Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 466

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Mu Ssang directed the amplified resonance wave to his right index finger. The resonance wave which had reached the critical threshold exploded and launched forward like a bursting dam.
Energy leapt across space and accurately struck the coordinates registered in his dimensional sight.
A faint little noise bubbled up. A lick of bluish-white flame flared up in the middle of the bone dagger’s hilt before it disappeared. Like some kind of an illusion, a smooth hole was bored through the hilt.
The black whirlwind shape had been engraved around the entry hole. Energy rotating at high speed left behind burn marks. The hole and the whirlwind shape were so intricate that nothing could possibly imitate it.
‘Hehehe. I’m not envious of Blackie’s extremely low-frequency attack anymore.’
Mu Ssang felt like he was on top of the world right now. This technique was still far from being close to the effectiveness of ‘Transformation through Energy Manipulation’, which reputedly created any shapes if you willed it. However, in terms of its covertness, others could not even be compared to it.
Blackie’s ELF attack employed air as its medium. This attack allowed for a powerful ranged strike that struck deeply into the target, but it was basically useless in a vacuum-like space.
But with the ‘Finger Wind’, actual energy leapt across space to directly strike the target. It could display its full firepower regardless of the environment. Somehow, he ended up with a hidden weapon that could become a perfect triumph card to preserve his life.
Using his nails, he dug out some grooves into the flat side of the blade. He then grabbed the blade with his thumb and index finger before sliding his fingers across the surface.
A deep and sharp ringing of a blade resounded out in the room. The blade’s edge seemed to be coming alive, as if it had been sharpened for three days with a whetstone. The fang of a Sarcosuchus, in the hands of an extraordinary human being, was reborn into an extraordinary dagger.
Now that he has made a tool, it was time to test it out.
The blade brushed past an innocent fridge. Despite being made out of metal, its corner silently slid off and fell.
“Pretty good. A General Director should possess at least one unique item, don’t you think so? Here, my gift to you for your inauguration.”
Mu Ssang pushed the bone dagger forward while holding its blade.
Bonipas could only keep mumbling “Uh!” while receiving the dagger. He knew that Black Mamba was an existence that belied any conventional sense, yet this was his first time witnessing a miracle like this. It was almost like a dream — the sharpness of the knife in his hand was overwhelmingly chill-inducing.
The translucent knife seemed to glow a faint blue light in Bonipas’ palm. A conical-shaped fang around 350mm long and 3kg in weight somehow transformed into a slim knife.
Any man would have wanted to possess a unique item like this knife even if it cost an arm and a leg.
Bonipas stared dazedly at the dagger before slashing down at his briefcase without warning.
The aluminium briefcase was smoothly chopped into two. The sharpness and strength of the blade were truly alarming. A knife like this could not be reproduced by modern metallurgy, could it?
“Whew-woo. What an incredible item!”
“You like it?”
“How can I simply like it… This is as good as Excalibur!”
“You should give it a name.”
“I’d like you to have the honor of doing so.”
“Fang de l’abîme. (Fang of Abyss),” Mu Ssang replied without hesitation.
The dagger was made out of a fang from a Sarcosuchus jumping out of a deep swamp. It was obvious that its name had to be the Fang of Abyss.
It might sound pretty grandiose initially, but in a way, there was no creativity behind it.
“Very good. This Fang is probably the best present I’ve received in my life.”
Bonipas was deeply moved.
In most cases, a treasure’s worth was determined not by the performance of the item, but its prestige and its origins.
The reason for Tasenzoter’s fame was that it symbolized Kel air Amenokal’s authority. Meanwhile, Excalibur was famous because it was King Arthur’s sword. Even unremarkable linen clothes are perceived as holy relics when Christ wore them.
And this Fang de l’abîme was a dagger carved out of a Mesozoic-era monster’s fang by a superhuman. Yes, its innate functionality alone was shocking enough, but its backstory was an even greater highlight.
What other treasure could possibly rival this Fang de l’abîme? Bonipas’s lips widened into a huge grin.
“Wakil, me too!” Samdi, getting a bit jealous, began staring at Mu Ssang with eyes like a child staring eagerly at a Lego display cabinet.
“I’ll make you one when I have time.”
“Oh, yeah! Merci!”
Samdi’s expression brightened in an instant.
Later in the future… Starting with Samdi’s dagger, 20 daggers made out of Sarcosuchus’s teeth were brought into the world. They were known as Fang de l’abîme, shortened to simply ‘Fang de’. These weapons would go on to become Dubaiburupa’s emblem, and whoever wielded one received the respect and love of the world.
“…Black Mamba, just who are you?” Bonipas threw out this question even though his excitement had not subsided.
“General Director, aren’t you tired of asking this question? I’m Dubaiburupa.”
Mu Ssang has heard this question from Bonipas at least ten times now. The intent behind this question was still unknown, but regardless, Mu Ssang couldn’t reply with, “I’m a Homo Epidium”, could he?
“Indeed, that’s right. You are Dubaiburupa. I’m an idiot for asking you. Since I got a present, it’s time for me to repay your kindness. During the last Cabinet meeting, they made the decision to circulate the stored equipment and material. Helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles, military trucks, field artillery, squad automatic rifles, personal firearms and general munitions are included.”
Bonipas stopped and openly stared at Mu Ssang.
The good thing about talking to a smart person was that there was no need to explain everything in detail.
“It’s not for free, I assume?” Mu Ssang asked after internalising what he heard.
“Too many eyes are watching. I’ll hand them over for 30% of their appraised value.” Bonipas spoke with a triumphant look on his face.
Those items were required to be replaced that is why they were about to get ‘circulated’. However, all these stored equipment were perfectly capable of being deployed for field operations. Earning 30% off them was basically a steal.
“Hmm. You’ve already analyzed the military strength Novatopia requires, it seems. Hand me the data!” Mu Ssang extended his hand.
“You managed to notice that? Rather than your combat ability, I’m more afraid of your quick wits and intelligent mind.”
Bonipas, looking a bit deflated, handed over a thick pile of documents to Mu Ssang.
[Novatopia Neighboring Countries Trend Analysis Report]
[Analysis of Military Strength in Relation to Novatopia’s Geopolitical Position]
[Novatopia Military Organization (Proposal)]
[Novatopia Administrative System (Proposal)]
[Novatopia Greening Plan Report]

Mu Ssang quickly glanced at the pile of documents that was at least one handspan thick.
Parts he had not even thought of were clearly laid out. As expected, humanity’s collective intelligence was unbeatable.
“Are you going to ask for consulting fees now?”
“Hehehe. If you’re depositing directly to my personal account, then sure,” Bonipas grinned slightly.
“Sounds like you’ll have to learn how to receive bribes first.”
Mu Ssang also chuckled carefreely.
South Korea always occupied a low position in the Corruption Perceptions Index. According to articles found in international press, Korea would always hover around the 100th position out of the 149 countries that were investigated. That is around the same standing as Cambodia or Philippines.
The methods of bribing had evolved over time, as well. Meeting up in a mountain somewhere and exchanging their hiking backpacks, gifting boxes of ‘apples’, creating fake deposit bank accounts, hiring close relatives…
Bonipas simply had a ton of things to learn in this regard.
Novatopia was only just beginning to stretch its limbs. Obviously, there were more than one or two matters that required urgent attention. Novatopia’s problems could be simplified into two categories — ‘food security’ and ‘home protection’.
To solve the ‘food’ bit, the utilisation of groundwater, the greening of the desert, growing various food crops and cash crops were in progress simultaneously. Ombuti and Vallé Afwerki set up a group of experts to deal with those matters and things were progressing well in that regard.
The problem lay with ‘home protection”, though. The civil militia’s level, often seen as a ‘crippled leg’, only consisted of some assault rifles and machine guns.
Novatopia did not discriminate based on religion or race. Unlike its neighboring nations, you had complete freedom with your basic livelihood guaranteed.
As time passed, Novatopia would exert greater influence on their neighboring nations. This meant that the odds of the dictators in those nations invading Novatopia to prevent the erosion of their power were dangerously high. The civil militia, only around the strength of a local police force, needed to transform into a proper army as soon as possible.
“A rapid response brigade, is it?”
Mu Ssang couldn’t tear his eyes away from the [Novatopia Military Organization (Proposal)].
“If the enemy is in my firing range, then I’m also in the enemy’s firing range.”
To put it simply, if the enemy was in your firing range but you were in your enemy’s purview, then you would always win. This plan for the rapid response brigade, drawn up by DGSE’s technical department, suited Novatopia’s current situation and had a high degree of completion, too.
France might be suppressed by America’s power right now, but it has always been a traditionally strong military nation. For instance, terms that denote different units of military-like division, regiment, and corps, along with the ranking system of lieutenant, colonel, general, and Marshal were all derived from the French army. That’s how advanced France’s military doctrine was.
The French army was a leader in weapons development and military doctrine, yet it all came crashing down due to corruption and the nationalization of the defence industry. The primary reason for the collapse of empires and powerful nations throughout history was, without exception, corruption.
Corruption not only ate away at the nation’s foundation, but also bred incompetence.
Once the never-ending loop of corruption was established, the grounds where the competent individuals could stand would be eroded. Thereafter, such people would be driven out of the country altogether.
The military, due to its discreet nature, has transformed into an organization of thugs quickly, faster than any other organization would.
France, having already experienced a shameful fall from grace, suggested a solution for Novatopia. This solution entailed a culture of an open and fair military. Namely, a mass national conscription model where men and women were not discriminated.
However, Mu Ssang was not all that interested in that open culture military thing. He shifted his attention over to the mass national conscription model instead.
[Chad does not have the ability to encircle Novatopia -omitted- Novatopia’s unique and different nature has caused fear in its surrounding nations, including Chad. -omitted- Without exception, all citizens will be obliged to serve in the military. Citizens that are unable to serve in the military due to failing the military physical examinations or having mental/physical ailments will instead perform labor as designated by the Ministry of the Interior as a substitute for military service. -omitted-]
Mu Ssang only had to read the preface to get the general gist of it.
“This… If we polish this up well, the very concept of dodging military draft will disappear for good.”
Inwardly, he began singing in elation.
The South Korean military conscription was deeply controversial and caused a lot of problems. Having money and backing meant you could always sidestep the draft, which led to terms like ‘a god’s kid’, ‘a general’s son’, or ‘the child of darkness’ becoming a commonly accepted slang.
And in reality, sons of households with wealth and power would always get high physical and mental defect rates during the military physical examination. Of course, their condition would revert back to normal once they were exempted from serving. It was not wrong to call them ‘a god’s kid’ in such a case, then.
Koreans had this unique “genetic trait” whereby a boy that grew up in hardship and on a poor diet would become a strong man, while growing up in a well-off household shaped you into a frail little guy. Of course, this “genetic trait” referred to the elite cartel’s loop of corruption. The so-called ‘We aren’t the same as you!’ culture bred corruption and unfairness.
The elites create an exclusive clique of their own to dodge any fair competition and skirt responsibilities. Mu Ssang did not permit that Korean-specific genetic trait to manifest in Novatopia.
He closed the thick pile of reports. There was an old proverb that said, “you’d be a fool to show off an axe in front of Noban, a famous carpenter”. It meant that showing off in front of a true expert would only make you a laughing stock. All Mu Ssang had to do here was set his people on the right path. Worrying about its details fell on the shoulders of Ombuti and the experts.
“You’ve thoroughly investigated and researched Novatopia in-depth, haven’t you? I’m supposed to be the master here, yet you know about that place a hundred times better than me. That’s weirding me out.”
“France considers Novatopia as Black Mamba’s private territory. We have no pretext to interfere, nor do we have the desire to do so. No, we merely wish to extend our help, that’s all.”
“Is that so? But this data does not seem to be gathered by a handful of DGSE agents sitting around a desk. What is your reason for aggressively helping me like this, even mobilizing so many people in the process?” Mu Ssang asked seriously.
Even though France needed him, the favor being shown here seemed a bit too much. After all, France was not a pushover that would happily take on heavy losses.
“Three reasons. One, I’ve become enamored with a human named Black Mamba. Simply put, I’m addicted to your ideals, courage, the sense of justice, benevolence and resoluteness.”
“Friend, either you’re the hero of this century or a copy of Don Quixote stained by his ideals. Historically, those with the title of ‘hero’ always exploited one person to make another bleed and shed tears.
“Heroes exploit but never show mercy. The ultimate goals of those heroes were always about achieving their ambitions.
“But you have been pouring all the money you earned through your blood, sweat and tears into Novatopia. That’s the act of an idiot far removed from being a hero. My personal desire is to watch you till the end to figure out whether you’re a superhuman wishing to become a god, a benevolent saint, or an unprecedented fraudster.”
“I appreciate your honesty. I can more or less guess the second reason. But indulge me, what is the second one?”
“Hehehe, the second reason is that France needs you, of course. Excluding the Yankees, France is the only country that operates overseas territories and has overseas garrisons. As you are well aware, the left-wing government nationalized the defence industry, causing us to fall to a second-tier nation in the field of intelligence operations as well as weapons development.
“Until the board is flipped and a new one has been set up, you need to fill a very large void for us. As for the third reason, Novatopia is what France and Europe need right now.”
“Because of the Mediterranean refugees?”
Mu Ssang immediately understood what was being implied here.
African refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean on engineless wooden boats were increasing in number every single day. And the wealthy Western European nations bordering the Mediterranean were stuck between a rock and a hard place, where they could not actively shut out or openly accept the influx of refugees.
“Correct. Political instability and conflicts between different ethnicities in emerging African countries are getting worse with each passing day. Thousands of people every day are migrating to Western Europe to escape genocide and the reenactment of the Holocaust. But expelling them would only generate international scorn and criticism towards us. However, accepting them would become a factor of social unrest for us, too.”
“You think it was fun for the refugees to risk their lives and abandon the homes they’ve been living in all their lives? No, the cause of all this refugee crisis lies with the European empires committing a grave sin by drawing up borders anyway they wanted, causing different tribes to get mixed up, and even proceeding to plunder their lands.”
“Whatever the case may be… France has been generously accepting the African refugees so far but it has reached its limit.”
“So what you’re saying is, Novatopia made its timely appearance just as you lot were getting pretty nervous about the refugee issue.”
“If I’m being honest… Well, let’s just say that the interests of France and Black Mamba have aligned quite nicely. From the perspective of the French government, there’s nothing to lose here.”
“Huh. You guys must’ve thrown a celebration or something, then.”
Mu Ssang stared vacantly at Bonipas..
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