Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 566:

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Chapter 566:

Seeing Meng Yiyi’s reply, Lin Yuan immediately smiled and replied: “Wow, sister Yiyi, you are so beautiful.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s praise, Meng Yiyi on the other side smiled immediately.

Although she doesn’t care much about the opinion of Lin Yuan, the cousin she can bully casually.

But which girl doesn’t like being complimented by others for being beautiful?

Meng Yiyi is very happy to be complimented by Lin Yuan.

She smiled happily then she replied humbly: “No, no. I am not that good-looking. It’s been photoshopped.”

She just intended to be humble.

But Meng Yiyi did not expect Lin Yuan to reply too soon.

The reply goes: “No wonder!”

“I just said you are so beautiful, and it turned out that it was just due to Photoshop.”

“It’s fine. Photoshop is really amazing. It can even turn a sow into a fairy.”

Lin Yuan replied quickly.

Seeing his reply, Meng Yiyi instantly had the urge to vomit blood.

Then a strong anger and depression arose.

Is Meng Yiyi not beautiful?

Although he hadn’t seen her for so many years. She is naturally beautiful and looks even better as she grows.

She just said it is photoshopped out of modesty.

In fact, it was just a little whitening and smoothening.

It still looked like her.

She thought Lin Yuan would continue to praise her.

But in the end, what did Lin Yuan say? Photoshop is really amazing?

A sow can become a fairy?

What do you mean?

I’m a sow?!

Looking at Lin Yuan’s reply, Meng Yiyi felt that she was about to lose her temper.

Is Lin Yuan’s IQ and EQ really this low?

Can’t he see that she was just being humble out of courtesy?

That’s what Meng Yiyi thought at first.

But then the more she thought about it, the more she was stunned, and her expression becomes unsightly.

She said herself that it was photoshopped, but why does it feel like Lin Yuan was manipulating her into saying it?

Based on a woman’s instinct, something is definitely wrong.

She began to doubt.

Is Lin Yuan still the same Lin Yuan who was cowardly and can be bullied by her at will

Meng Yiyi decided to test him.

On the other side, Lin Yuan thought that Meng Yiyi was so shocked she could not type and send a reply.

But Lin Yuan immediately saw the message from Meng Yiyi.

Reluctant to part: “Cousin, do you use Netease Cloud? Do you know that there is a song in it that is very sad and emotional, making people lament the helplessness of this world?”

Seeing Meng Yiyi’s reply, Lin yuan smiled.

Lin Yuan actually knew what this cousin wanted to do.

She was just testing him.

But Lin Yuan is not afraid.

Lin Yuan replied casually: “NetEase? My cousin, I also know what you said.”

Reluctant to part: “Okay. Then let’s type it together.”

Meng Yiyi smiled happily.

She then quickly entered the most classic title from NetEase Cloud.

“Sorry for being born.”

After typing, Meng Yiyi quickly clicked send.

The same time she sent her message, Lin Yuan also sent his.

But seeing Lin Yuan’s message, Meng Yiyi was stunned.

Meng Yiyi’s eyes widened.

She originally thought Lin Yuan wouldn’t know what to reply to her, which is already outrageous enough.

But she did not expect that Lin Yuan’s reply was more outrageous than she thought.

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