Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 558:

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Chapter 558:

“Cousin, your abs and chest muscles are rock solid…”

” How did you train it? How many women have touched it? How…”

Seeing Yu Shanshan spewing nonsense again, Lin Yuan was helpless.

Lin Yuan already saw it coming before even teaching her.

This naughty kid would be difficult to teach.


Lin Yuan slapped the naughty kid’s ass directly in the water.

”Ouch…” Yu Shanshan looked at Lin Yuan pitifully.

Lin Yuan on the other hand showed no mercy and did the same once more. “Hurry up and practice hard. Stop being naughty.”

Just like that, Yu Shanshan had her ass slapped for being naughty and disobedient.

Yu Shanshan barely learned after being obedient.

After teaching Yu Shanshan for a while, Lin Yuan left the pool.

He went back ashore.

It was not that he did not want to swim anymore, he was just really tired.

Teaching Yu Shanshan was just too tiresome.

It seems she just wouldn’t learn.

Teaching her continuously may cause cerebral hemorrhage.

So Lin Yuan chose to get out of the water, leaving Yu Shanshan to play alone.

There are several comfortable chairs in the swimming pool.

Lin Yuan directly looked for one to lie down.

Lin Yuan just laid down and the housekeeper, Song Yuwei, immediately brought a cold drink.

”Would Young Master Lin want a drink?” Song Yuwei smiled and asked.

”Sure. Thank you!” Lin Yuan nodded and took the drink. He then took a sip and set it aside.

Chi Qian’s villa is designed beautifully.

He can see the nice scenery next to him while sitting on the chair.

It was very pleasant.

But the people below can’t see them at the top.

While Lin Yuan was occupied with the scenery, Song Yuwei took the tray of drinks away and walked towards him again.

Lin Yuan turned his head to take a look.

There was a slight doubt in his eyes.

He saw Song Yuwei holding two strange bottles in her hand.

And seeing the doubt in Lin Yuan’s eyes, Song Yuwei’s pretty face flushed.

She walked to Lin Yuan’s side and asked: “Young Master Lin, do… do you want me to put some lotion and sunscreen for you?”

After saying that, Song Yuwei’s mature and charming cheeks turned red.

Upon hearing Song Yuwei’s words, Lin Yuan understood.

It seems that the two bottles are lotion and sunscreen.

Although the open-air swimming pool gives off a refreshing feeling, it is indeed a little sunny.

He was laying down on the chair for a while and it felt like he was sunbathing.

So, the caring housekeeper, Song Yuwei, not only brought some cold drinks but also would like to help him put on some lotion and sunscreen.

She also asked Lin Yuan’s permission.

As expected of Chi Qian’s housekeeper, the quality is really high.

Now that he is faced with a mature and caring elder sister beauty, Lin Yuan would naturally agree.

So, Lin Yuan nodded in agreement.

” Okay. Then I shall trouble Sister Yuwei.” Lin Yuan said.

Song Yuwei shook her head and answered: “It is no trouble at all.”

There was a smile on her delicate cheek.

Actually, Song Yuwei can appoint any maid to do this.

She has the authority to ask any maid to help Lin Yuan put lotion and sunscreen.

But Song Yuwei’s heart was also a little bit swayed.

Maybe It was because of the fluttering of her heart just now.

So, she wanted to help on her own.

She took the initiative and came forward.

Lin Yuan also actually agreed.

Song Yuwei’s composure is very good, and she is also very calm.

But when she heard Lin Yuan agree, she was actually a little bit happy.

”Young… young Master Lin, lie…lie down first… and turn on your back…” Song Yuwei whispered.

She did not even notice that her voice was slightly trembling.

Lin Yuan smiled and glanced at Song Yuwei.

Then he followed just as Song Yuwei said.

He lay on his stomach and his back faced Song Yuwei.

Song Yuwei’s hands were also trembling a little.

Then she poured the lotion and sunscreen from the bottle.

She began slowly wiping Lin Yuan’s back.

Song Yuwei’s movements seemed she was a little nervous.

In fact, this is not the first time she has given sunscreen and lotion to others.

She has actually done it to Chi Qian occasionally.

But she only did it for girls!

She hasn’t done so to men!

Not to mention applying lotion, she hasn’t touched any man’s body.

So, this is her first time doing this.

She was still a little nervous.

She put the cold and slippery lotion onto Lin Yuan’s back and gently pressed on it.

On the first contact of her hands with Lin Yuan’s back, Song Yuwei trembled.

Then mature elder sister Song Yuwei trembled a few more times.

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