Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 464

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‘Heh heh, this gentleman came to me because he was worried about the poop that Germain and Balisari had packed. What kind of rice cake is this!’ Did you say Balisari? It reminded me of a woman with a good body who ran wildly. He was annoying, but he didn’t do any real harm. Thanks to him, he took care of a large power plant, so there is still a lot of business left. It was the feeling of wanting to present a Sarcosuchus-branded luxury bag to Balisari, who had been having an accident. Bonifas, who had lifted the heavy burden, was also relieved. The mighty death mask opened wide. Her lips, as if they had drawn a single line of gold with purple chalk, were wide enough that the Hahoe mask was colorless. “Kah haha! Thank you. To be honest, I got a shit line.”
“I am sorry to have caused concern to the general director, who is busy with such things.” The pair responded. The person you are truly grateful for is yourself. Voluntary tax payment is good for each other. It is good for the giver to feel at ease, and the receiver is good for not making harsh noises. Therefore, voluntary tax payment has become commonplace in Korea, a country of courtesy to the East. As the atmosphere became more cheerful, Boniface, who had a more relaxed mind, looked carefully at Simon D. He is a human being who kills an elephant with one shot and exudes the force that remains. Bonifas has the keen eyes of the national intelligence chief. He understood the value of Simon D, who possesses combat power comparable to that of Ocelot, early on. ‘They say that even if they fall over, they fall down holding a beauty…’ Bonifas lamented. The Arago project, which has been in progress since the Napoleonic era, ultimately failed and was abandoned. Only tens of billions of francs were wasted. It is said that a hero follows bravery, and the Black Mamba took a figure equal to Ocelot as his henchman. As a result, Black Mamba’s stock price went up without realizing it was sky-high. “Did you kill Ocelot?” Bonifas asked abruptly. “How did you know?” The astonished pair inquired. Ocelot, defeated by Simon D, devoured her Cantarella and nailed it to her titanium coffin. How did Bonifas know what he was doing? “I have deceived my enemies all my life, never deceived my friends. Do not test me.” ‘What kind of gimbap side is this popping?’ I was bewildered by the sound. ‘AHA!’ Musou recognized Bonifas, a voluntary tax expert, who was mistaken. Meaning that the ocelot was dealt with and not notified. “It’s because your face is too thin to deal with such a bastard and be condescending.” The Musou made blatant remarks with agility.
‘He’s also a great person. Considering my position, I gave up the allowance.’ Bonifas was amazed. Certainly, the trust and friendship that had been built up over the years were strong. Boniface’s unrequited love never stopped. “No matter how close we are, we have to do the calculations accurately. Besides, he’s the shit I packed. Thanks for taking care of the thorn in my throat. As promised, 30 million francs will be added to this allowance and paid. He has an Interpol bounty of $500,000, but forget that. France is not in a position to talk about Ocelot’s death.” “What are you doing like that!” Contrary to the words, the pair’s mouth was torn. A thermal power plant was built and 30 million francs rolled in before the full-scale settlement could be made. The ocelot in the titanium tube is a recycling asset. They literally eat pheasants and eat eggs. Also, it became a lot of money because garbage was also used. ‘After all, I am a genius.’ The choice to go to Djibouti gave us a power plant and 30 million francs. The matchless simply praised his actions on the subject of fickleness. “Is that guy a chimera? Don’t you want to sell it to me?” Bonifas was sullen and offered. Bonifas suspected that Dino was also some kind of chimera developed by the Yankees. The Black Mamba is more than capable of catching a chimera and changing user perception. The various chimeras and humanoid biological weapons mentioned by Black Mamba in the report put the DGSE Department of Technology and the Biotechnology Research Institute under the Department of Science in an emergency. According to Black Mamba’s report, the fighting power and specifications of the Chimera developed by the Yankees are comparable to that of Ocelot. The set of three underwater chimeras hidden in Devil Spring is more than an ocelot. Although the Yankees may not readily reveal themselves, releasing Octopus or surfunds off the coasts of certain countries has devastating consequences, be it fishing or tourism. The National Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology is secretly analyzing the corpse of a humanoid monster called Honter. The team leader assured that if he obtained chimeric living stem cells, he could develop an artificial muscle comparable to Honter within five years. Simon D has already become a member of the Black Mamba. You have to be greedy to touch the balls of a dead child. If you request it as research material, your neck will fall first.
Bonifas’ attention turned to Dino. He was as gentle as a cat, but the atmosphere it gave off was horrible, not bloody. When I was with him, the tiger looked like a cat. Crre-Dino exposed his teeth and made a full impression. The glimmering eyes of the old man were very unpleasant.
Right – The moment Dino showed his teeth, Simon D’s fist hit the back of the head without any doubt. “No frills, children do not interfere with adults playing.” Dino sighed and buried his head between his legs. Since Simon D showed his new skills in burlesque every day, Dino also understood his flirty hair. The old man felt bad, but he decided to hold on. “The dino is not a chimera. It is a species of an ancient beast that inhabits the Ituri jungle.” “Hey, can you?” Bonifas swallowed the wind. In the early 20th century, a small giraffe-like okapi was also found in the Ituri jungle. After the chimera, an ancient beast appeared. It’s getting worse and worse. “The Ituri jungle has an ancient ecosystem. Extinct Terrorbird and Sarcosuchus habitats have also been identified.”Chimeras are reliable, but Mesozoic and Cenozoic monsters are not.”
Bonifas shook his head. “Of course, I’m not sure if it’s a similar shape or an extinct ancient animal. Simon D, bring that.” Simon D brought a large canvas sack that looked tough. When the sack was unpacked, Dino jumped up. “Dude, just go to the soup. You’re the one who got beaten up.” Simon D spilled his dino and took out the sarcosuchus leather. Pygmy women are natural leather tanners. She made Sarcosuchus leather as thick and hard as an iron plate and smooth as a calf (young calfskin). The leather came out endlessly. It was too long though. Huge alligator leather, reaching a whopping 12m, filled the suite. The sarcosuchus leather from the sack was so perfect that it could even be made into a stuffed animal. “Hey, that’s great. It was real!” Bonifas’ eyes widened. Exclamation came out of the majesty of the ancient creatures. The alligator is a lizard compared to the monster in front of you. “I like you. This is my gift. It took me a while to pull out my teeth.” Simon D sticks out his conical teeth that are curved inward like Kukri. It is a sarcosuchus tooth with a circumference of 300 mm and a length of 350 mm. “Thank you for the precious gift. I like you too.” Bonifas gladly accepted the gift. In terms of rarity, it is a gift that cannot be priced, but Simon D said that he liked it better. “The knife does not go into the leather. It does not burn in a wood fire and does not catch insects.” “It’s great leather. What are the things?” “Is Louis Vuitton or Cartier good at making leather goods? Wouldn’t it make money to make and sell handbags?” “Uh-huh!” The sardine Bonifas squeaked. This is the first time I’ve seen such a reckless and dull guy. Sarcosuchus is a Mesozoic crocodile. When raw hides appear in a country that would be thrilled with fossils alone, the scientific world as well as the world are turned upside down. If you save it and receive a viewing fee, you will become rich. The billionaire collapsed when he said that he would make and sell a handbag as a treasure. “Are you serious?” “Are you serious?” Boniface wanted to punch the questioning face with a brazen face. “If I did a rough calculation, I could make 700 pairs of women’s shoes, and 500 if I made a Kelly bag. It must be quite large. It’s a limited edition luxury product made from ancient crocodile skin, but wouldn’t it be sold out quickly even for ten thousand francs each?” “Give it to me. I’ll give you double.” The pair shook their heads.
“You’re going to send that stuff to the National Academy of Sciences (CNRS). That’s not right. That thing should be a handbag. Do I look like a money freak?” Bonifas looked at the invincible. “Well, you worry about chaos.” “Yes. The world is getting dizzy. Unusual things keep popping up. Paleontological creatures like Sarcosuchus become a bellows fueling chaos. It is better not to appear in the world.” “You are a unique human being. Warrior, Assassin, Psychopath, Monk. priest. Sage, all kinds of personalities are covered. Multiple personalities are not applicable and should be said to be compound personalities.” “What does it matter what my personality is? I am there!” “Hahaha! A word of mouth. I’m in a sage mode now. I covet leather, but I give up. If you make a handbag later, I’ll give you one too. I’ll give my wife some points.” “I do. Without Mitterrand’s gift, you can’t look down on your partner.” “Thank you. There must have been other ancient creatures besides Terrorbird, Dino Palace, and Sarcosuchus, right?” “Yes. The deeper I went into the Ituri jungle, the more I encountered what appeared to be ancient creatures. There were even titanoboas that were over 15 meters long.” “Huh? If it becomes known to the outside world, the ink of the related academic world will run with a nosebleed.” “Well, I want to dry it if possible. Even now, I can’t decide whether the ancient beast survived by adapting to the ecosystem, or if it was a creature that Houngan of Voodooism modified with magic. The experimental equipment and research data that Paul organized and sent were the belongings of Dambala Boss Kamuge. Simon D also struggled with Sarcosuchus.” “I will. Elite counter-terrorism units were also eaten by the Ituri jungle, not to mention ordinary people.” Bonifas mumbled. Hundreds of young soldiers were killed because of the stubbornness of the old. This is a typical evil that occurs when an incompetent person sits in a high position. A heinous terrorist kills dozens of people at best, but an incompetent policy maker kills tens of thousands with a single shard of paper. “How strong is Dino’s fighting power?” “I haven’t measured it. Shall we put it in the Yield Safari in Paris or the Fogres Safari in Lyon? If you get hit by that guy’s front paws, the rocks will also crumble. 30 to 40 tigers and lions will be turned into corpses in the blink of an eye.” “He’s a weak guy. I am training hard.” Simon D slapped Dino in the back of the head. ‘That friend must be in France’s arms.’ Bonifas was determined. Monsters call monsters, and humans are monsters, and beasts are monsters. Black Mamba is a person with the ability to see the world even when moving with a dokgodai. If you help Simon D, who is second to Ocelot, and even a strange monster, the destructive power is enormous. Carr- Dino pointed at the door with his paws. “Room service is coming.” Simon D opened the door. It wasn’t long before room service appeared. When the waiter sees the dino, he is surprised. Bonifas, slightly worried, looked for Dino, but there was no sign of it. As the waiter left the room, the missing Dino appeared. ‘He’s a really clever guy.’Bonifas coveted Dino more. Animals cannot actively grasp the situation and take actions appropriate to the situation. Even clever chimpanzees can’t reach the toes of a dino. “I made a lot of money, but isn’t it too simple?” Coco vin and wine are everything on the menu. No landowner has more land than the Black Mamba, and no rich man has more cash than the Black Mamba. When the matchless smiled shyly, they decanted the outsider and handed over the glass. “What do you do when you earn a lot? I dumped them all in the Sahara desert. The money is enough to support the family.” “Actually, it is an honor to receive a cup of Black Mamba. Come on, that guy is also interfering.”
Bonifas laughed. Dino stood on his hind legs and held out a wine glass with his front feet. He’s no ordinary monster either. “For the new Director-General Bonifas!” “for!” Humans, Epidiums, Zombies and Cenozoic beasts toast with wine glasses at a Djibouti beach hotel. It is an extraordinary scene. The world has already become chaotic. There is a French proverb that in order to negotiate properly, start with three glasses of wine. Bonifas drank three Cia Carellos in succession, then pulled the aluminum case out of his old leather bag. French dignitaries keep important documents in lockable aluminum cases. No matter how well you store your documents, losing the case is a waste of money. Nevertheless, on the other side of self-confidence, there is a psychology of self-satisfaction that is consistent with the psychology of women who insist on luxury bags. “Let’s finish work first and drink properly.” “Let’s get this sorted out. I’m busy too. The technicians are waiting for you, so we need to go quickly.” “The main character cannot be left out in a historical place. The first is Arevasa’s bounty and success reward. Javert initially offered a bounty of 30 million francs on the condition that at least one hostage was rescued. The remuneration for success was 1 million francs per hostage. With the 14 survivors and the three remains, you will receive Arevassa’s bounty and success reward of 47 million francs. Subtract 8 million francs in advance, and 39 million francs are deposited.” “He’s a big guy..”
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