Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 480

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“Oh, my goodness. What’s the deal with all the sand? Lady Edel wished to sit and look out to the lake. What am I supposed to do?”
Bassel snorted. She used her gun to shake off the sand dust that had accumulated on the chair before wiping it down with a wet mop. Her round hips shook as she mopped, and when she tried to dust off her T-shirt with her left hand, the T-shirt rolled up, revealing her belly button. Basel was unconcerned. Should this be called her unique style? Anyway, back to the startling transformation. It was a shocking fashion choice.
The rocking chair is a work of art created by a Turkish craftsman who worked through the night for a month. Bassel brought the rocking chair because Edel values opulence yet she is uninterested in jewelry. Bassel has been cleaning for the third time today.
If Dubaiburupa is the incarnation of a god and the subject of reverence, Lady Edel is an angel who laughs and weeps. Every person in Novatopia adores Lady Edel.
The blonde beauty, who was sitting on the terrace’s rocking chair while gazing out at Lake Yoah, became the Novatopian’s avatar. The ash tree rocking chair on Lake Yoah’s mansion’s terrace became famous as a representation of quaint love, the epitome of chastity, and a symbol of love that will always come true.
[Bésame, bésame mucho
(Kiss me more, kiss me much more times)
Que tengo miedo a perderte.
(because I fear I will lose you)
perderte después.
(I’ll lose you sometime)
Quiero tenerte muy cerca
(I want to hold you so closely)
A singing voice travelled from the kitchen. The voice was clear and refreshing to hear, but it was sad and desperate.
“Oh, how good the Lady is! Die.”
“Ddudadak!” Bassel swung nervously at the headquarters. A year has passed since Dubaiburupa developed the groundwater and left. There was no letter, no phone call, and no one knows where he is.
Ombuti mentioned that Dubaiburupa has returned to his hometown. Bassel was taken aback. Dubaiburupa is God’s incarnation. Of course, God’s hometown is heaven. Heaven is said to be brimming with joy. There will be a plethora of lovely angels, but what about Lady Edel?!
[Mirar me en tus ojos
(I want to look at myself in your eyes)
verte junto a mi
(I want to be by your side)
Piensa que tal vez mañana yo ya estaré lejos
(I think that maybe tomorrow I’ll be away far.)
Mui Rehos de Sau
(far from where you’ll be.)”
“Besame Besame Mucho
(Kiss me more, kiss me much more times)
como si fuera esta noche la ultima vez
(As if this were to be our very last night.)
que tengo miedo a perderte, perderte después.
(because I fear I will lose you. I’ll lose you sometime.)]
“Ah! Lady!”
Bassel stumbled while holding her chest. She did not want to hear the final line. The lyrics of “Perderte Perderte” pierced the heart of a 19-year-old child. She could feel the Lady’s heart aching with longing.
“I hate you, Dubaiburupa!”
Bassel muttered and glanced around. There was no way anyone could have heard her, but she could not believe she dared to say that.
[Bassel Jadir, you are not guilty by nature. But if you think so, then I, Dubaiburupa, will forgive you. “As Mohammed Jadir’s younger sister, Bassel Zadir’s mind and body are clean,” Dubaiburupa declares.]
Even a single toast brought to mind the gospel of Dubaiburupa, who recognized her as someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, and who brought her a life out of hell. Her heart warmed just thinking about his gospel.
It is insane to hold a grudge against Dubaiburupa, who saved her, her family and her husband’s lives. Furthermore, he provided them with land to live on. He is their savior, their faith’s master, and their most precious being.
“Hmph. But he is still hateful regardless.”
Despite loving him more than anyone else in the world, she hated how he burned the heart of the angel-like lady. “Tudadadak!” Bassel’s hands were busy wiping dust. The 19-year-old girl’s skin was more sensitive than petals.
“Yes, Lady!”
This call for her made Bassel feel better. Bassel quickly opened the terrace door and entered. Edel, who was kneading dough, looked at her.
“It’s going to be dusty again, so what’s the point of cleaning?”
“Hehe, I wasn’t sure when you’re going to sit there till.”
“Anyway, stop doing useless things and rest. It’s not Harmattan season yet so why is the sandstorm blowing like this?”
“Are you still practising cooking?”
“Yes, I just finished preparing the ingredients. Should I take a break?”
Edel came out of the kitchen. She was dressed similar to Bassel. A pair of hot pants that barely covered her pelvis and a tight-fitting T-shirt that showed off her body’s curves. Her pale face, which appeared to be filled with rage, had been tanned light brown, but her dazzling beauty had not changed.
Her blonde hair, which looked like it was spun of gold, the exquisitely flowing curves of her slender height, and Ixora Chinensis in her hair all added to her sensuality. Edel, who had both sensuality and innocence, captivated everyone, including the lollipop man (A lollipop man is one who is out off the business) on Blanche Street (a prostitute’s village).
Basesl let out a thin nasally sound. Her heart fluttered despite being a woman herself.
“Is there something on my face?””
Edel raised her flour-covered hand.
“No. It’s because you’re so pretty.”
“What’s the point of being pretty? There’s no one to look at me.”
“I know. Sir Dubaiburupa is so mean.”
“He has a lot of work to do. Do you think that I would have fallen in love with him if he was just a rich handsome guy?”
Edel sighed, turning away from Bassel. She remembered Atti’s hospital, where she met him for the first time. She fell in love with him because of his pure soul rather than his superhuman ability. He was at the hospital removing parasites from the bloody bodies of children who were in pain. The man, who appeared like a shooting star across the night sky, was stuck in her chest.
“That’s true. How did a good man like him turn out to be a bad man?”
Edel burst out laughing at Bassel’s remark. A true man is unavoidably a bad man for a woman. It’s impossible to imagine Dubaiburupa wrapped around Rudy Edel’s finger.
“Where did Lee Ji-han go?”
“He must have gone fishing. He often carries a fishing rod with him these days.”
“He’s in a lot of pain. If he could catch a big fish, he would be relieved.”
Edel’s expression was oblique. Uncle Ombuti was brought into Yijihana three months ago as a chef. He is an Eritrean who lost his entire family and fled with his young daughter, despite being very sick. Yijihana was a fantastic cook. He is skilled in Arabic and French cuisine, as well as Asian cuisine.
He proved himself with a sharp knife. Edel cheered when the fish, which was only left with its head and bones, swam leisurely.
“I’m happy. The savior is here!”
Edel was well aware that her cooking skills were not very good. The teacher is excellent, but no one hopes that a blind disciple will be able to acquire the master’s techniques.
“Akra is taking care of the Tigre, so don’t worry. Lake Yoa is beautiful to look at. But would there be any fish? I’m not sure why the chef throws a fishing rod into a lake where there are only frogs. Would you like to make a dish with a frog?”
Bassel flinched. Scaleless frogs are unimaginable cooking ingredients in the Arab world. Syrian orthodoxy has long been forced into Arab culture and has been greatly assimilated. Cultural disintegration was also the reason why elaborate leaders like Bakri have deep skepticism about religion’s integrity.
“There must be a good reason for that. Women, too, often do things that men can’t understand.”
“Maybe he went to Buku Lake in Nguanga Serir. I heard there are many fish there.”
“What should we do? Lake Buku is 50km away.”
Edel’s eyes became clouded.
“Dubai is at Samaria Farm right now. What if he came to Novatopia today?”
“Oh, that’s why you were practising cooking? Should I send someone to call him?”
“I don’t want to bother the chef….”
Edel hesitated.
“That’s the problem with you, Lady. Lee Ji-han is the mansion’s cook and your employee. Yet you are still giving him so much freedom. ”
“Oh, my goodness! You should not use such harsh words, Bassel. He’s a heartbroken person. Cooking comes from the heart. Do people enjoy eating food that has been made with a sick heart?”
Basel’s spirit wavered. As expected, she is a lady with the heart of an angel. Her logic also seemed to make sense.
“Actually, I wanted to make him food by myself.”
Edel smiled brightly. Just imagining Dubai enjoying the food she made put a smile on her face. Why should she give that pleasure to others?
“You’ve been treating patients all morning, Lady. I’m exhausted as well, and I’m about to pass out. Simply leave it to the chef and relax.”
Bassel was nervous. God blessed Lady Edel with beauty, heart, body, smooth hair, and everything else. But He did not bless her with cooking skills. Unfortunately, the Lady’s tongue is nearly numb. There have been many accounts where Bassel became nauseous as a result of the Lady’s use of strong spices.
“No, I can make some bouillabaisse.”
“Why does it have to be bouillabaisse?”
“Last time, he said he wanted to eat spicy fish stew. When I asked Lee Ji-han, he said that spicy fish stew, an oriental dish, is similar to bouillabaisse.”
“Then you mean that any frozen fish that looks tasteless is suitable for bouillabaisse?”
Bassel pulled her head out and looked at the frozen fish in the sink bowl.
“Lee Ji-han said that the uglier the fish used for bouillabaisse broth, the thicker the soup will be.”
“Sigh, my life is hard because of you. How can you put in head fish? These underground types are poisonous.”
“That’s funny. Dubai would say it’s good.”
“I don’t know. You take care of it.”
“Do you think it will be okay?”
Looking at Bassel, Ethel grabbed the hem of her hot pants and pulled it down. Her outfit is identical to Bassel’s, only her pelvis and chest are covered, leaving the rest of her body exposed.
Women in Novatopia dress in hot pants and T-shirts on a daily basis. When they worked, they wore an apron and a skirt given by Dubai, but in their leisure time, most women wore hot pants. The issue is Ethel herself.
“Lady, are you worried again? You also heard what Dubai said at the Wakil Chamber. I can remind you. “[From now on, wear jeans or hot pants, and a sleeveless T-shirt. A pretty face and body are gifts from God. Beauty should be enjoyed by all. It is a sin to hide and not reveal it.]”
Bassel jutted her chin and stood upright, imitating Dubaiburupa with a solemn voice.
“Pfft. That’s true, but…”
Edel stumbled. She, who supported Basel and Aichet’s arguments, suggested to Ombuti that women’s clothing be liberalized. Ombuti, who was jumping up and down, was also captivated by the words of Dubai.”
When Edel wore hot pants, the other women began to wear hot pants as well. Thanks to this, the Novatopian men had a feast for their eyes.
Now, when you go out on the street, you would not see Chador or Niqab at all. Instead, you will see a woman with all her limbs exposed in the sun. It is a reality that cannot be imagined anywhere else in Africa. For Novatopian women, Edel was a ray of light that lifted the darkness.
Dubaiburupa was someone with a strong conservative streak. As a result, Edel, the perpetrator of the incident, quietly knelt down. But she could not bring herself to accept the atrocities of covering women in black cloth again.
“Should I call the chef?”
Anxious Bassel asked one more time.
“No. He might be able to catch fish needed for the spicy fish stew.”
Edel shocked her head. People who are heartbroken need to be left alone.
“Okay. I’m going downstairs to clean up. Don’t overdo it.”
“Okay. Don’t worry.”
Edel was sure of herself. Even though she was unfamiliar with kimchi stew, she was able to impress Dubai with it in Najamena. Bouillabaisse is a far more well-known dish than kimchi stew. That was her father’s favorite dish, so he ate it whenever he went to France. The chef also explained the recipe to her.
Edel poured an entire barrel of olive oil into a large pot with a thick bottom. She claimed that using olive oil would enhance the flavor of the broth. She heated up a bunch of onions, fennel, carrots, tomatoes, and garlic. The extra olive oil coated the ingredients such that they did not sink, but Ethel dismissed it. A pleasant aroma was released as the ingredients began to boil.
“Haha! I had a hard time getting Korean garlic, but it wasn’t tasty and was rotten. Oh, but it shouldn’t taste too good, what if he becomes fat?”
Edel put in a lot of ingredients along with ridiculous worries..
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