Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 569:

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Chapter 569:

”Come out Shanshan.” Lin Yuan scoops up from his bowl and puts the same in his mouth.

”Ah, I am discovered.”

Hearing Lin Yuan, Yu Shanshan walked into the room from outside the door while holding a quilt.

Lin Yuan’s observation skill is very keen.

Although Yu Shanshan tried her best to walk quietly, Lin Yuan still heard her footsteps from far away.

Lin Yuan turned his head to look at Yu Shanshan and asked, “What are you doing in my room this late night?”

”Co…cousin, I want to sleep with you. I can’t sleep in an unfamiliar environment.” Yu Shanshan said with embarrassment and looking so uneasy.

Lin Yuan just glanced at her, waved his hand, and said: “No, get out of here quickly. You used to brag to me when you went to your wife’s house and slept in their room. But now you’re babbling about not being able to sleep due to the unfamiliar environment?”

”That’s different…” Yu Shanshan stomped her feet. She twisted her body and wanted to act cute.

But behind her came a silvery female voice.

”Shanshan, turns out you are here. I just came from your room to find you, but I didn’t. So, you came to Brother Lin Yuan.”

Yu Shanshan turned her head to see that Chi Qian was there.

Chi Qian was wearing adorable sleepwear. Her silky black hair draped on her back suggests she just showered.

Chi Qian greeted Lin Yuan: “Good evening, brother Lin Yuan.”

”Qian Qian, good evening. “Lin Yuan nodded.

Then Chi Qian turned to Yu Shanshan and asked: “Shanshan, I was just about to give you the late-night snack you wanted, so I went to your room. Why are you here?”

”I wanted to sleep here with my cousin, but he wouldn’t agree.” Yu Shanshan said pitifully.

”You’re already an adult yet you still want others to sleep with you.” Lin Yuan waved his hand and refused resolutely the request of this naughty kid…

If he agree, it would have been too noisy.

He still has to come home tomorrow.

Chi Qian glanced at Lin Yuan then smiled at Yu Shanshan and said. “Brother Lin Yuan is right. You’re already an adult.”

Chi Qian continued: ”Let’s go. I have asked Sister Yuwei to serve you a late-night snack. It has been delivered to your room. Hurry back and eat while it is still hot.”

”Okay then. I’ll go ahead.”

Hearing that there was some food served for her, although a little uneasy, Yu Shanshan happily ran back to her room with her quilt.

Soon after sending Yu Shanshan away, Chi Qian returned to Lin Yuan’s room again.

Seeing that Chi Qian came back this late at night, Lin Yuan turned his head and looked over.

Chi Qian was wearing pale pink bear-printed sleepwear and had a smile on her perfect pretty face.

Although her sleepwear was loose, it still can’t hide her exquisite figure.

She looks both lovely and enchanting right now.

Adding to the fact that they are alone in the room in the middle of the night, it’s hard not to have indecent ideas.

Lin Yuan looked at Chi Qian curiously and asked: “What is it, Qian Qian?”

Chi Qian did not respond but walked forward to the bed.

The moonlight shines through the open window.

It happened to hit Chi Qian’s body.

Right now, Chi Qian looked like a silver-moon goddess veiled in a gauze of the moonlight shine. She looked very beautiful.

But Chi Qian’s answer to Lin Yuan’s question was not something a man would want to hear coming from a girl by the bed.

Instead, Chi Qian smiled and said to Lin Yuan: “I just saw that you haven’t laid out your sheets yet. And so, I came to help you spread them.

Lin Yuan turned his head and found Chi Qian already helping lay out the sheets.

Song Yuwei did leave without laying out the sheets.

Although Chi Qian’s words are not what a man would want to hear in this kind of situation, it still enough to make someone’s heart warm.

Looking at Chi Qian’s movements, Lin Yuan also smiled and nodded, and thanked her.

Although Chi Qian didn’t look like she is used to laying out the bed sheets, her workmanship is still good.

Soon, Chi Qian laid out the bed sheet neatly.

With her elegant movement, even if she doesn’t have a perfect face value, it would still be a breathtaking sight.

”Thank you, Qian Qian.” Lin Yuan thanked her again.

”It’s okay. It just needs a little effort.” Chi Qian shook her head.

However, after laying the sheets, Chi Qian did not leave yet.

Instead, she took out a chessboard and a box of chess pieces.

She said to Lin Yuan: “If it’s not too much to ask, brother Lin Yuan, would you like to play a game with me before going to bed?”

Looking at Chi Qian pulling out the chess pieces, Lin Yuan immediately understood Chi Qian’s thoughts.

Chi Qian might still be a little dissatisfied from losing from him before.

She should have made some self-progress recently

And so she wants to play another game with him.

Lin Yuan replied: “Okay, let’s play a game before going to bed.”

The two sat cross-legged on the bed.

The moonlight falls on the chessboard.

They gazed and smiled at each other.

Then they began the game.

Chi Qian’s confidence must have some basis.

After losing last time, Chi Qian might have studied a lot.

And with Chi Qian’s talent, her skills can improve rapidly.

Before when she played chess with Lin Yuan, generally in less than five minutes she will begin to show signs of weakness in her moves.

But now, they are evenly matched even after over ten minutes.

But unfortunately for her, she still lost in the end.

Chi Qian still lost to Lin Yuan.

After all, Lin Yuan has a divine-level chess skill.

There is indeed a gap between their skills.

Although Chi Qian had some regrets and is unhappy, it is already getting late and it is not polite to keep the guest awake.

So Chi Qian could only close the chessboard and then she jumped off the bed.

”I’ll go ahead brother Lin Yuan, let’s play again some other day.” After getting off of the bed, Chi Qian looked a little embarrassed.

”It’s okay. Playing chess with you is quite enjoyable.” Lin Yuan smiled.

While saying that, Lin Yuan keeps staring at Chi Qian’s bear-printed sleepwear.

Almost all girls don’t wear underwear when in their pajamas because it makes them feel restrained and very uncomfortable.

Generally, not everyone sleeps in their underwear at night.

Although the quality of the sleepwear is obviously high and nothing can be seen, it is still enough to stir emotions.////

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