Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 564:

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Chapter 564:

If he remembered correctly, his cousin Meng Yiyi had just graduated.

She had no interest in the Meng family’s affairs and even the family businesses in Yanjing.

In Lin Yuan’s view, this arrogant cousin Meng Yiyi who always bullied the previous Lin Yuan is just a little girl.

So, if Meng Yiyi doesn’t make trouble, it is fine.

But if she wants to make a scene or bully him, then he shall play with this little girl.

Seeing Meng Yiyi’s misleading note today, she obviously wanted to bully him.

If it was the previous Lin Yuan, he would be very embarrassed.

But Lin Yuan intends to trick this arrogant cousin.

Such that even if he knew it was his cousin, he still responded like he did.

Since he intends to trick her, first he still has to maintain his stupid and cowardly image.

He had to make Meng Yiyi think that he was still the previous Lin Yuan.

After all, he can’t do much harm to her right now through the phone.

So first he needs to maintain this unchanging image.

He will wait tomorrow until he gets home and meet her face to face.

He will teach her a good lesson.

He plans to educate this arrogant cousin who likes to bully and make fun of him.

Lin Yuan had already made plans in a short span of time.

Then he received another friend request from Meng Yiyi again.

Lin Yuan readily accepted.

In just a few clicks, the friend is added successfully.

It had been added successfully and Lin Yuan saw that his cousin had already sent him a message.

Her username is ‘Reluctant to part’.(T/N: 依依不舍 = yiyibushe = reluctant to part. A wordplay of her name)

Reluctant to part: “Cousin Lin Yuan, what do you mean by those words you just said? What kind of sister do you like? A little loli is light and soft and easy to push down? Are you serious?”

Lin Yuan can imagine Meng Yiyi’s expression right now when he sees her message.

At this moment, Meng Yiyi must have a smug smile on her face and has been mocking him.

Seeing that Lin Yuan did not reply for several seconds, Meng Yiyi sent another message.

Reluctant to part: “Cousin Lin Yuan, we have several little sisters in our family. I remember one cousin named Yu Shanshan is very close to you. You’re not referring to her, did you? I took screenshots of the message you replied to me. Should I go talk to Shanshan about this?”

Seeing the reply from Meng Yiyi, Lin Yuan smiled immediately.

He then replied casually: “I was just kidding just now. I thought some kind of scammer added me. But if you wish to send it to Shanshan, it doesn’t matter.”

The relationship between him and Yu Shanshan is better than Meng Yiyi imagined.

Actually, Yu Shanshan came to him earlier asking if she can sleep with him.

She said that she felt a little unaccustomed to Chi Qian’s house.

But he drove her away.

so Lin Yuan is not bothered by Meng Yiyi’s threat.

Meng Yiyi didn’t know this.

Right now, Meng Yiyi was lying in bed in the guest room of Lin family’s villa, playing with her mobile phone.

After seeing Lin Yuan’s reply, she immediately curled her lips.

Although she didn’t know how good the relationship between Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan is, but she still knows that her threat was useless.

After all, Lin Yuan is already a grown-up man not easily scared as when he was as a child.

Meng Yiyi thought for a while and quickly typed another response.

And then she sent the same to Lin Yuan.

Reluctant to part: “Cousin, you just said you have a big treasure you want to show your sister. Why don’t you take it out and show it? Your sister is very curious. Your parents’ is also here. How about you send it to your sister so we can all have a look together?”

Meng Yiyi teased Lin Yuan.

Meng Yiyi initially thought that Lin Yuan would be silent for a long time.

She thought that he would say sorry or apologize.

But what she didn’t expect was that Lin Yuan would actually reply very quickly.

It took almost just a second.

And the message didn’t even say that he was just joking.

Instead, Lin Yuan replied: “Okay cousin, you want to see the big treasure, right? I will take out the big treasure and take a picture of it and send the same to you. How about that?”

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