Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 568:

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Chapter 568:

Lin Yuan opened the door and took a look.

It turned out to be the housekeeper, Song Yuwei.

Song Yuwei wore a black uniform skirt with a pleasant smile on her face.

She also pushed a small cart with her hands.

There was a stack of quilts and what looked like a steaming late-night snack.

Seeing Lin Yuan opening the door, Song Yuwei said hastily: “Young master Lin, I am here to help you change the bedding. I have also brought you some late-night snack I just cooked.”

”Okay. Thank you Sister Yuwei.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Seeing that Lin Yuan didn’t look disturbed or show any displeasure, Song Yuwei was relieved.

Then she moved the bedding from the cart to the bed.

When passing by Lin Yuan, there came a scent of fragrance.

She glanced at Lin Yuan quietly.

Lin Yuan also looked at Song Yuwei naturally.

Housekeeper Song Yuwei is indeed very caring.

Although the current bedding already looked very new, she still changed it.

She also brought some late-night food.

Song Yuwei’s figure is stunning, and her black uniform makes it more vivid.

Maybe she did not notice it herself but as she held the bedding and put the same on the bed, the shake of her hips and the swing of her butt were quite charming.

Lin Yuan on the side has a panoramic view naturally.

But Lin Yuan did not watch it much either.

After opening the door, he sat back on the chair.

After Song Yuwei put the bedding on the bed, she also gave Lin Yuan the food she cooked.

At first, she wanted to put it on the table.

However, it looked like Lin Yuan was going to use the computer, so she immediately asked: “Young master Lin, where do you want me to put this food?”

”Just put it next to the computer.” Lin Yuan answered.

”Okay.” Song Yuwei nodded as she did what she was told.

Right now, their distance is also very close.

After putting down the late-night food she prepared, she looked up and turned around and could see Lin Yuan sitting on the chair up close.

Lin Yuan only wore light sleepwear. When she looked at Lin Yuan, she deliberately avoided his handsome face.

Seeing the thin sleepwear, Song Yuwei remembered Lin Yuan’s perfect figure this afternoon.

Upon remembering it, her heart beats faster.

It is even more vivid when she thought about how she applied sunscreen to Lin Yuan earlier.

Somewhat distracted, Song Yuwei didn’t notice that her foot accidentally tripped on the leg of the stool.

She lost her balance.

She was about to fall forward straight to the ground.

At the very least, she would have a swollen nose and face.

But just when Song Yuwei closed her eyes and waited for the pain to come, Lin Yuan went to her rescue and held her firmly with both hands.

”Are you okay, Sister Yuwei?”

When she heard this sound, Song Yuwei opened her eyes and saw that it was Lin Yuan who helped her and prevented her from falling.

Feeling Lin Yuan’s powerful hand and looking at him so close to her at this moment, Song Yuwei was suddenly nervous.

She was even more nervous now than when she was just about to fall.

Meanwhile, her face was flushed unknowingly.

She shook her head quickly and said: “It’s… it’s okay.”

”Thank you Young Master Lin for saving me!”

After saying that, Song Yuwei hurried away from Lin Yuan and went directly outside the room.

While still blushing, she pushed the cart and left.

The bedding has not been fully laid out yet.

She was obviously nervous enough that she forgot.

Seeing this, Lin Yuan shook his head.

But it is not a big deal.

He does not mind doing it himself.

But after Song Yuwei left, another figure slipped into Lin Yuan’s room while holding a quilt.

A small head poked in at the door.

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