Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 570:

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Chapter 570:

When Chi Qian jumped off the bed, her bear print sleepwear seemed to shake a little.

Of course, after an earthquake, there will be aftershocks.

Like Chi Qian’s sleepwear, it continues shaking like an aftershock.

If it was the shaking of an ordinary girl, Lin Yuan would not be interested.

But Chi Qian is no ordinary girl.

‘Extreme beauty that can cause the downfall of cities and nations.’, ‘Fish sink and goose alights’.

Her perfect face value adding to her current state is too attractive.

Lin Yuan doesn’t plan to be a gentleman.

He just watched openly

How can he miss this?

He is not going to pretend to not see it.

Chi Qian was also aware of what Lin Yuan looking at.

Seeing the way Lin Yuan looked at her and his smile, her pretty face immediately blushed.

“Brother Lin Yuan, good… good night!”

After saying good night, the flushed Chi Qian quickly turned and left.

Lin Yuan smiled and got up and closed the door.

Chi Qian left in a hurry so she wasn’t able to close the door.

While lying in bed, Lin Yuan can still smell the remaining body scent of Chi Qian.

After covering himself with the quilt, Lin Yuan soon fell asleep.



Early the next morning, Lin Yuan had breakfast at Chi Qian’s house.

He was going to leave with Yu Shanshan.

Lin Yuan bid goodbye to Qian Qian.

Chi Qian asked Lin Yuan: “Brother Lin Yuan, can I trouble you?”

”What is it?”

”It’s just that the exams are over. If you are free in two or three days, can I go to your house to see Guoguo, and play chess with you?”

As she asked this, Chi Qian remembered how Lin Yuan held Guoguo.

She is obviously still regretful that she has given the cat to Lin Yuan.

She is still very interested in the Guoguo.

”Of course, you can. Just tell me when you’re coming. I can pick you up.”

Chi Qian replied: “Okay, thank you, brother Lin Yuan.

”It’s unbelievable how you two can talk and just ignore me. I felt like I was an outsider. I’m jealous!” Yu Shanshan shouted with her arms on her chest.

But Lin Yuan and Chi Qian are already used to her inner drama so they are not bothered by her.

Then Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan went down the mountain together.

Chi Qian and housekeeper Song Yuwei sent them down together.

”Brother Lin Yuan, you can come back to my house if you want. Shanshan too.” Chi Qian welcomed Lin Yuan and Chi Qian to come back again next time.

Housekeeper Song Yuwei also smiled and said: “Young Master Lin and Miss Shanshan, you can come often when you have free time. This is the first time I have experienced young lady taking her friend’s home. Both of you are very good people.”

Lin Yuan responded: “Okay. I will come again when I have the time.”

” The environment here is very good. I really enjoyed my stay. I will surely come again and visit Qian Qian!” Yu Shanshan answered.



After bidding farewell, Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan got in the car.

Seeing Lin Yuan driving away, there was some reluctance in Chi Qian and Song Yuwei’s eyes.

Chi Qian is alone most of the time and she has no problem with it.

But seeing Lin Yuan leaving, she couldn’t help but be uncomfortable deep inside.

Maybe because she sees Lin Yuan as a confidant?

Although she cannot understand her feelings, but she cannot deny it.

She certainly doesn’t hate it at all. She even liked the time she spent and the feeling she has when she is with Lin Yuan.

Song Yuwei can also see Chi Qian’s reluctance.

She felt the same too.

But she did not dare think too much about what she was feeling.


On the other side, Lin Yuan quickly sent Yu Shanshan home.

After sending her home, Lin Yuan got back in the car.

He then received a call from his mother Meng Yuelan.

”Hello? Yuan’er, when will you be here? Your cousin Yiyi has been telling us she wanted to see you and that she missed you so much. Your aunt also said she hadn’t seen you for a long time. What time are you coming home?”

As soon as Lin Yuan answered the phone, he heard Meng Yuelan’s urging.

”I’ll be there soon.” Lin Yuan replied.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s answer, Meng Yuelan nodded.

Then Lin Yuan hung up the phone.

His cousin Yiyi misses him?

It’s more like she can’t wait to bully him!

Then he drove quickly towards the direction of their home.

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