Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: Song Xiaoya’s action

On the premises of a milk tea shop, Chu Tian and Li Niannian discuss the future development of their white milk tea business, while in a solitary villa in Haicheng, another scene unfolds.

Inside a gloomy room, Zhou Jiancheng stared at the portrait of Zhou Kang hanging on the wall, his eyes filled with anguish. He had hoped that Li Niannian would pay for his son’s life. However, he received sudden news from the police that the case had been closed. Li Niannian was deemed to have acted in self-defense and wouldn’t face any legal consequences. In other words, his son had died in vain.

Zhou Jiancheng immediately made several phone calls, reaching out to his connections, hoping that the situation could be turned around. Unfortunately, the responses he received were only expressions of sympathy. Even those who were usually influential individuals seemed powerless to intervene in this matter. Chief among them was Police Chief Zhang, who appeared to have received significant benefits from Li Niannian. Regardless of any pressure exerted on him, he remained as unyielding and uncooperative as a stone.

“Honey, I’ve made your favorite light congee with eggs and lean pork. Please have something to eat,” a woman in her mid-twenties said as she approached Zhou Jiancheng, carrying a bowl of porridge.

It was evident that she was not Zhou Kang’s mother but Zhou Jiancheng’s wife, as Zhou Kang’s photo on the wall displayed signs of aging.

“Get out of here!” Zhou Jiancheng waved his hand, accidentally knocking the bowl out of the woman’s hand, causing the porridge to spill onto the floor.

Observing the scene, the woman pursed her lips, stepped forward, and gently embraced Zhou Jiancheng’s arm, tears welling in her eyes. “Darling, I understand how much pain you’re in right now. I’m also devastated. Just two days ago, I saw Zhou Kang, and everything seemed fine. I never expected that in the blink of an eye… But you can’t stop eating. What will I do if you break down again?”

Zhou Jiancheng gritted his teeth and looked at the portrait of Zhou Kang on the wall. He said fiercely, “A cheap woman, my son Zhou Kang likes her. It is her ancestral grave that smokes. I didn’t expect this cheap woman to kill my son. This matter must not end like this!”

Seeing that Zhou Jiancheng was itching to eat people, the woman wiped her tears and said, “What should we do now? After all these calls, there’s not a single person who can help.”

“Don’t worry.” Zhou Jiancheng slowly took a deep breath and said, “It’s just a slut. I will definitely let her bury with Zhou Kang!”

Just then, the door rang twice. A bodyguard stood at the door and said, “Boss, there’s a phone call from Chief Zhao.”

Zhou Jiancheng took a last look at Zhou Kang’s portrait on the wall and strode to the door, taking the phone from the bodyguard.

“Chief Zhao.” Zhou Jiancheng said, “Is there any good news?”

“Well, well, I know. I’ll go and see it now.”

After saying two simple words, Zhou Jiancheng hung up the phone, directly striding to the study.

The computer turned on, Zhou Jiancheng logged in to a mailbox, opened a mail, and looked up.

Time passed slowly. For three minutes, Zhou Jiancheng glared angrily and fiercely uttered, “Chu Tian, Li Niannian, Li Sisi, Bai Xiaochun! Damn it, you’re all in this together. Just wait, all four of you will be buried with my son. None of you will escape.”

Meanwhile, in the villa community, next to an artificial lake, a woman dressed in a white shirt and wide-legged trousers stood quietly in a small pavilion, gazing at the large goldfish swimming in the lake. If Chu Tian were there, he would recognize her as the female secretary left by Elder Sun.

As if receiving a message, Song Xiaoya took off her Bluetooth headset and calmly retrieved her phone from her pocket, dialing a number. “Chief, it’s Xiaoya,” she said.

“Zhou Jiancheng has a big opinion on this side. He has no intention of giving up. His goal now is not only Li Niannian but also Chu Tian, Li Sisi, and Bai Xiaochun.”

“Yes, there’s a lot of killing, and I reckon he’s going to take action himself soon.”

“Bai Xiaochun’s problem is not big because she and Chu Tian almost won’t be separated for long. Two people almost all day together, according to Chu Tian, can kill Zhang Wei’s strength. Bai Xiaochun and Chu Tian themselves don’t face significant risk, but there is still some danger.”

“Li Niannian is also a little better…”

“Only Li Sisi poses a higher risk factor because she spends more time alone, particularly in bars. Her lifestyle differs from Chu Tian and the others.

“Yes, if something happens, I reckon Li Sisi will definitely be the first to go.”

“Not sure. I don’t know if Chu Tian’s side did anything to prepare.”

“Well, Chief, I see. I’ll take care of it now.”

After ending the call, Song Xiaoya hung up and opened her satchel. From it, she took out several leather straps. She untied her hair and tied it up using the leather bands. Then, she retrieved a headband from her bag and secured it tightly over her head, applying pressure to her hair. Next, she took out a brownish-yellow curly wig and put it on her head. Finally, she applied lipstick to her lips.

With these changes, Song Xiaoya transformed her appearance from sweet to seductive. She retrieved a pair of large sunglasses from her bag and put them on her face. She unbuttoned two buttons on her shirt, slightly revealing her collar.

In just a few minutes, Song Xiaoya transitioned from a modest look to a sexy one. With her satchel in hand, she wore high heels and confidently left the small pavilion, heading towards Zhou Jiancheng’s villa.

Ten minutes later!

In front of the villa gate, Song Xiaoya lifted her wavy wig and then rang the doorbell.

Soon, the door opened, and a bodyguard poked his head out and asked, “Who are you?”

Wearing her oversized sunglasses, Song Xiaoya smiled enchantingly and replied, “Chief Zhao sent me. I have something important to discuss with Boss Zhou face to face.”

“Chief Zhao?” The bodyguard quickly opened the door and said, “Please come in. I’ll inform the boss right away.”

“No need.” Song Xiaoya laughed meaningfully, saying, “I’m here to help Boss Zhou vent the boredom in his heart. You tell me directly where Boss Zhou is. I’ll go find him. Otherwise, it’s a bit awkward.”

Looking at Song Xiaoya’s meaningful smile, the bodyguard immediately understood, smiled, and said: “Boss is now in the study room, the eastmost room on the second floor.”


Song Xiaoya gave a flying kiss to the bodyguard and then twisted her waist and walked in sultrily.

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