Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 465

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Is the barrel big? So what am I? Bonifas was wounded by the words of the matchless. 47 million francs is a lot of money, but I’m going to tell myself to listen to it! He has never heard of him being big even after he has given hundreds of millions of dollars. Chairman Javert sows Korean ginseng and is himself a Provence radish? “Hey, he throws 300 million francs and never hears a big one, but Javert throws at most 47 million francs and he hears a big one. After all, people have to have a lot of money to be treated.” Bonifas grumbled as if to himself. The adjective of injustice was smeared all over his face. “Director General, you are in charge of the safety of French people abroad. I risked my life to rescue the French. Of course you should thank me. Can you transfer a million francs from your bank account to my troubles?” The matchless smiled and looked at Bonifas. Bonifas jumped. “Why am I doing such a crazy thing? I’ve never met a solicitor, and I’ve never received a box of healthy drinks. Isn’t it obvious that civil servant Park Bong? I want to give, but there is no balance.” “That’s it. The 300 million francs that the Director-General paid for Operation Rouman’s allowance is not money from your pocket, but the tax of French citizens. The bounty that Javert pays is the money he earned short. You jump even at 1 million francs, but Chairman Javert donated 47 million dollars. If Chairman Javert is an oak barrel for wine maturation, then the Director General is a pepper barrel.” “Hahaha, it’s a pepper shaker~ It’s tart. It’s a call to stop being stingy with the national tax and settle the price of goods quickly.” Bonifas chuckled. It may sound bad depending on what you hear, but I didn’t care. Black Mamba is not wrong, and Boniface is not a narrow-minded person. “Because neither the director general nor I are idle people.” The pair rushed without even blinking their eyes. He is a human being who does not come out a drop of blood even if he pricks him with a needle when he settles.”President Javert is definitely a big guy. Initially, 53 million francs were added to the bounty, and 100 million francs were offered as a reward for success.” Bonifas hid the fact that Javert wanted to meet the Black Mamba. Although Black Mamba is a freelancer, her call name status has not changed. Even if it is beneficial to the national interest, it is not desirable to have a meeting between a private businessman and a call name. “One hundred million francs!” The pair were astonished. People have different attitudes when entering and leaving the bathroom. No matter how rich you are, 100 million francs is not the name of a dog. He would be praised for just fulfilling his promises, but he is an unusual person for giving out more money. “They were overjoyed that 14 of the staff were alive. They said that the value of an employee cannot be converted into money, and the pay for success has been greatly increased.” “Great. A rare true entrepreneur. If there is a chance, I will meet with Chairman Javert.” Black Mamba showed interest. Bonifas was startled by the unexpected reaction. ‘What a fucking old man like a fox, he was aiming for this when he said he was making a lot of money.’ Javert thought that his persuasion had worked, but he was mistaken. Javert has already served his purpose. When this happened, he would have been better off taking the lead on his own. After all, the chairman of a large group was not something anyone did. “Director General, I will only accept the heart of Chairman Javert, who cares about his employees. One hundred million francs are expected to be paid as condolences to the families of the victims of Operation Fist of Justice. I will also return the 8 million francs I received in advance.”Doom! Boniface’s expression hardened as if covered in ice water. His eyes resembled that of a bull that had collapsed on the ice. “Why are you so stupid… One hundred million francs… Do you need money?” Bonifas asked in a stuttering voice. “Hundreds of young blood were pushed into the Ituri jungle by the hands of Okeophila Smaragdina. Those who have been casually sacrificed are someone’s son, father, and husband. What would they be thinking as they died? He would have been worried about his family to support.” “Act!” Boniface, who had been dazed, abruptly stood up and gave a salute. “Black Mamba, no, invincible, you are a true noble. I have always wondered why so many people of different religions and ethnicities follow you like a god. I just found out why. You are such a handsome person that even men fall for it. A tribute to a true human being with the human condition.” Bonifas was thrilled. A human being who is willing to give 100 million francs as a price for his life to people he doesn’t even know. Humans with beliefs are rare, but it is even rarer to find people who can demonstrate their beliefs through actions. Because human nature is fundamentally selfish.”Hey, look at that face. Another increase in the number of ombuti virus patients. From what I can see, the owner is cool.” Simon D muttered a little. The words that Bonifas spoke of as a true human shuddered. His heart was warmed by the desire to live as a real human himself. “The rice cake is delicious when shared. If you hide it to eat alone, it stinks.” “Wow! great word I’ll have to give it to the high-ranking officials and the people with the Senator badges.”
Bonifas admired it again and again. Simon D, who was listening to him, wrote the words of the owner in the palm of his hand with a ballpoint pen and memorized them. He wanted to hear from Miss Ethel and be praised. ‘Oh! This gentleman, your country is a clean area compared to Korea.’ The pair sighed. Korea is a country where people who are presidents pay less for rice cakes, and disintegrate groups that are in good standing. “Stop making chicken meat and give me the bag. The cost of oil field development will not be high. My hands are coming out of my throat.” The pair waved his hand with an awkward expression. Bonifas took out his fountain pen with a lingering aftertaste of shock on his face. Chairman Javert or the Black Mamba are not ordinary humans. If that’s the case, then the general manager has to show that nobody else is doing it. Bonifas, burning with a burning desire to win, revised all the numbers on the statement of accounts. The compulsion of the people’s blood tax was also pushed to one side. That being said, compared to Black Mamba’s achievements, it’s a hemostasis of the foot. “With your presence, the fist of justice has become a cluster bullet of justice. You are a National Tresor because you practice the magic that turns fishing into a trawl net. A large number came up at the same time, and each time the appendix was bigger than the book I read. It’s also the reason I fell in love. Let me check the bill.” The pair who took the sheet tilted their head. “Is there anything complicated between us? Do you just slap like last time?” “It’s a little complicated this time. Let me know if anything is missing.” “I do!” The corners of the pair’s lips slowly rose. I stared at Bonifas as he corrected the amount and entered it. There is no man who will not be excited to hear that he is petty. This unintentionally ignited Bonifas’ fighting spirit. [Summary Statement of Operation Fist of Justice] 1. Hostage Rescue: 14 surviving hostages, three remains (5,000,000 Fr.) 2. Rescue missing operational team members: Rescue 3 GIGN agents (18,000,000 Fr.) 3. Excavation of remains of previously deployed operational team members and collection of oil: 64 remains and 1,530 points of oil recovered(3,000,000 Fr.) 4. Guerrilla annihilation: Dambala rebels killed 698, 3 captured
(350,000 Fr.) 5. Eliminate potential threats: CIA and MSS (China’s Ministry of National Security) removed (10,000,000 Fr.) 6. Acquisition of bioengineering data: Acquisition of bioweapon hornter (100,000,000 Fr.) 7. Acquisition of industrial technology and military technology: 4 sets of semiconductor, computer, biological mechanism control chip and technology, 1 set of laser-linked ADS fire control system, 350 pieces of genetically modified experimental equipment and 30,000 points of related data. (300,000,000 Fr.) 8. Other work support expenses
(63,650,000 Fr.) Total settlement amount: 500,000,000 Fr. “Huh, people aren’t worth it.” The pair sighed. The compensation for killing 701 Dambala rebels was only 350,000 francs. It is only 500 francs per person, or 125,000 Korean Won. Rescued GIGN agents cost six million francs per person. The price difference between French and Congolese is 12,000 times. For this reason, only when the country works properly, the people will also be treated. The pair’s eyes, which were reading the amount, got bigger in items six and seven. Amazing, Great. The corpse and scrap metal collected as a gift to Bonifas without much thought cost 400 million francs. Pairless eyes popped out when he checked the total amount of the settlement in the last line. In the early 1980s, the Plaza Accord devalued major European currencies against the dollar. In 1985, the won/dollar rose to 870 won and the won/French fell to 250 won. 500 million francs! At the official exchange rate, it is 125 billion won. The construction cost of Kori No. 1, Korea’s first nuclear power plant built in 1977, was 120 billion won. It was national history at the time. He earned money to build a nuclear power plant in a business trip of less than a month. Can this be done? Humans engage in economic activities to survive. Paradoxically, a profitable business is mainly a business that destroys humans. Liquor sales, undergarments sales (prostitution), drug sales, people sales (human trafficking), and life sales (contract murder) are the representative businesses that destroy humans. The profit compensation rate rises in the order of alcohol sales < prostitution < drug sales < human trafficking < contract murder. After all, he is a trader of human life. It is the most profitable business. "Isn't it too overpriced? The pair flew to each other. Also, Boniface is Jaeshin. A pair of warriors who have learned how to read can read the numbers charred by Bonifas with a fountain pen. The initial sum of the accounts was 150 million francs. After giving up 100 million francs, it came back to 350 million francs. What's even funnier is that the cost of supporting other crafts in item 8 is 63,650,000 Fr. It is a number put in by force to hit 500 million francs. Musou shed a cold sweat to manage his facial expressions. "Okay, I am a high-ranking bureaucrat who has the duty to execute the people's blood tax in good faith. You can't just spread the budget, and even if you don't spend the budget you should be spending, you're criticized for being an idiot. DGSE's Ministry of Technology and Intelligence estimated the operation's performance at 150 billion francs. I'm a vicious business owner who hasn't rewarded you even 0.3% of your performance." Bonifas, as always, was honest. Of course, this is honesty that only applies to Black Mamba. Bonifas is a cold-hearted and astute human being called a surfund. He is not the kind of person who will spread the word about liking the Black Mamba as a human being and being moved by it. DGSE head Bonifas is under heavy pressure on the extensive CIA Sigint activity. The budget for the Helios program, which raises intelligence satellites at medium and high altitudes, amounts to 50 billion francs. The existence of the Black Mamba is absolutely necessary until the Helios Project is put into operation. No, once the Helios Plan is completed, the need for a nuclear bomb without radiation, the Black Mamba, will increase. Pros are priced according to their abilities. 500 million francs is a piece of gum compared to the utility of Black Mamba. "I had a lot of places to write, thank you for the gift." "Honestly, I want to give you one billion francs." "Heh, if it's one billion francs, even DGSE in the world would feel burdened with the budget."
"I also took a bribe, so I have to settle for that, but thank you for your understanding. But would people believe it if I said it was ivory?"
Bonifas shook his heavy Sarcosuchus teeth. It looks like ivory when it looks frozen, but the sharpness is an awl. No other animal on Earth has teeth like this. "In that state, it would be too much to draw attention to. Give me a second!" The pair were handed over their teeth. It stirred resonance once and raised the force amplification function of the downpour to the limit. Woo-woo-woong – the sound of bees flapping their wings rang out. Duwoong- Spatial perception was activated. The final design, which would be made from ancient crocodile teeth, was engraved in my mind. The process by which the brain controls the torpedo and implements the design is no different from the process of a CNC machine tool. Sassack- The handcuffs stroked Sarcosuchus' teeth. His hands were moving faster and faster. White bone powder flew out. It was as if his teeth were bitten by a milling chuck and cut with a bite. "As expected, the owner!" Bonifas, who did not know English, was bewildered, but Simon D's sharp eyes saw through the process of turning his teeth into a dagger. The owner's hand is sharpening teeth, much harder than steel, like a planer. The unexpected planing was over in an instant. Wheeing- A streak of tornadoes drove away the bone dust that had been flying all over the room and disappeared out of the window. In the pair's hands, a gleaming milky white sword was held. With a handle length of 150mm and a blade length of 200mm, it resembles a simple and practical Swiss PE90 bayonet. He grabbed the blade and concentrated his mind..
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