of Mackisey’s report. “Um, you must have done the security right?”
“Is there any I gave it a call name level rating.” “Heh, is that a naked call name that even a reporter from a private broadcasting company follows?” The pair snorted. Boniface’s face turned white at the harsh criticism, but then returned to its original color in an instant.
“Now that I am the general manager, I must say it was my fault. The heads of Minister Germain, Director General of Lagos and Director Kabae were blown away.” “Wow! It’s a pity that some of the talented people take off their clothes.” He said with a look of no regret at all.
“The broadcast station reporter who annoyed you will also be punished. I sincerely apologize.” Bonifas bowed his head slightly. “Hahaha, when the sound of gold coins is chirping, the sadness disappears like snow. I got a big present too, can you be modest? I will not take it to heart.” The pair accepted the apology in a cool way..
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