Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: Hooligan out of the flower

Time flew by, and before they knew it, it was already 8:30 pm. Xia Mo finished her last bite of the dessert cake and asked, “So, you’re the one who sent me that anonymous email, right?”

Chu Tian nodded, confirming her suspicion. “Yes, I sent it. I had access to many phone recordings, including Luo Dawei and Luo Piao discussing their plan to kidnap you and how to handle your email.”

“Yes, I sent it.” Chu Tian nodded and said, “Actually, I already knew that Luo Dawei and Luo Piao would definitely not give up on my white milk tea formula. So, when Sister Nian told me that someone was looking for her and asked for 80 million to buy her, asked her to install a pinhole camera to shoot the formula of white milk tea. I made a move.”

“At that time, I hacked into Luo Piao, Luo Dawei, and other people who were close to them. I inserted a virus program into their phones.”

“As long as they’re in touch with the phone, the program will be activated, the recording function will be activated automatically, and then the recording of their conversation will be sent to a mailbox I set, and finally, I will send these recordings to you.”

Xia Mo took a bite of the dessert cake and said with a smile, “You’re really weird. I know, I feel like a monkey, and I’ve been tricked by you.”

“No.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “I don’t dare play with you. This is evidence. Help your sister solve the case.”

Hearing Chu Tian’s words, Xia Mo seemed to have thought of something. She stopped eating dessert and said, “Hey, really, Chu Tian, if you have the ability, then Sister will have to use you in the future. You can help Sister with many difficult cases.”

“No problem.” Chu Tian said, “If there’s anything, just look for me.”

“That sister doesn’t have any money.” Xia Mo smiled and said, “Sis doesn’t have any money in the country. She can’t afford to pay you millions of dollars.”

“You’re saying that.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “I can accept your money. Besides, you really can’t afford it.”


Xia Mo pursed her lips and then rolled her eyes fiercely.

“Oh, that’s right, sister,” said Chu Tian seemed to have thought of something and continued, “I just started a project today. Are you interested in joining?”




Xia Mo looked at Chu Tian and asked, “What project? You know, Sister don’t have much money.”

“It has nothing to do with money.” Chu Tian said with an excited expression, “My project, it’s a… ah, right, wait a while.”

Speaking up to this point, Chu Tian suddenly said, “Sis, your first kiss is still there?”

First kiss?

Xia Mo looked at Chu Tian in confusion and said, “Yes, I haven’t talked about my boyfriend before. I can’t send him out even if I want to.”

“That’s good.” Chu Tian said, “I started today’s project, called the first kiss savings business, thief cost-effective.”

First, kiss savings business?

Xia Mo said blankly, “What do you mean? What kind of weird business is this?”

“Sister Nian inspired me.” Chu Tian’s face was filled with joy, “Didn’t Sister Nian just encountered something like that the day before yesterday? It was actually very dangerous at that time. According to Sister Nian’s description, she was only a slap away and her first kiss was snatched away by that bastard Zhou Kang.”

I’m just thinking, “In terms of physical fitness, men generally surpass women. However, it doesn’t mean that women are completely inferior. There are many strong and capable women out there who can surpass men in various fields.”

“What if something happens one day? Isn’t that right? This hooligan has snatched your first kiss away with a bang. You can only stare blankly.”

“So, based on the inspiration from Sister Nian, I started a ‘first kiss savings business’ today.”

“The content of the business is very simple. Sister Xia, save your first kiss for me. I promise I won’t lose it. As long as you save it for me, no one will be able to snatch it away from me. I will protect you in this lifetime.”

“Moreover, the interest rate is high. As long as Sister Xia keeps the first kiss for me, in the future, you can ask me for a kiss every day. This rate of return is really scary.”

Looking at Chu Tian’s serious expression, Xia Mo giggled as she covered her mouth.

After regaining her composure, Xia Mo kicked Chu Tian under the table and said, “You little bastard, you’re a hooligan. Do you believe that I’ll kick you to death?”

“No.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “Sis, how good is this? Such a good project, you don’t want to join?”

“Not joining.” Xia Mo smirked and said, “Sister can save it herself, so she doesn’t need any help.”

“All right, then.” Chu Tian said, “Anyway, my business has been valid for a long time. If you change your mind one day, just look for me to handle this business at any time.”

“Then just wait.” Xia Mo giggled as she ate a mouthful of dessert. “Oh right, Niannian saved yours?”

“Save it.” Chu Tian said, “Such a good project. Sister Nian will definitely join us. After all, she has just experienced such a thing, and she is also afraid. So, she opened an account with me at noon and deposited it with me.”

“Giggle, Giggle…”

Seeing Chu Tian’s despicable expression, Xia Mo giggled and said, “You bastard, just you wait. If Sisi knew, she would definitely kick you to death.”

Chu Tian confidently replied, “That’s impossible. My business is highly confidential, and I won’t disclose customer information to anyone.”

“Is that so?” Xia Mo smiled. “Since it’s so secret, how did I know that Niannian opened an account with you?”

“Ah? I…”

Hearing what Xia Mo said, Chu Tian was stunned.

Xia Mo giggled and said, “I just asked casually, and you just said it out loud. It looks like you’re keeping it a secret, and you’re not divulging customer information. You still need to investigate.”

Chu Tian smiled sheepishly and admitted, “Sis, it’s different with you. We’re close, and you’re my sister, not an outsider. I trust you not to leak any information.”

“Okay.” Xia Mo mocked, “Are we close? Then wouldn’t you be closer to Sister Sisi?”

“Not close,” Chu Tian shook his head and said, “Sister Sisi and I aren’t close. It’s you, Sister Xia, who I have a closer relationship with. We share a special bond.” He smiled warmly at Xia Mo, emphasizing their close connection.

“I believe you!” Xia Mo smiled and said, “Just wait. I’ll tell Sisi if she can kick you to death.”

“No, Sis, I can’t. I can’t say it.”

“Do you care about me? I said…”

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