Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 563:

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Chapter 563:

” Little brother, elder sister has something to show you.”

Looking at the note that came with the friend request, Lin Yuan frowned.

Could it be one that came from those scammers?

Like when scammers send friend requests with such notes pretending to be cute girls etc.

This is a common scammer routine.

It’s just that it is already late at night and they are still working?

Are these scammers so dedicated?

Lin Yuan directly refused the friend request.

At the same time, he also replied: “I don’t like elder sister. I like little loli. Little loli is light and soft and easy to push down. Elder sister is shit.”

“Do you have something nice to show me? I have a big treasure too. Would you like me to show it to you?”

Lin Yuan refused and responded.

There was no reply from the other party, so Lin Yuan was about to close WeChat.

But it did not take long until Lin Yuan’s cell phone rang.

It was his mother Meng Yuelan who called.

Lin Yuan picked up the phone and clicked to answer.

Once connected, Meng Yuelan on the other end said: “Yuan’er, what time are you coming home tomorrow? And what are these words that you just said?”

“Just now, your cousin Yiyi sent you a friend request saying that she came to our house and that how she wanted to show you the photos she took in Yanjing. What kind of nonsense are you saying?”

“So it was my cousin, Yiyi. Okay, I know now…” Lin Yuan responded.

Meng Yuelan replied before Lin Yuan could even finish speaking, “Little Loli… Yuan’er, what a mess of your reply. Remember to accept your cousin’s friend request.”

“Okay. I will accept my cousin’s friend request.” Lin Yuan replied.

After Lin Yuan’s response, there seemed to be a sniggering sound on the other line.

It was a young female voice. The sniggering sound should be from a young woman.

It is probably his cousin, Meng Yiyi.

Obviously, this friend requests thing and Lin Yuan’s reply is a very embarrassing thing.

But after Lin Yuan hung up the phone, he was still very calm and at ease.

He still looked calm.

He was very calm from the moment he answered Meng Yuelan’s call until he hung up.

Lin Yuan did not feel embarrassed during the whole process at all.

He has always been very calm and at ease.

The reason for this is that Lin Yuan already had some guess who sent the friend request.

He guessed that it might be his cousin, Meng Yiyi.

It’s just that Lin Yuan pretended to know nothing.

He just pretended as his cousin sniggered from the other end.

As for why did he pretend to know nothing?

The reason has something to do with his cousin, Meng Yiyi.

According to the memory of the old Lin Yuan and also some descriptions in the original novel, Meng Yiyi is simply the shadow of Lin Yuan’s childhood.

Since they were young, this cousin Meng Yiyi had often bullied the old Lin Yuan.

After all, girls generally mature earlier than boys.

Girls at a young age are often taller than boys of the same age.

Meng Yiyi is two or three years older than Lin Yuan.

So Lin Yuan was in kindergarten then while his cousin Meng Yiyi was already in elementary school.

Meng Yiyi often bullied Lin Yuan.

For example, she often beats and scolds the previous Lin Yuan.

She would grab Lin Yuan’s toys, snacks, and pocket money.

She would also wake him up while he slept by pinching his nose or covering his mouth.

She would even pour some cold water onto his clothes in winter and many more.

In other words, Meng Yiyi is a bully.

The previous Lin Yuan was one of those bullied by his cousin Meng Yiyi.

In the original novel, the previous Lin Yuan was very scared of Meng Yiyi.

He was so scared as a child and was expected to feel the same in the end.

Meng Yiyi always remains very arrogant.

The previous Lin Yuan was also very afraid of his cousin Meng Yiyi even after growing up.

But the current Lin Yuan is not.

If this so-called cousin wants to be aggressive with him, then she shall face the consequences.

He is not the previous licking dog and timid Lin Yuan anymore.

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