Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 559:

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Chapter 559:

But it’s just back after all.

She recited the Pure Heart Sutra silently several times.

Song Yuwei tried enduring the strange feeling deep inside.

She finished wiping Lin Yuan’s back very quickly.

She obviously wanted to finish quickly.

Her hands moved really swiftly.

When Song Yuwei finished wiping Lin Yuan’s back, she withdrew her hands.

But as soon as she did, she had this unwilling feeling, not wanting to put her hands away from his body.

This made her heart beat a little faster.

After wiping Lin Yuan’s back, Song Yuwei opened her mouth and said: “Young… young Master Lin, I am done with your back. Could… could you turn your body around…”


Just now, Lin Yuan enjoyed Song Yuwei’s wiping.

Song Yuwei’s pressing made him feel very comfortable.

Song Yuwei’s hands are not particularly soft like that of an ordinary girl’s hands.

But it is not hard, it can be said to be in between.

Additionally, Song Yuwei’s technique is quite good.

And the lotion and sunscreen are cold.

That’s why Lin Yuan enjoyed it just now.

Hearing Song Yuwei’s words, Lin Yuan turned over.

Seeing Lin Yuan turn his body over, Song Yuwei immediately felt her nose getting hot.

She quickly took a deep breath.

She was afraid that some hot liquid would pour out from her nose.

It is not that her concentration is too bad, but Lin Yuan’s figure is just really over the top.

It is even more perfect than those of bodybuilding champions.

And his face value is also very high.

Looking at his body and face so close, it really makes a mature elder sister like her feel a little difficult to restrain herself.

Song Yuwei is also unaware of Lin Yuan’s 290-point charisma.

This made Song Yuwei feel a little difficult to control herself for a while.

But only after a second or two, Song Yuwei was able to quickly recover her calmness back.

“Then… then, I will continue to apply… apply lotion and sunscreen for you…” Song Yuwei said with a trembling tone.

Lin Yuan also noticed Song Yuwei’s trembling voice.

He understood Song Yuwei’s thoughts and reactions.

But he didn’t care and just smiled and said, “Okay, go ahead.”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan, Song Yuwei also continued to apply on Lin Yuan’s front body.

But it gave her a different feeling from when she did his back.

Although Lin Yuan’s broad back muscles are also perfect,

But after all, it was Lin Yuan’s back that was facing her

So she wouldn’t feel much.

But right now, Lin Yuan was facing her directly.

Song Yuwei tightly kept her head down this time.

She did not dare lift it up.

She felt a little embarrassed.

She was also afraid that Lin Yuan would notice something strange about her.

She helped wipe lotion and sunscreen onto Lin Yuan’s chest and abdomen.

It really made Song Yuwei’s blood boil.

‘His chest muscles are so hard…’

‘His abs are so hard…’

‘His figure is too over the top…’

Song Yuwei who has always been living in the mansion and serving Chi Qian is relatively pure-hearted.

But now, her heart shivers.

This kind of visual impact…


Not just visual, there is also a touching impact!

It makes her heart beat like crazy.

If there were a favorability prompt for Song Yuwei, it would have gone up crazily.

Lin Yuan also noticed something unusual about Song Yuwei.

But he just ignored it.

He just enjoyed Song Yuwe’s service.

He just lay down comfortably.

At the same time, he sipped the cold drink while looking at the scenery.

He also occasionally looked at Chi Qian’s perfect body who is now swimming in the pool.

And then he also looked at the plump housekeeper, Song Yuwei in front of him.

While Lin Yuan enjoyed and relaxed, Chi Qian seems to be already tired from swimming.

She then came out of the pool.

As soon as she went out, Chi Qian saw Lin Yuan lying down.

She also saw Song Yuwei applying lotion and sunscreen to him.

Seeing this scene, Chi Qian narrowed her eyes slightly.

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