Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 209(Plus)

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Chapter 209(Plus)

Chapter 209: Unemotional Agents

In the living room, Xia Mo, wearing an apron, stared blankly at Chu Tian sitting on the sofa. Suddenly, she realized how terrifying Chu Tian was. Hearing him talk about his abilities was one thing, but experiencing it firsthand was a completely different feeling.

She didn’t tell him anything. She just said that there was an old lady who was cheated out of 200,000. Yet, even before Xia Mo had finished preparing the meal, Chu Tian already had the results.

That’s right!

The reporter was 63 years old, and the amount of money she had been defrauded was indeed two lack and seventy thousand.

It was clear that Chu Tian had indeed investigated because she had not told Chu Tian about this.

However, she didn’t know that the old lady still had a deposit of four lack.

Seeing Xia Mo’s shocked expression, Chu Tian smiled and continued, “Liu Bo, from Ningbo, currently residing there. According to his spending records, 20 minutes ago, he ordered a 1280$ massage package at a place called ‘Top Summit’ in Ningbo.”

“The 1280$ massage health package lasts for 145 minutes, so he must still be there. This is the surveillance footage from the massage shop’s entrance.”

Chu Tian opened his laptop and showed Xia Mo a picture from the camera. It depicted a middle-aged man, around 40 years old, slightly balding with an average build, neither fat nor thin.

Chu Tian continued, “It’s this guy. He’s Liu Bo.”

Looking at Chu Tian’s confident face, Xia Mo looked over and asked, “Are you sure it’s him?”

“One hundred percent sure.” Chu Tian said, “A lone wolf, he’s not a fraud group. As long as we capture him in the first instance, we’ll bring him out.”

Seeing that Xia Mo was poking her head out and staring at Liu Bo on the computer, Chu Tian seemed to have thought of something. He first gave a wicked smile, then extended his head and kissed Xia Mo on the face.


Xia Mo was stunned and quickly turned to look at Chu Tian.

Looking at Chu Tian’s face, Xia Mo suddenly smiled. She hit him and said, “You dare take advantage of me? Do you want to get beaten up?”

“Hey…” Chu Tian laughed.

Xia Mo rolled her eyes with a smile. As she returned to the kitchen, she said, “Hurry up and wash your hands. Let’s eat.”

“Sister, aren’t you in a hurry?” Chu Tian said, “Don’t you hurry to inform the Ningbo police?”

“What are you worried about?” Xia Mo’s voice came from the kitchen. “Everyone knows where it is, and we can’t run away. Let’s eat first. We can’t starve our brother. Hurry and wash your hands. The towel is on the balcony…”


Time flies, and before you know it, it’s Wednesday again!

At this moment, in Song Xiaoya’s room, Chu Tian was sitting in front of the computer, his hands flying on the keyboard.

Beside Chu Tian, Song Xiaoya was dressed in black stockings, a skirt, a white shirt, and black high heels. She was dressed like a female secretary and sat quietly on another chair.

It was not until the last day of the week that Chu Tian took a day off and began to write a firewall for Elder Sun.

In the past few days, something had happened.

First, on Xia Mo’s side, Chu Tian helped her solve two more cases.

Next was Yang Hui and Sun Min. The two of them were very accustomed to working in the bar. The next day, it was Saturday, and they officially started working in the bar.

Moreover, this Monday night, Yang Hui and Sun Min both followed a bald man around 40 years old from the bar.

As for what happened between the three of them that night, Chu Tian and the two of them both knew that when the two of them went to class yesterday, they were very happy. They even bought some beef jerky and dried fruits and gave them to Chu Tian.

After a series of crackling sounds, Chu Tian stopped. He first took a deep breath before looking at Song Xiaoya beside him and said, “Sister, the stockings are pretty. Can you let me touch any material?”

“No.” Song Xiaoya shook her head.

Chu Tian curled his lips and said, “Then what are you wearing so sexy to sit next to me?”

“Scientific perspective explanation.” Song Xiaoya said, “For a man with normal sexual orientation, if a beautiful woman is wearing sexy clothes around, then it will promote the secretion of a hormone called methyl peptide in his body.”

“This kind of hormone can increase the excitement of the brain and increase the efficiency of the work. It’s the saying that men and women work together. Work is not tiring.”

“I…” Chu Tian looked at Song Xiaoya speechlessly. “No, Comrade Xiaoya, do you really have no feelings when your agents? So rational?”

Song Xiaoya did not say anything. Instead, the corner of her mouth raised, and she smiled sweetly at Chu Tian.

Chu Tian waved his hand and said, “Alright, pour me a glass of water.”

Only then did Song Xiaoya get up. Then, she stepped on her high heels and poured a glass of water for Chu Tian.

“How long until we finish?” Song Xiaoya said.

“Wait.” Chu Tian took the cup and took a sip, saying, “There is still some work to finish.”

Song Xiaoya sat back down in the chair next to Chu Tian and sat down with her right leg pressing down on her left leg. “Xia Mo’s detection rate has recently been a little high. The three cases are all the more difficult ones. You’ve been going to Xia Mo’s house a lot these days. Judging from the closeness between the two of you, the two of you probably haven’t slept together yet. So, does she already know your identity as a hacker? Are you going to her house to help her solve the case?”

Chu Tian glanced at Song Xiaoya and said, “I can’t do something for the society and the people?”

“Xia Mo is trustworthy.” Song Xiaoya continued, “She was born into a police family. Her parents are both police officers and are clean and honest. This is very helpful for her to establish correct values, outlook on life, and worldview.”

“Unfortunately, in her first year at the academy, her parents were killed in an operation to arrest criminals, which may cause a negative change in her mind. She may be blacked out because of this, but so far, the case she handled has not been a problem, and so far, this may no longer exist.”

“However, your identity as a hacker is very sensitive. You should also know that the reason you’re still in Haicheng is that no one knows your identity. So, try not to let more people know about your identity. The more people know your identity, the more likely you will be in danger. Once the National Security Bureau evaluates your living environment and determines that there are too many unfavorable factors, you will be brought to Beijing.”

“After all, the protection that Haicheng City can provide to you cannot be compared to the capital. If you like to stay in Haicheng City, you must ensure that no one knows your identity as a hacker.”

After hearing Song Xiaoya’s words, Chu Tian rubbed his forehead with a headache. “Your agents really don’t have feelings for each other. Alright, let’s not talk anymore. I’ll continue working.”

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