Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 477

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Seon Woo-hyun looked at Fanda and Simon D, who had been thrown on the ground, alternately. Namir (I’m a dragon.) Seon Woo-hyeon’s status was devastated by the reality of being stuck in a gutter. The formidable power is something to be proud of, but the billionaire collapsed at the words that surpassed the leadership of the leader comrade. Zombies are the same as humans on the outside, but they cannot think. Beings without the ability to think cannot develop unless they jump over the dam of evolution. It just repeats the behavior according to its instinct. Sea otters put clams on their boats and break the shells with stones, but that’s all. Chimpanzees do termite fishing with twigs, but that’s it. Sea otters can’t make stone axes, and chimpanzees can’t attach leashes and needles to branches. Zombies are zombies, not humans. Then I realized that my skin, black as coal, had changed to a pale red. More like Scarlet, not Negro. The problem is that even a zombie grandmother, not a zombie, can’t tear the iron plate and use the pastor’s speech. A flash of light came to mind.
‘I hope it is a metamorphosis!’ Seon Woo-hyun’s imagination didn’t know where to end. If the skin and the inside have been changed, there is only a metamorphosis of the hwangol. Simon D’s changes became smarter and stronger, just as described in the Battle of Female Heroes. Waqil also said that he had metamorphosed through the Oh Geumyeon Old Age Act. If the ogeum ball is the shell, the ogeumyeon nobeop is the kernel. Thoughts that people can easily come up with do not go beyond the boundaries of experience. Prejudice based on one’s own experience is involved, but the person is not aware of it.
Unbelievable! Doubts rose like flames. After not seeing him for the past year, Waquille gave Simon D the quintessence of old age. He just cut off the human body when he wanted to, saying that he could do this!
Distrust sprouted in Seon Woo-hyun’s heart. He is a fellow compatriot and Simon D is a nigger who does not know the basics. He is divided into North and South to fight, but he says that he is the same compatriot, and it is nonsense. He felt a greater sense of loss that Black Mamba only took care of him than the frustration he had suffered from Simon D. Human nature does not change. Seon Woo-hyeon’s incurable disease of doubting someone, shifting responsibility to someone, and blaming someone was triggered.
Simon D avoided murder even when he was a zombie because of his sincerity, and after being humanized, he became a loyal human being regarded as his successor by Master Daewoo. Human habits go to eighty, but nature goes with them to the grave. The possibility that Seon Woo-hyun would change was not very high. Also, he had the potential to become a troublemaker. Hey, look at that guy’s face. Then he sees a place to lie down and stretches his feet. I think the owner’s words are cool. He must learn Hangul quickly so that he can organize and use cool words.’ In Simon D’s mind, the fight with Seon Woo-hyun was already forgotten. He was happy with his appearance, acting cool and spitting cool words. Seon Woo-hyun will vomit blood, but Simon D, who is always faithful to reality, maybe the one who solved the secret of happiness. Barkley and others looked at Simon D in disbelief. What kind of teaching can you say that Langue kungfu (tongue kungfu) can reach the height of a thousand and one in a year! [Review yourself at least once a month to see if you have made someone smile.] she muttered What a connotation this is! Live a life of service, help others, bring humor to life, and so on. A man with a powerful body and unparalleled fighting power was equipped with deep intellect. There is no such thing as a manly man” ‘I’m going to ask you out on a date tonight.’ A heart-shaped laser was emitted from Professor Muulsori’s eyes. She had completely forgotten her age. If Simon D had known her feelings, she would have been devastated! Seon Woo-hyun, who was narrow inside, was shriveled to one side. If Seon Woo-hyun had coolly acknowledged Simon D, it would have ended pleasantly, but the atmosphere subsided because he was fat. “Your forearms are thick. No. 49 Jongganna is the only loyal servant. I can’t eat it because it’s dirty.” Seon Woo-hyun’s murmuring lost his strength. He wanted to argue with the Black Mamba about how to play the crotch, but the red-eyed bastard and the nasty beast are widening their eyes.
In the past, I used to scream and climb, but because of the stinky guy and the bloody cat, I couldn’t even mess around with it. Somehow, a stronger guy appeared around Waquill. There was a growing fear that I might be forgotten. The spring days are gone. Seon Woo-hyun’s spring day has gone over the torn iron plate. ‘That’s it! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a person wrong.’The pair clicked inwardly. A person with a strong sense of self-consciousness. Seon Woo-hyun did not open his heart even though he had crossed the deadlock line together, saved his life several times, and even opened a way for him to live. He couldn’t tell if it was a difference in personality or a side effect of the system. “Wakil, isn’t it great that you have made a runway of this quality?”
Captain Connie Leon flashed her thumb and shouted. He is a man with a hundred eyes. It was clear that he was trying to save Seon Woo-hyun’s gloomy spirit. Leon is a former captain of the 3rd Transport Aviation Squadron Poitou. During Operation Luman, he was the captain of Hercules, which the Black Mamba was on board. Fascinated by his calm ability to deal with situations, the matchless offered him a scout as a Falcon pilot, and Leon gladly joined Black Culture. “Right. It took a lot of brainpower to build such a solid runway without using asphalt and cement.” The pair stomped on the runway with their feet. The gray-white runway was as soft and hard as cork. The runway contrasted with the surrounding basalt black soil, making it easy for pilots to identify. “There is a lot of white clay similar to kaolin here. Sand was mixed with white clay and discarded grade cotton was added. It was mixed evenly with a stirrer and spread on the runway to a thickness of 700mm.” The spirit of Seon Woo-hyun lived. Seon Woo-hyun is a simple person with many thoughts. The reason why Seon Woo-hyun worked so hard to build the runway was because of the incomparable instructions. Mussou told Samaria Farms and Sponge Bridge to avoid the use of cement and asphalt when possible to build runways. In fact, most of the airfield runways in Africa are dirt roads made from loess. The soil covering the crust surface is only tens of centimeters to tens of meters. All living things on land depend on the thin and fragile soil like a piece of paper. Humans too easily damage the fragile paper that is the basis of growth. It is the act of strangling oneself. If the soil is covered with cement and asphalt, it will die. As a human being who lives on leased land, it is not polite to the land. Musou also instructed the construction of Novatopia to use natural materials as much as possible and avoid polluting materials.
“Koryeong Torah~ That’s good.” Musou intuitively immediately added ceramics to the Novatopia specialties. The more food, the better. There are a lot of pottery technicians in Korea. If you go to Icheon or Yeoju, there are more than ten towns and villages, where ceramics are made across the country and ceramics, are produced nationwide.
Kaolin is made by chemically decomposing feldspars in rocks with carbonic acid or groundwater. The origin of the name kaolin is because it is produced a lot in Goreung in Xi’an, Xi’an, China. As the general public thinks, it is not a name derived from Goryeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do. In Korea, it is called Baekto. Pottery and earthenware making is a continuation of manual labor. It is a battle between heavy soil and fire. 90% of production costs are labor costs. Africa is overflowing with cheap labor. As long as there is good soil, production is not a problem. “Thanks, I thought of a good business item. Don’t worry about winning or losing. Fisting is just punching. If you focus on winning and losing, you get stuck in the mold. What is to be acknowledged is learned by acknowledging it.” Mussou advised with sincerity. “Okay. They say I’m ashamed to eat my age.” “Correct the North Korean way of speaking. Are you going to speak North Korean when you go to South Korea?” “Are you going to take me to Korea?”Seon Woo-hyun’s eyes twinkled. “When the time comes, you should go in. Or, seriously, make Novatopia your home.” “Okay. I have no regrets about the future Korean land. Even so, marriage should not be done between members of the same family.” “My kind is good, but other races are not bad either. Transportation and communication are developing explosively. The wider the living area, the more blurred nationalism. The species split after the original ancestral squirrels and squirrels were isolated locally. Conversely, when isolation disappears, the notion of being different fades.” “Oh oh! I’m happy that Tuby knows a lot. This is geology class, not biology class.” Professor Muulsori sarcastically. “this! I was distracted by the appendix. Dude, have you taken any security measures?” “100 groundwater developers and farmworkers from outside are managed by Comrade Mohammed.” “They were quarantined in the annex of the mansion. We are currently engaged in the processing of oil pouring out of the wells.” Mohammed answered. “How much oil is pouring out?” “200 barrels per hour. We’re building levees, we’re digging pits with equipment, and we’re pushing them in.” Musou did not feel the meaning of 200 barrels per hour. If 200 barrels per hour are pouring out of the test borehole one hole, that is, from a salt formation rather than an oil formation, it is usually not an oil field. If Mohammed had said the amount was enough to fuel a thousand cars, it would have come to pass. “Hmm, have you paid enough?” “Yeah, I made a separate case to the groundwater developer and asked for their understanding. The farmworker was paid a month’s wages as extra pay. “In a week, land ownership, administrative procedures related to development, and exploration facilities are all sorted out. Give the underground water contractor sufficient compensation and detain him for a week.” “all right.” Seon Woo-hyun and Mohammed bowed their heads. “Our boss, Tubai, shall we put aside the male chatter and go see black gold?” Professor Mooulsori took the lead with Simon D’s arms folded. “Uh huh!” Simon D, throwing away the 5-ton Sarcosuchus, was dragged helplessly. “Sam D is popular!” Balkery laughed humbly. The Samaria farm is over 9 million pyeong. It’s wide enough to drive around. The group arrived at the oil well development site by walking for 30 minutes. No need to ask for location. The smell of rotting eggs is gas, and the disgusting smell that gives you a headache is crude oil. A loud noise was heard. It is the noise of oil and gas that have been suppressed in the ground for a long time coming out through a narrow hole. A black oil column soared up to 30 meters high and poured like a fountain. In this century, it is an eruption well found only in the Maracaibo oil field in Venezuela. “It’s oil!”
He knelt down on his knees and dipped in the sticky oil with his hands. A blackish-brown liquid with a foul smell, this is the greatest treasure of this century that makes the world laugh and cry. was numb. There was a big difference between what I heard and what I saw with my own eyes. No Koreans own oil fields. No, there will be no Koreans who have seen the heredity with their own eyes. The sound of a trolley being sucked into hell echoed in my ears. There are trolleys carrying people and trolleys carrying coal or equipment. Hell is the dark tunnel into which the accumulator is sucked. Makjang is called the two sky (the tunnel ceiling and the outer sky). Standing up in the turbid air all day while building a damp dongbari (a log supporting the tunnel), it is impossible to tell whether he is alive or dead. The two oil shocks dealt a heavy blow to Korea. The government and the people, who had become accustomed to cheap oil, were astonished. After opening the abandoned pit and re-selecting, he trembled at the third sorting of the discarded barracks. Seonsanbu who had left the coal mine was drawn to the high wages and gathered one after another. A 14-year-old musou also entered the battlefield carrying a pickaxe. a time when the salary of civil servants was 40,000 to 50,000 won, the coal mine industry received 80,000 won per month. Even an inexperienced postpartum woman received 40,000 won. It was hard to find a reason not to go into the bar. Another group follows. With the encouragement of the government, a large number of low-quality coal was put into the briquette factories, and many grasslands died from gas poisoning. In a land that does not produce a drop of oil, it is difficult to find a Korean who has not suffered from oil. ‘This is oil!’ Musou rubbed the stinky, slippery liquid endlessly. The tank that had been sucked into the black hole endlessly turned into a dense line of horse heads and Christmas trees (slang for production head devices). Quin-Dino tapped the pair on the shoulder with his head. “Huh?” The pair woke up from their thoughts and looked at Dino. Dino pointed his paw to the black oil that covered the ground and shook his head. It’s a sign that you can’t stand the smell. It must have been difficult to bear as my sense of smell was so sensitive. Dino, who had obtained permission, slipped away from behind. “Wait, this isn’t it.” Dino’s actions awakened reality. The oil company who developed the squirt well was covered in oil and wept, but the situation in front of us is not such a problem. A radius of several hundred meters is covered with dark brown oil, and the oil belt is rapidly expanding outward.. Aside from the crude oil that covered the land, what about the crude oil that gushes out like a fountain?
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