Novel Name : Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 1041 - Chapter 1041: Agreed Out of Courtesy

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Chapter 1041 - Chapter 1041: Agreed Out of Courtesy

Chapter 1041: Agreed Out of Courtesy

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No one wanted to remain subordinate for a long time. Although the Long family had been suppressing them all these years, they could at least catch their breath.

However, the Demon Heart was different—a master who could kill at any time!

What happened 20 years ago was a lesson learned.

“Qian Jiyun is already powerful enough. If the Flame Fox helps him cultivate, how many people on Wulong Mountain will be his match in a few years? I’m afraid even the ancestors of the various family heads won’t be able to kill him, right?”

Qian Liuguang saw everyone’s hesitation and added, “Everyone knows that the Demon Heart is bloodthirsty. Qian Jiyun is also very violent. If we let him live, we won’t have a place on Wulong Mountain anymore.”

“Master Ling, although you’re right, there are benefits to having the Demon Heart. Wulong Mountain can’t be without the Demon Heart,” one of the family heads reminded him.

There were too many things the Demon Heart could do. They came from various planes, and like Huayan Peak, they could not go to other planes.

However, the Demon Heart could. As long as they had him, they could easily transport items to other planes or go to other planes to retrieve things.

And this was not the only benefit.

The Demon Heart, though bloodthirsty, would more often than not uphold justice for small families like them.

The Demon Heart would not give anyone face. No matter how powerful aristocratic families were, they would be punished for their mistakes. Justice would definitely be served.

“The next successor hasn’t appeared yet. If we kill Qian Jiyun, the Demon Heart won’t exist on Wulong Mountain anymore.”

“That’s right, Master Ling. I’m afraid we can’t do anything about this.”

Qian Liuguang nearly vomited blood. It seemed like these people still looked forward to the Demon Heart!

But he could not let this happen. He had to stir up trouble.

“I didn’t say we must kill the Demon Heart! I just hope his strength won’t increase too quickly.” He shifted from his earlier resolve to kill Jun Lin Hall and adopted a more gentle approach.

“I just hope Qian Jiyun will admit his mistake and uphold justice for the many lives of the Ling family. Besides, I don’t want the Flame Fox to be in his hands. It’s a demonic beast that can help Qian Jiyun improve his demonic energy!

“I only want to weaken Qian Jiyun and prevent him from controlling the lifeline of Wulong Mountain.

“So the most important thing to do is to make him hand over Flame Fox. That demonic beast must not be in Qian Jiyun’s hands. Don’t you all want the Flame



Who would not want it? No one would say something like that.

They wanted to weaken Jun Lin Hall too. However, if the Long family was not in a hurry, then why should they be anxious about this?

“I can loan people to you, but I won’t get involved personally.”

The family heads initially considered stepping forward and snatching the

Flame Fox that Qian Liuguang mentioned. However, they did not dare to do so now.

If they got involved personally, it would mean that they were openly going against Qian Jiyun, the Demon Heart. However, if they were not involved personally, they could say that Master Ling had borrowed people from them, and they had agreed out of courtesy..

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