Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 560:

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Chapter 560:

But Chi Qian did not say anything.

She just shook her long hair to dry it slightly.

She then paused and asked Song Yuwei gently: “Sister Yuwei, did you take the ice cream? Where did you put it?”

Hearing what Chi Qin said, Song Yuwei who was still slightly immersed in touching Lin Yuan’s chest and lower abdomen, came back to her senses.

She turned to see Chi Qian watching her and Lin Yuan.

Song Yuwei said hurriedly: “I took the ice cream and put it on the table over there. Let me bring it to you, young lady.”

Chi Qian likes to eat ice cream after swimming.

Song Yuwei is also thoughtful and prepared to get it as usual.

However, because of applying lotion and sunscreen to Lin Yuan, she had to clean her hands first.

Upon hearing Song Yuwei’s words, Chi Qian nodded and said, “It’s okay. Don’t bother Sister Yuwei. I can get it by myself. You can continue to help brother Lin Yuan apply sunscreen.”

“Okay, young lady!” Song Yuwei nodded repeatedly.

Song Yuwei continued with what she was doing.

Chi Qian went to get the ice cream and took a bite of it.

Then she walked in the direction of the toilet.

Yu Shanshan who was practicing swimming in the pool also heard the ice cream.

She ran up and quickly took a bite.

On the other side, after talking to Chi Qian, Song Yuwei continued to apply lotion and sunscreen quickly.

She finished everything wholly and quickly and then bowed and left.

“Young Master Lin, I am done. These are all waterproof and it won’t matter if you continue swimming.” Song Yuwei said.

Lin Yuan nodded and replied, “Okay, sorry for troubling you. Thank you, Sister Yuwei.”

“It’s okay.” Song Yuwei smiled and then took the lotion and sunscreen and left quickly.

Although Chi Qian looked the same as usual when she talked to her and there was no sign of displeasure, she still couldn’t help but think otherwise.

It is very likely that Lin Yuan will become the son-in-law of the Chi Family.

Was what she did now just too intimate?

She has to consider avoiding suspicion and jealousy.

But as a housekeeper, it is also her duty to serve Lin Yuan.

Although she could not help but feel a little scared.

When she applied lotion and sunscreen to Lin Yuan, she was completely indulging in it and her heartbeat fluttered.

So, after talking to Chi Qian, she quickly escapes.

After Song Yuwei left, Yu Shanshan ran over to Lin Yuan.

She also carried a bottle of liquid in her hand which seemed to be sunscreen.

It seems that she just saw Song Yuwei helping Lin Yuan apply lotion and sunscreen.

Yu Shanshan clamors: “Cousin, please also help me apply sunscreen, or I will get tanned.”

Lin Yuan did not bother to care about her.

He continued to sip the cold drink.

And so she rolled around acting cute and making a fuss.

“I’m lying down, my dear cousin, don’t you pity me? I am a tender flower.’

After acting up for a while, Yu Shanshan lay down on the chair next to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan took a sip of his drink again.

Looking at Yu Shanshan’s begging eyes like that of a puppy, Lin Yuan got up.

“Okay. I will wipe the sunscreen for you. When I’m done, hurry up and continue to learn to swim by yourself. I have taught you for so long, yet you still did not learn anything.” Lin Yuan said.

“Okay, okay!” Yu Shanshan nodded repeatedly.

Lin Yuan took the sunscreen and applied the same to Yu Shanshan.

As soon as the cold sunscreen touched her body, Yu Shanshan let out a strange cry.

Others who heard it would have wondered what was happening.

But Lin Yuan did not care about it.

Yu Shanshan is really playful.

Although lying on her stomach, she turned her head and asked Lin Yuan, “Cousin, this is the first time I have been touched by a man. Except for my wives, only you have touched me until now.”

“Come on, let’s talk about how it feels. How do you feel? Does it give you a strange feeling of having to touch the body of a young and beautiful girl?”

“You applied sunscreen for me. Do you feel elated? Come on, quickly describe it metaphorically.”

Lin Yuan remained calm and continued to apply the sunscreen.

In response to Yu Shanshan’s question, he replied blankly: “How do I feel? Let me describe to you…”

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