Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 567:

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Chapter 567:

Reluctant to part: “Sorry for being born.”

Below her reply was Lin Yuan’s.

Lin Yuan replied: “Sorry I can’t give birth.”

After a few seconds, Meng Yiyi burst into laughter, clutching her stomach.

Meng Yiyi almost burst into tears while laughing when she saw Lin Yuan’s reply.

She already retracted the thought that Lin Yuan has confused her deliberately.

It seems that Lin Yuan has not changed.

Meng Yiyi replied to Lin Yuan asking: “What kind of nonsense are you saying? Sorry, I can’t give birth to a child? Did you make a typo? Besides, as a man, how can you give birth to a child? Haha.”

Lin Yuan smiled and then quickly entered a large section of text seriously.

He explained the equality of rights of men and women in society and the phallicism and so on.

It was almost like he was writing a thesis to prove his point.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s serious explanation, Meng Yiyi stretched out her hand and patted her head.

Then she smiled and shook her head and replied.

“Cousin, cousin. You really are still you. You are still stupid. Hehe, it’s okay for you to be stupid. That way, it is more convenient for me to bully you.”

Meng Yiyi showed a relieved smile.

Lin Yuan’s behavior made her feel like he is still the same.

She felt relieved.

Meng Yiyi asked again: “Do you know who said that sentence you sent?”

Lin Yuan replied: “Of course, I know. This is what Xiao Bi Zai Zhi said. He is a politician from Sakura Kingdom.”

”Hahaha!” Seeing Lin Yuan’s reply, Meng Yiyi burst into laughter again.

Then she replied seriously: “This is what Osamu Dazai said. And he is not a politician. He is a novelist…” (T/N: 太宰治 = Tài Zǎi Zhì = Osamu Dazai)

Lin Yuan replied casually, “Oh, understand.”

Meng Yiyi thought that Lin Yuan was on the first floor while she was on the second floor. What she didn’t know was that Lin Yuan is on the fifth floor!

Seeing these replies from Lin Yuan, Meng Yiyi became more interested in chatting with Lin Yuan.

She wanted to chat more with him.

She sent a lot of messages and found a lot of topics to tease Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan is too lazy to talk to her.

Lin Yuan replied: “Good night. I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s reply, although she was reluctant, Meng Yiyi could only reply: “Okay then, go to sleep. Don’t wet the bed. See you tomorrow. I really look forward to seeing you again, my little cousin.”

Seeing Meng Yiyi’s reply seemingly full of affection, concern, and anticipation, Lin Yuan smiled mockingly.


It’s more like she is looking forward to bullying him tomorrow!

On the other side, Meng Yiyi just put down the phone.

That is exactly what she is thinking about.

She is thinking about how to bully and make fun of Lin Yuan tomorrow.

On Lin Yuan’s side, he did not think about how to deal with Meng Yiyi tomorrow.

After all, she is only a little girl.

There is really no need for a comprehensive plan.

Lin Yuan closed the chat.

He continued to plan for the future.

Now, Lin Yuan has two directions of development.

One is the Lin Group.

Another is the independent company under his complete control.

It can be recalled that Lin Yuan removed all the time bombs inside the Lin group.

Lin Yuan has to make plans for the development of his own company.

The Lin Group also has to continue to develop.

Based on his previous plan, the Lin Group is preparing to enter the medical industry.

The Lin Group will also continue to engage in traditional and fundamental industries.

As a final assurance, Lin Yuan’s independently controlled company will enter new and emerging industries such as the Internet and other related industries.

Lin Yuan’s independent company was originally mainly engaged in real estate.

But Lin Yuan knew that the real estate industry was going to die soon.

So, he planned to change the direction of his company.

He plans to shift to the internet, as well as the cultural media, music, self-advertising, and so on.

Those areas are the future industries.

He also previously formed an alliance with Yan Ruyue and invested in her company.

After the facial masks sold well, the income brought by Yanyue Company increased.

This plus the sum he initially accumulated, he definitely has enough funds to try the other industries he envisioned.

And based on what is written in the original novel and his experience in his previous life, the chance of success is very high, almost certain.

Lin Group maintains the traditional industries while he tries new industries on his own. Only this way he can create the business empire he aspires to.

Otherwise, the current Lin family won’t be enough to compare to the Chi family.

As for his development with Chi Qian, Lin Yuan does not intend to stop it.

But the status of the Chi family in China is too ridiculous.

Even if Chi Qian herself does not care.

Even if the people in her family may be open-minded.

But Lin Yuan himself still cares.

With a net worth of hundreds of billions, the strength of the Lin family is definitely not weak.

But there are still many families more powerful than the Lin family.

And Lin does not only want the Lin family to be the most powerful in Jiangbei or the whole of China but the world!

After hours of planning, Lin Yuan finally closed the computer.

But it did not take long after Lin Yuan closed the computer when he heard a knock on the door.

”Dong! Dong! Dong!”

It was already very late at night, so he had no idea who knocked.

But anyway, he is done with what he is doing.

So Lin Yuan got up and walked towards the door.

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