Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: I’m a dangerous person

How are you interested in meeting Chu Tian alone?

Hearing Chu Tian’s question, Xia Mo stared at Chu Tian’s eyes for about three to four seconds before she said with a smile, “What, you really don’t know why?”


After hearing Xia Mo’s question, Chu Tian thought for a moment and smiled. “Sister Xia, this… that can’t be counted, right? Yesterday, you were so drunk that you couldn’t walk. You couldn’t even stand with your help. I had no choice but to carry you back. However, you weren’t honest. You were always wandering around. Then, I hit your butt a few times and told you to be honest. You can’t blame me for this, right?”

“Cut.” Xia Mo clicked her tongue and said, “Who told you about this? I know I was carried back by you last night, and I didn’t drink the broken piece. I remember everything. You sent me back with Sisi. I was talking about something else, not last night.”

Not last night?


Did something happen today?

Chu Tian looked at Xia Mo’s eyes and carefully thought back about it. He shook his head and said, “Sister Xia, you really confused me. I really don’t know what happened. Today, I’m very normal. I haven’t been in class for a long time, so… just like before, I had a good day’s lesson.”

Seeing that Chu Tian did not look like he was lying, Xia Mo thought for a moment and said, “Zhou Jiancheng is dead.”


Zhou Jiancheng was dead?

Chu Tian was stunned and narrowed his eyes, “Zhou Kang’s father? That rich man from Haicheng?”

Xia Mo nodded.

“How did he die?” Chu Tian inquired, “Was it due to overwhelming grief caused by his son’s death?”

“No.” Xia Mo said, “He was killed by someone. At noon today, a woman openly walked into Zhou Jiancheng’s house. Then, with a pen, she stabbed him in the head from his temple and killed him cleanly.”

Chu Tian innocently said, “So arrogant, what hatred?”

“I don’t know.” Xia Mo said, “The murderer has run away. There aren’t any clues yet.”

The killer ran away?

Chu Tian said in a speechless manner, “Is it true, Sister Xia, this Zhou Jiancheng’s family is so easy to enter? Didn’t he have a bodyguard? In the middle of the day, you entered his house and killed him, and then you ran away?”

“This female murderer is very powerful.” Xia Mo said, “Her psychological quality is very impressive, and she’s very experienced and skilled. She’s also an expert, right? Because Zhou Jiancheng’s district has a lot of surveillance cameras, none of them captured her. So, she should be a very powerful anti-detection expert.”

Mental quality was awesome?

A master of counter-surveillance?

Chu Tian seemed to have thought of something and said thoughtfully, “Sis, what does this woman look like?”

“Long wavy brown hair.” Xia Mo replied, “According to one of her bodyguards, she’s very pretty and has a delicate face. However, I can’t see her full appearance because she’s wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. She should be very flirtatious.”

After hearing Xia Mo’s description, Chu Tian smiled and nodded. “Sis, did Zhou Jiancheng not accept that Niannian was released?”

“I’m not convinced.” Xia Mo said, “He’s always suspected that Niannian found someone here and gave a lot of benefits to our Chief before letting her out.”

“That’s why Zhou Jiancheng asked someone to investigate Niannian. I won’t tell you who his official friend is. He used his position to investigate Niannian. In the end, you, Xiao Bai, and Sisi were all pulled out.”

That’s it!

Chu Tian smiled and said, “Then I know. Sister, you don’t need to investigate this case. There won’t be any results.”


Hearing Chu Tian’s words, Xia Mo asked curiously, “So, do you know who did it?”

“Yes.” Chu Tian said, “From what you said, I know who did it. Also, I know who killed Zhou Jiancheng. But, sister, I still said that. You don’t need to investigate this case. Even if you can find out in the end, it will be useless.”

“That’s what I’m saying. The police are useless in front of them. Not to mention our Haicheng police station, even the capital police station can’t touch them. They don’t obey the law when they do things.”

Not following the law?

Xia Mo said in surprise, “Chu Tian, you’ve confused me. How could anyone not obey the law? Who’s so awesome?”

Chu Tian shook his head with a smile and said, “Sis, it’s useless even if I tell you. Just believe me. This case is destined to have no result. If Zhou Jiancheng can accept the result of Sister Nian’s acquittal and stop tormenting him, then he won’t die. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t accept this result, then there’s no way. He will definitely kill him.”

“Why?” Xia Mo was confused. “Is there anything special about Niannian?”

“It’s not Sister Nian.” Chu Tian said, “Actually, it’s all because of me.”

“Because of you?”

“Yes.” Chu Tian said, “The situation is a bit complicated. The main thing is I am really different from before. Zhou Jiancheng’s actions have already been judged to be a threat to me, so these people will definitely not allow him to live.”

Xia Mo quietly looked at Chu Tian’s eyes. After a few seconds, she took a deep breath and said, “Hey… Chu Tian, I can’t see through you anymore. Who are you? Really, I’m a little scared when I’m with you.”

Chu Tian smiled and said, “Big sister, you don’t need to think too much. I’m still Chu Tian, the brother you know, but the situation has changed.”

“Then, can’t we reveal anything?” Xia Mo said.

“It’s not that I can’t reveal it.” Chu Tian thought about it and said, “Actually… I’m a dangerous person.”


Xia Mo was stunned for a moment and said innocently, “Are you a dangerous person?”

“Yes,” Chu Tian replied. “Well, personally, I’m not dangerous, but that’s how they perceive me. In their eyes, I’m someone to be feared. In fact, I am capable of causing significant harm if I were to lose control.”

“Originally, they couldn’t find me, but because of Sister Nian’s case, I had no choice but to expose myself.”

“So, it’s really changed, and I’ve been focused, and anyone who tries to hurt me is going to a bad end.”

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