Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 571:

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Chapter 571:

It didn’t take long for Lin Yuan to arrive at their residence.

He parked the Rolls Royce Phantom in the garage first.

Lin Yuan got out of the car and headed towards the villa.

After entering the hallway, Lin Yuan had already heard the voice of his father and mother talking to someone.

Lin Yuan looks calm as he tugs his shoes at the entrance.

Then he walked into the living room.

Once in the living room, Lin Yuan saw four people in the spacious, bright living room.

All four of them were seated on the sofa and chatting.

Two of them are naturally his father, Lin Jianjun, and mother, Meng Yuelan.

There were two more women.

Although Lin Yuan has never seen the other two women.

But with the memory of the previous Lin Yuan, he has a somewhat vague impression of them.

One looked like a beautiful young woman, and the other is a sexy girl in denim shorts.

The look of the beautiful young woman and Meng Yuelan was 50 to 60% similar.

She had curled up long black hair and wore a light-yellow dress.

She looks serene and elegant.

It should be his aunt Meng Shuixian.

And the provocative girl sitting next to her should be his cousin Meng Yiyi.

His first impression of his cousin Meng Yiyi is that she is provocative and sexy.

She had pink and long wavy hair at the end which was very eye-catching.

She also had almond-shaped eyes and peach-red cheeks that looked delicate and lovely. (T/N: large eyes and rosy cheeks)

Although she wore light makeup, it gives people a gorgeous and overbearing perception.

Her style is also very provocative.

She wore a light gray camisole on her upper body.

The front placket is stretched tightly.

The bulging under her collarbone forms an attractive arc.

Her lower body wore denim shorts.

A pair of white and well-proportioned legs which are mostly exposed.

Her dressing style can be said to be very provocative and sexy.

Although she is just in her early twenties, her whole body is full of mature proportions.

She can definitely be regarded as a sexy beauty.

The one that stands out the most was Meng Yiyi’s very slender waist.

Although Lin Yuan knows that Meng Yiyi’s body is not as hot as Mei Yuxian’s, but it gives off a similar visual effect.

Meng Yiyi looks provocative, but Lin Yuan knew that behind her beautiful face hides a rotten bully heart.

Right now, her eyes are scrutinizing him.

Presumably, his cousin is thinking about how to bully him later.

Based on Lin Yuan’s memory, Aunt Meng seems to be quite fond of him.

She seems to spoil the previous Lin Yuan more than his own parents when he was a child.

After Lin Yuan had looked at everyone, they also discovered his arrival.

Meng Yuelan spoke first when she saw Lin Yuan: “Yuan’er, you’re back.

Lin Jianjun also nodded to Lin Yuan.

Meng Yiyi also saw Lin Yuan and is staring intently at him.

But she did not speak.

Lin Yuan didn’t care and ignored it either.

Lin Yuan is also about to greet them politely.

However, after hearing Meng Yuelan, Meng Shuixian stood up directly.

She turned her head to look at Lin Yuan looking all surprised.

”Xiao Yuan, you are back!? I haven’t seen you for more than ten years. You have grown up so much!”

At some point, she had already walked to Lin Yuan’s side.

”Hello Aunt Shuixian, Mom, Dad, and cousin Yiyi.” Lin Yuan smiled and nodded to everyone.

His father and mother nodded back.

His cousin Meng Yiyi also smiled and nodded.

But you can faintly feel that she wanted to do something.

Meng Shuixian stood in front of Lin Yuan who is a head taller than her and observed him.

”Xiao Yuan, Aunt has not seen you for a long time.”

Meng Shuixian put her two hands on Lin Yuan’s shoulders and then carefully looked at Lin Yuan. “Xiao Yuan, you have grown so much. Not only you are taller, but also very handsome. Let me take a closer look at you. Yuelan, your Xiao Yuan is so handsome now…”

While looking at Lin Yuan carefully, Meng Shuixian turned her head and praised Meng Yuelan.

Lin Yuan also smiled helplessly.

Aunt Meng Shuixian was more excited to see him than he thought.

Not only did she hurry over upon seeing him, but she is also observing him closely.

If it were someone else, it would have been a little uncomfortable.

”Aunt..” Lin Yun was about to speak but was suddenly interrupted.

Aunt Meng Shuixian held him directly in her arms.

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