Novel Name : The Frozen Player Returns

Chapter 637: Happy Ending of the End (2)

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Chapter 637. Happy Ending of the End (2)

The Floor was quiet. The people from the Floors, including Earth, refrained from going out altogether. Only the various media outlets informed them of the current situation.

[7th Floor defensive line collapsed, demon army retreated to the 6th Floor.]

[Humanity is still going strong. Ruben Empire's mercenaries join the fight on the 6th Floor in large numbers.]

[Sword Saint Kim Woo-Joong declares with his life on the line—I will defend this place at all costs.]

[World Player Association declares a prohibition on novice Players ascending to the sixth Floor.]

[Did Specter truly vanish? The void left by him is especially prominent.]

It had been two years since the demon invasion.

"Everyone," a weary voice spoke in an abandoned building on Trium. There were familiar faces gathered in the abandoned building, and the one who spoke was Skaya Killiland. "We need to evacuate the denizens downstairs. We can't hold out anymore."

"Is a retreat going to change anything?" Kim Woo-Joong directly opposed the suggestion of the esteemed hero he respected deeply.

"The 9th Floor, the 8th Floor, the 7th Floor. We've faced defeat for the past two years, but it’s different on the 6th Floor."

The 6th Floor had a significant human population compared to the upper Floors.

A proper civilization actually existed here.

"A defeat here would mean a lot. It would engrave the word defeat in people's minds."

"I understand what you're saying," said Son Chae-Won. She presented data to persuade him. "However, humanity has only produced two Star Destruction Stage Players over the past five years, and they are Skaya and Rahmadat.

”Of course, we have quite a few Liberation Stage Players, but the majority of the Players haven’t even reached the Disaster Stage yet."

Meanwhile, the demons were powerful.

"Let's set aside the increasing numbers of demons in battles. The main issue is Orpheus and Horizon..."

Son Chae-Won's gaze turned toward Skaya.

With a bitter smile, Skaya shook her head and said, "Horizon might be possible, but Orpheus is tough."

Orpheus was so strong that they had no choice but to flee every time Orpheus appeared on the battlefield.

Tap, tap.

Rahmadat tapped on the table and spoke, "That's why I've been saying this: let's combine our strengths and defeat Horizon first, then we’ll get Orpheus once we’re done with Horizon."

"Do you really think that the demons are fools? Do you really think that they'll just stand back and watch as we deal with Horizon?"

"What do you suggest, then? It's the only solution."

"Right. That’s why we should retreat until we find a solution.”

"Have you all forgotten what the Administrators said? The Archduke’s power increases the more Floors we lose.”

"So what? Are you saying that we should just stay here and die?"

There were factions even in the resistance party. The hardliners wanted to defend the 6th Floor and counterattack, but the moderates had acknowledged their weakness and suggested a retreat.

However, they were all subconsciously aware.

'Fighting here won't yield any chance of victory.'

'But even if we retreat and buy a little time... it will only be extending the grace period.'

‘Damn it. What are we supposed to do?’

The options available to them weren’t great.

"Let's fight, then."


The door opened with a creak, and everyone stood up the moment they saw the intruder’s face.



The man blinked and muttered, "Oh, right. Need to fix my hair."

He hurriedly smoothed his hair, eliciting sighs from everyone.

"Why'd you have to confuse people like that..."

"Oh, Jun-Sik-nim."

As Players settled into their seats like deflating cola cans, Mio asked, "Jun-Sik, how did it go?"

"...It didn't go well," said Seo Jun-Sik as he sat down. He had a habit of periodically checking if the Original was still alive and where he was, and he had been asking the Observatory Tower for help.

"Even the Sage isn’t strong enough?”

“And the same goes for Seo Mirae-nim. She claims that she can see the future, but she can’t even see him…

"Hey, that's enough,” Gong Ju-Ha chimed in and said, "Why do you think we need to fight?"

"Just a hunch? I just feel that way."

The Players were intrigued, but the 4 Heroes reacted differently.

"Seo Jun-Sik, you can use all of Jun-Ho's Skills, right?" asked Skaya.

"Everything. There's a slight difference compared to the original, of course..."

The 4 Heroes exchanged glances. They weren’t sure about the rest, but Seo Jun-Ho’s intuition had always proved useful at critical moments.

"Hmm…" Skaya shut her eyes tightly. It had always been like this. Even if she had logical reasoning, accurate data, and precise figures… Seo Jun-Ho's intuition during crises was often the more accurate answer than her predictions.

Actually, that was the primary reason Rahmadat started calling her a fake nerd…

“It’s fine even if humanity perishes…”

In the end, Skaya surrendered. She effectively represented the moderates faction, so her decision made everyone unite.

"Based on the pattern so far, the Counts will likely appear in the next attack."

"For both us and those bastards, that battle will be the turning point."

Two Star Destruction Stage Players, twelve Liberation Stage Players, and multiple Disaster Stage allies from each Floor—there were a total of one million Players in the resistance army. It was humanity’s strongest army throughout history, and it had mobilized to face the demon army.


"...They're coming," said someone.

The night sky split open, and demons emerged from the rift in the sky.

"It's an invasion!"

"Damn, there are way more demons than before!"

"Gilbe! Fire!" shouted Skaya.

Gilberto halted his breathing.

His finger pulled the trigger of the massive railgun made from Ether.


The beam of Ether obliterated the demons.

The crowd erupted into cheers upon witnessing the breathtaking spectacle.

"That's it!"

“I think we have a great chance of winning as long as Gilberto-nim manages to obliterate each and every one of those demons coming out of the dimensional rift!”

The morale of the army surged as the beam of Ether dissipated.

"Haaa… huff…"

A sweaty Gilberto got ready for the next attack.

"We have exactly 1 minute and 33 seconds until the next beam!"

"We have to stop them until then! Stay focused!"

Players below the Disaster Stage, knights, mages, mercenaries of the Ruben Empire, and even the cyborgs of Neo City had gathered for the single purpose of defeating the demons as they emerged from the dimensional rift.


They united and attacked as one.

The night sky was pervaded by a multitude of colors, and nighttime briefly became as bright as daytime.

"It’s working! Working!"

"Gilberto-nim's attack is ready! Retreat!"

The second beam of Ether painted the night sky, and the demons pouring out of the dimensional rift were reduced to ashes.

"Damn! Nice!"

"Do it again! We just need to keep on doing this!"

The strategy was working, so the soldiers excitedly poured out their next attack in unison.

Gilberto fired the third Ether beam, but…

"...It's them." Kim Woo-Joong said.

The Ether beam seemed to have met an immovable obstacle as it was cut short.

"The Counts of the Underworld are here!"

"Soldiers, don't engage them! Leave them to us! Fight the other demons!"

Orpheus of Vain was the mastermind who had driven humanity to the brink of extinction.

He stepped out of the dimensional rift and casually stretched his hand out.


The Ether beam disappeared as if it didn’t exist, eroded by the power of vain.

"Is it my turn?"

"Horizon, hold your position."

"What? So only you can have fun? No way I’ll let that happen," said Horizon. He stepped forward and abruptly reappeared in front of Gilberto.


"Father!" Arthur rushed forward, but the traces of Horizon’s demonic energy sent him flying away.

Horizon smiled and said, "You've been pretty annoying to me. You’re too weak to even lay a hand on me, but you're great at handling weaker crowds. If it hadn’t been for you, these boring times would have been a few months shorter."

Gilberto responded with a wry smile at his opponent's compliment before drawing his revolver like lightning.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three bullets were fired at Horizon's face.

"Ha, a mere toy can't put a scratch on me."

"I know." Gilberto acquiesced. No matter how many bullets he fired, he was too weak to defeat a Count of the Underworld by himself. He was well aware of that, and his opponent was definitely aware of it as well.

"And that’s why I never thought about attacking you myself."

"...What?" Horizon furrowed his brows.


The three bullets in Horizon’s hand emitted powerful Ether.


"I have a very clever friend…”

Gilberto’s friend had been studying their enemies over the past two years, even amidst numerous defeats. As a result, she managed to come up with a way to deal with Horizon, at the very least.

“We already know how to deal with you.”



The restraints made out of Ether restricted the circulation of demonic energy throughout Horizon's body. In human terms, it was equivalent to hitting a vital spot. Even if one were a strong martial artist, they couldn't possibly strengthen all of their vital spots.

"You’ll be immobilized for exactly two seconds."

Two seconds was extremely short, but…

"Rahmadat is on our side."

"Well done, Gilbe!"

Rahmadat approached at lightning speed.

Horizon's eyes widened.

"Pfft!" He burst out laughing as the Ether restraints on him fell to the ground and vanished. "Immobilizing me for exactly two seconds? Don’t make me laugh! You better research me again!"

Horizon reached out for Gilberto's heart. Did these maggots really think that the prowess he had shown them on the upper Floors was his limit?

‘Idiots. What I've shown them so far is roughly only seventy percent of my full strength.’

If they had used that as his limit, then tonight's winner would be the demons once again.

Horizon was thrilled to see the look of astonishment on Gilberto's face.

"I don’t have to research you again."

Horizon's figure abruptly came to a halt. He wanted to turn around and face the voice coming from behind him, but he couldn't move.

"Mages are always doubtful, doubtful, and doubtful."


An audible click echoed as Skaya allowed time to flow once more.






Exactly two seconds later, Horizon’s expression darkened. The oncoming attack from behind him was too fast for him to react, and he couldn’t come up with any way for him to take the brunt of the attack safely.

"Oh, and…"


Rahmadat's large fist bore a gaping hole in Horizon's chest.

Skaya placed her hand back into the pocket of her robe.

"I absolutely abhor researching things I’ve already researched."

"Ugh… what... hell..."


Lavue’s words suddenly echoed in his ears.

- Your arrogance will one day be your undoing, you bastard.

Horizon looked down and saw an arm sticking out of his chest.

He closed his eyes, and he never opened them again.

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