Novel Name : Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

Chapter 788 - Chapter 788: Don’t Hurt the Commoners

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Chapter 788 - Chapter 788: Don’t Hurt the Commoners

Chapter 788: Don’t Hurt the Commoners

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“This is bad…” Empress Dowager Yunzi subconsciously spoke to herself. Her brows were tightly furrowed, and her expression was ugly.

Regardless of whether the person who wrote the letter was a prophet or not, they knew a lot of things that could affect the overall situation.

These few words clearly revealed that the West Garrison General, Ji Xiehui, was on her side. Otherwise, why would she tell her that Ji Xiehui was in danger?

If Ji Xiehui was on her side, then that means Ji Xiehui was Emperor Hao’s, her eldest son, man.

How could Ji Xiehui be in danger?

What kind of danger was he going to be in…

Didn’t the Ji family trust him now?

Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any danger..

Was this letter a warning note to her that everything her eldest son had planned might have been discovered by the Ji family?

Therefore, not only would Ji Xiehui be in danger, but she and her eldest son would also be in danger, right?

Was it because the Ji family could use this discovery to their advantage?

This was already the second letter she had received. She did not know whether

these two letters were true or false, but to be honest, she did not see any malice writing such a thing. Instead, she saw this letter as a type of kindness towards her and her eldest son..

The first letter seemed to want the Emperor to take precautions in advance so that he would not die next year. This letter was naturally to prevent the

Emperor’s many years of planning and hard work from being destroyed..

If it was true, then she naturally had to draw the net back now.

If it was fake, this meant that someone else had already found out that Ji Xiehui was on their side. To be safe, she decided to pull the net in.

Even though she felt that the timing wasn’t the best, it was better than losing everything for nothing for so many years.

If the Ji family hadn’t discovered it yet, it was still possible to uproot the Ji family from the bottom safely.

The Shao family — which was loyal to the Emperor and loved the country — did not think about overthrowing the Emperor. Whereas for the Ji family, when the former Emperor’s father was still the Emperor, they had already begun to make many officials become members of the Ji family to hold at least some military power. The former Emperor’s father was very muddle-headed and doted on Marquis Ji’s father, which made the Ji family’s power in Da Ling even more deeply rooted into the system.

After the late Emperor’s father passed away, a new Emperor took over the throne. He wanted to deny the Ji family many things, but he was worried that the Ji familys deep foundation might overthrow him. He had to take it slow to prevent the Ji family from rebelling. The first to suffer were the people.

As long as war broke out, the people would suffer.

It would take many years to recover.

Unexpectedly, before he could take his time, he encountered another great war Da Ling.

It wasn’t just one country.

They would still need Marquis Ji to send troops to fight against the foreign enemies, so it would be difficult to cut the Ji family off.

After defeating the other countries and stabilizing the situation, the previous emperor had passed away due to overwork. Her eldest son took over the throne and naturally took over this matter.

Her eldest son had endured for so many years. He knew that Emperor Shu t s disappearance was the work of the Ji family, but he had to endure it and not make a move. He chose to do this so that he could uproot the Ji family without harming the people.

It was also because her son had endured for so many years that the Ji family had let down their guard. Even though their power had been secretly weakened, it was no longer the same as when the former Emperor was still around. The Ji family did not suspect her eldest son at all!

Ji Xiehui was now in charge of the western army, which had been in the Ji family’s hands for two years. The western army had basically returned to her eldest son’s hands. As of now, there were still some old subordinates of the Ji family there..

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