Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 476

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“Shock!” Barkley and others giggled, unable to contain their laughter. Seon Woo-hyun was pushed by his size and also by his teeth. Seon Woo-hyun’s height is 165 cm, and Simon D’s is 240 cm. The appearance of the two of them standing opposite each other in a band looks like a Caucasian Ovcharka admonishing a Chihuahua. Jjoldagu is famous for being quiet among black culture, but he will be beaten by Simon D! Barkley and others were surprised by the remarkable expressiveness. ‘Damn it! Seon Woo-hyun’s clothes were turned over at the sound of his colleagues laughing. Simon D is in his 20s (only on the surface), but he is in his late thirties. Even just looking at the Black Culture Jjajangbap, it’s a dreadful jjolmdagu. He heard discipline in the blood, and even the ridicule of his colleagues. Besides, he’s a zombie, not a human. He forgot the Novatopia principle that there is no discrimination and no distinction. “Where are the zombie cubs? I am a servant number two. There is no formality between Waqil and me. A young guy who doesn’t even know a horn is going out and it’s crazy.”
The son-in-law became quiet. Jung-eun carefully looked into the pair’s eyes. The people gathered here are so-called vassals. No one knows that Simon D is a former zombie. The core of the values ​​that Tubai Burpa emphasizes is non-discrimination and compensation based on ability. Novatopia is not connected. Compensation for effort and reward for value creation is being established as a social system. ‘Who am I!’ and ‘Who I know well!’ do not work. Those who work ten hours a day are rewarded ten hours, and those who work one hour are rewarded one hour. Anyone who creates a value of ten will be rewarded with a tens, and anyone who creates a value of a hundred will be rewarded with a hundred. Novatopia is a new free country. You can enjoy an abundance of freedom, but at the same time, you cannot infringe on the freedom of others. No one is discriminated against on the grounds of former job, religion, ethnicity, rich or poor, or exile. Novatopia is a refuge for the poor. All Novatopias’ former jobs are Les Miserables. There is no reason to question the past, and if you discriminate based on your past deeds, you will be deported.
The pair pretended not to hear, ignoring Jung’s gaze. In a situation where it is difficult to scold Seon Woo-hyun, pretending not to know is a constant. He turned away from the outside, but on the inside he was rotten and rubbed. Seon Woo-hyun’s big weakness is discrimination, suspicion, and paranoia that doesn’t let go of a sense of privilege. It was said that people change only when they die. In the eyes of the matchless, Seon Woo-hyun’s paranoia is due to the closed North Korean society. When leading a high-class life, he regarded the people as slaves and showed great self-esteem, and when his father and family, who were party officials, were purged overnight, he would have lost trust in humans. What if everyone is in the same environment? That’s not it. Seventeen-year-old Nezema suffered a more devastating trauma. Zombies killed and devoured her parents right before her eyes. Neighbors did not help anyone. Still, I think of others first. Even though he knows that Simon D is a former zombie, he doesn’t show anything and stays friendly. Obviously, the size of the soul is not in order of age. A sigh came out. You can’t entrust important work to that.”Why do you do leung fu (tongue + kung fu) with a good fist? Isn’t a Novatopia man a fist?” One word from Nezema became thunder-red. “I will show you the power of the Thirteen Shades.” Seon Woo-hyun flew up as if stabbed by a ball. A leg bent like a whip hit Simon D’s carotid artery. It is a speed that far exceeds the speed of human reaction. He was five or six times stronger than at the time of his captivity in the Sahel.
Puak – A crackling sound echoed from his throat. Simon D took a step back. The unexpected blow was so stealthy and fast that even the underworld Simon D could not move. Seon Woo-hyun read the Qing dynasty martial arts novel, A Woman Hero, and fell in love with Ha Ok-bong’s lavish appearance. Ha Ok-bong’s nickname is Shim Sap-mae. After the story of Heroes of a Woman was widely read, thirteen mai became a term to refer to a female middle school girl or an extraordinary female virtuoso. Each movement of Ogeumgong is a basic movement that effectively controls and draws the flow of qi and blood according to the movement of heaven and earth and the flow of time. When the practice reaches the stage, you can create your optimized herbivore according to the group of Ogeumgong. Seon Woo-hyun gave the name of the herbivore he made to thirteen, and added an artificial imaginary number to match the movement of each herbivore to thirteen. Even the ombudsman’s terrible nagging could not break Seon Woo-hyun’s bravado. If there is a scout and we can measure his ability, the physical difference between Simon D and Seon Woo-hyun is so great that it is difficult to compare. His muscular strength is 38 times, instantaneous muscle contraction force is 75 times, movement speed is 1.3 times, and the sensitivity of the instantaneous sensory organs is also incomparable. The only similarities are instantaneous speed and reaction speed. There’s a big difference in physicality and I’ve heard a lot about it, so I can’t help but play a pinch hitter. “Heh heh, how are you? Do you feel refreshed?” Seon Woo-hyeon, who had regained his spirit, shuddered. He surprised him. His feet were hollow and bounced off as if they had kicked a large tire. Although he did not reach the stage of erection, the kick with the remaining power after breaking his neck was of little effect. Seon Woo-hyun was very nervous. Ddu Duk Ddu Duk-Sam D shook his head to his left and right. It’s a fairly powerful blow, but it’s a strength that is comparable to that of a human. “I’m pathetic, so I yawn. You’re going to protect Waquill with that kind of skill? wake up dream The Ituri jungle is infested with monsters like a dino. You can’t get past a day. Use those soft bats to catch flies.” “Ugh! Jo Jong-ganna-nim~”
A vein of blood sprang up on Seon Woo-hyun’s temple. There was a lot of anger and no words came out. That guy has a unique talent that turns people inside out with every word he says. “Would you like to get it right? I’ll show you what you did.” Xuang- A bridge like a power pole swept through the space. He was tall and his legs were long.
“Billion, ignore!” Seon Woo-hyun, startled by the terrifying speed, threw himself on the ground. It’s thought that Gosu won’t cast it even if it’s embarrassing. Suang-Kakjidong Bridge passed by with a bloody pounding sound. The wind pressure lifted her hair. Seon Woo-hyun then bounced off his body with a tablet. Using his body agility, he wrapped himself around like a top in the air and kicked the ten triangles at once. Papa Papa – A pile of hazy footprints piled up. It is a self-proclaimed Simsapmae Wonanggak made by grafting Wonanggak with the agility of Cheongpabo. Whoops, whoops- His heavy body skipped over the hazy curtain created by the shadows of his feet. He kicked ten triangles in an instant, but Seon Woo-hyun never felt the sensation of being caught in his toes. As soon as Simon D tapped his shoulder with his toe to gain physical strength again, a fan-like palm struck his side.
Swipe- “Billion!” The weightlifting carried on the palm of the palm that was lightly swung like a fly was enormous. Seon Woo-hyun flew like a straw. The power of Sarcosuchus, which weighs 5 tons, and Simon D, who has a lot of trouble, is unbelievable. He deliberately hit it with his palm to reduce the damage, but the small Seon Woo-hyeon became like a cultivator supported by a dump truck. Puak-Acacia trees on the outskirts of the apron were suddenly hit by a fall. A tree the thickness of a thigh that collided with a flying object was broken in succession. Seon Woo-hyeon rolled three or four laps on the ground to shake off his energy and got up. “You bastard, say you’re dead!” Seon Woo-hyun’s eyes lit up bright blue. “Stupid human, there are so many unnecessary movements. Can you become the master’s shield with that kind of skill?” Simon D groaned. “Master, it is burning too much.”
Nezema was worried. Simon D and Jjoldagu are both superhumans. If it collides with power, disaster will occur. “Leave it. It’s not a bad idea to set the order at this point. It is difficult to see the fighting of the strong. Learn what you learn.” The matchless was cool. Seon Woo-hyun and Simon D have a big basic physical difference. Even if a cat metamorphoses, it cannot become a tiger. Fatal injuries occur when each other’s abilities are similar. Contrary to what it looks like, there is nothing to worry about as weightlifting is very much missing in Simon D’s attack. “Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.” Yes, Jema politely bowed her head and turned her gaze to her full volume. The teacher’s words are always right. Males are comfortable with each other only when their ranks are established. And a friend who has a fierce friendship with his fists lasts a long time. Dude Dada Dak Dak- Seon Woo-hyun flew like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Starting with Lee Ji-gwan-su, wrist strokes, elbow strokes, swinging downstrokes, and popliteal strokes continued. Inspired by Black Mamba’s eighteen beats on the front wheels, it’s a thirteen-front wheel that I put my heart and soul into.
Simon D kicked off the attacks one by one on the spot without moving his feet. Knock-knock-knock-pucker-hands and hands met, feet and feet met. ‘You’re a bastard, your body is an iron rod!’ Seon Woo-hyun was about to die. Every time it collided with Simon D’s limbs, bones rang and nerves were pulled out. “Ugh, Bingshin! I’ve only heard a lot of nonsense. I didn’t even know you were watching.” The matchless lamented. Seon Woo-hyun’s movements were slightly disturbed every time, and the breakdown was visible. Every move of the Ogeum Gong is a special move. Oh Geum-gong is a dumb martial artist who competes with speed and striking power. There are no fuss and unnecessary movements like in Chinese martial arts such as Tanglang Kwon, Wing Chun Kwon, and Tai Chi. A little bit of finesse only reduces the destructive power. Seon Woo-hyeon is an idiot who gets silk and sells it, and makes clothes without a name. Unsurprisingly, in the middle of the sequence, there was a neck-and-neck pull motion. It’s a phoenix. If you use a flashy but unnecessarily large movement against a strong person, it’s perfect for counterattacking. Moreover, there is a Jeep standing in the rear as an obstacle. If you are counterattacked, your evasive action is broken and you are immediately pushed into the defense. A master must know in advance the terrain and be able to use it. ‘What did this guy learn from his master?’ My heart was emptied of the flashy moves that could only be used for Hasu. Seon Woo-hyun’s skills were fully understood. Indeed, the pinch hitter is slowly getting tired. He slapped his hamstrings on the collarbones that hung around his neck like his hooks, and kicked his exposed chest. It is the simplest forward kick that focuses on speed and nok-gak straight hit. The soles of the feet like a log boat stretched out like an island. “Ugh!”
Seon Woo-hyeon, who was retreating to the back, blew a waste of wind. The jeep crate hit his butt. Seon Woo-hyun, whose posture was disturbed, had no choice but to dive into the cargo ship. It’s Pom and Nabal, it’s something to live and see. Quang – The front kick that passed Seon Woo-hyun’s back hit the beloved Jeep. The jeep kicked the rear fender and rolled two or three laps like a leaf and turned over.
“Wow!” Spectators flashed their thumbs. Crung- Dino also raised its front paws. Simon D raised his hands and responded to the cheers of the audience. No one cared about Seon Woo-hyeon under the car. It’s a side effect that’s inexorable. The vassals didn’t even care if their limbs fell off and their hearts didn’t break. Seon Woo-hyun, frustrated, crawled out from under the jeep. His injuries were avoided, but Namir’s face is not worth it. Seon Woo-hyun’s eyes turned to the broken Jeep. It is crumpled like a scrapped manuscript paper. “Ignore nothing, human!” Seon Woo-hyun’s mouth was wide open. If he had been hit, his ribs would have come down and his spine would have been severed. If the Black Mamba hadn’t raised his physical ability with the psychic beating, he would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. A cold sweat ran down his back. The Voodoo Rebellion caused by Barungo became an opportunity for Seon Woo-hyeon to look back on herself. The world wasn’t easy. Even Houngan Barungo made fun of himself by hiding his skills. If he had not been saved by the Black Mamba, he either became a zombie or died. His frustration continued. Ahmad did a good job and Simon D didn’t bump into each other, but he felt like he was being pushed back. The arrogance of thinking that there was no rival other than the Black Mamba was shattered.Seon Woo-hyun clenched his teeth and practiced. Ogeumgong training became my main job, and farm work became my second job. He became strong enough and thought it was worth watching with Simon D. what is this? The level of destructive power was different. His confidence drained like an ebb. As he acknowledged Bisei, the strength of his body was drained away. Puak – Simon D tore off the rear fender of the Jeep cargo box. Puddud- I grabbed Fanda with both hands and tore it like a piece of paper. “Hey, you idiot!”
Seon Woo-hyun’s eyes widened. He can make holes in three or four overlapping sheets of automobile steel, but he cannot tear them apart. Piercing with a blow and tearing with force are different. “Damn it, I heard that he and his master are in the same direction. There is no discrimination in Novatopia. If he has saved his life from his master, repay him with his life. Blame yourself for what you lack before blaming the Master. The master made Novatopia as the last refuge for the poor. All the money earned by the owner’s blood was invested in Novatopia. Have you ever worked for others? Examine yourself once a day or even once a month to see if you have made someone smile. Seriously think about whether you want to live a life that only you can eat well and live well, or whether you want to live a life where everyone eats well and lives well together. If you show disrespect to your master once more, you become like a steel plate.”
Simon D, who engraved the order, threw the iron plate away and stood behind the matchless..
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