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Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 481

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Of course, she faithfully followed the master chef’s recipe, but the issue is the quantity. Edel, who studies medicine, was not familiar with the cooking world, which is dominated by adjectives such as “appropriate amount” and “a sprinkle of” rather than weight or volume.
There is a standard unit of measurement in the medical world. [If adrenal insufficiency occurs in pediatric septic shock patients, administer 2mg of steroid after 12 hours of observation if central venous oxygen saturation is 60% or less.] The time, behavioral guidelines, treatment methods, drugs, and dosage are all clearly stated.
In cooking, on the other hand, there were many undefined words in a recipe, such as put in the right amount for cooking, season it lightly, or put the desired quantity. which was beyond Edel’s vulgar abilities.
“I heard that combining parsley and saffron would remove the smell.”
Edel selected a glass bottle from the shelf with the words “Azafran de la Mancha Denominacion de Origen” written on it. Dried purple stamens are stored in a small, delicate crystal bottle that was similar to a perfume bottle.
“The cook advised me to dissolve saffron in warm water before using it. Wine is better than water,” Edel muttered as she poured a glass of white wine from Borodo and snatched a handful of saffron with tweezers before putting them into the glass.
“Oh! Beautiful!”
Ethel’s eyes became more delighted. La Mancha’s saffron was merely a dye, not a spice. The stamens moved and dissolved into a deep yellow color that was close to red. The bright yellow color transformed the white wine into a golden wine.
“Should I taste it a little bit?’
Edel gulped down her saliva as she stared at the golden wine. Her conflicted expression shifted to resignation. Even a small amount of alcohol in her body caused her face to turn bright red. She does not want to show him her drunk face. In the end, she poured the golden wine into the pot after evenly sprinkling it over the parsley.
Edel had no idea she had just passed through Hell’s gates.
Saffron is a spice made from only the pistil of a purple flower called saffron crocus and dried. Saffron crocus is native to Southwest Asia and the Iberian Peninsula. There are three pistils that should be picked carefully. Therefore, to get one kilogram of saffron, you need to pick 200,000 saffron crocuses. To purchase one kilogram of the Spanish La Mancha saffron, you have to pay 100 million won. That’s 500 won per saffron crocus.
Royal and noble families have used saffron as a dye for clothing and bread since ancient Egyptian and Roman times. Gold was a symbol of nobility and wealth in both the East and the West. Carotenoid pigments are extremely potent.
Cleopatra’s naked body is said to have shone golden because she bathed in a saffron tub. The kingdoms that lived in luxury while eating bright yellow bread in golden clothes vanished, but Saffron remained firm.
Since ancient times, Saffron has been known as the “King of Spices” because it was not only expensive and scarce, but it was also secretly used as a poison for assassination. If the dose of saffron exceeds 15 grams, it is lethal. Adults can be poisoned by 8 grams of Raman tea’s saffron, which contains chromine that becomes concentrated through a fumigation process. Furthermore, chromine becomes more toxic when dissolved in alcohol. In other words, she had properly prepared a poison.
Edel began to add the prepared ugly fish to the bouillabaisse broth. Rockfish, Munk fish, red mule, and headfish were added.
“Oh, no!”
Edel yelled. The amount, as expected, is the issue. The broth overflowed the pot as the ingredients were added without any precautions. Edel, who was rushing to get the ingredients, hit her head. She shoveled what was supposed to be a large bowl. However, she committed more atrocities by bringing a pot three times the size of the pot containing the ingredients and poured the half-cooked ingredients into the new pot.
The ingredients were boiling. Edel rested her chin on her wrist and kept an anxious eye on the kitchen clock. Chef Lee Ji-han explained that bouillabaisse is a combination of boiling and simmering, and he instructed her to boil the broth for 40 minutes. Only when the soup is boiled to a high enough temperature does the olive oil melt and broth become thicker.
“There is still 5 minutes left.”
The ingredients were scorched and burned, but Edel, who was only looking at the clock, did not notice that. The recipe is her religion. The appearance of an isolated beauty holding up her chin and waiting for her cooking to be done could set fire to any man’s chest. “Daeng!” The kitchen clock rang.
Edel put the broth and ingredients in a mixer, ground them, placed them in a coarse amapo, and squeezed them. Her clever brain remembered the cooking process that she had heard once.
She put the extracted broth back on the fire. It smelled a little burnt, but she thought the smell would disappear soon. She was confident this was so as she did it exact to the recipe. The potatoes were cut and thrown into boiling broth, then the fish, shrimp, and shellfish were added all at once. The aged dough was poured by hand.
Dubaiburupa mentioned flour dough as a food ingredient. The name is strange, and the texture was not great, but if Dubai said it was a food ingredient, it must be. With a fork, she poked the potato which immediately fell apart. It was time to wrap it up, as the chef taught her. Finally, she chopped parsley, sprayed it, and sprinkled it with saffron, which she had saved previously, again.
“Wow, Excellent!”
The kitchen was filled with a fragrant aroma. Finally, the special bouillabaisse is finished. Edel looked at herself in admiration and wiped her sweat with the back of her hand.
“Yes, lady!”
Bassel ran up the stairs.
“It smells good, right? Do you want to taste it?”
Edel placed her hands on her waist and pointed proudly at the table with the tip of her chin. A portion of bouillabaisse that would be enough for five or six people is placed in the center of the table. This amount should be enough for Dubai.
Bassel’s face creased with tension. She always felt sick after eating the lady’s food. Even though they appeared to be a plausible dish, the taste was always horrible. Her heart was too weak to turn away from Edel’s proud face and eager eyes, despite her desire to decline.
She closed her eyes and put a spoonful of broth in her mouth. Bassel tilted her head, anticipating tongue pain and convulsing nerves. But it was tasteless and odorless. There was no fishy or burnt smell. The only thing that seemed to sting her tongue was a subtle taste and a little dizziness.
“Lady, this is the best dish you’ve ever made.”
Bassel gave her a thumbs up. Edel’s addition of 30 grams of La Mancha saffron, a potent spice, must have done the trick. Not only was the fishy and burning smell blown away, but so was the greasy feeling caused by the excess olive oil. It was odorless because all flavors have been neutralized.
“Ha ha ha!”
The soprano’s laughter echoed throughout the living room. It was the first time she heard Bassel complimenting her dish. She could not stop laughing with delight when Bassel, who has a picky eater, complimented her cooking.
“Lady, your cooking skills have improved a lot.”
“Ha ha ha, I can do it too. I think I need to boil the broth a little longer. I heard that the more you boil the bouillabaisse broth, the better it tastes.”
Edel was in high spirits. She, who had been concocting a concentrated poison, is a woman who does what she wants.
A small dot appeared in the southwest sky. It was a Falcon business jet heading towards Novatopia, where the special bouillabaisse awaits. The sky was clear and blue, with only a sliver of a cloud on the horizon.
“Landing begins in five minutes. We will be entering Novatopia. This brings the current altitude of 9,800 feet down to 5,000 feet.”
The jet lowered its altitude. The sky in the Sahara was a fantastic blue without the presence of a sandstorm.
“What’s that?”
Mu Ssang beckoned out the passenger room window. Ssamdi flinched, remembering that he was scolded by Wakil for knocking on a plane window in the past.
“I’m the luckiest zombie out of all the zombies!”‘
Ssamdi’s mouth slowly curved into a smile. He would still be a zombie without an ego who could not die or live if he had not met his owner.
“It looks like a windbreak forest, but it’s huge.”
At Ssamdi’s words, Professor Mulsoli and his lackey clung to the window. Because they were hanging out on a Samaritan farm, the two were unaware of Novatopia’s changes.
“There’s nothing special.”
Professor Mulsoli grumbled and pulled out his binoculars. Looking down from 5,000 meters, Lake Yoah, which was 3 kilometers in diameter, appeared smaller than the palm of your hand. Windbreak forests are typically invisible to human eyes.
“Oh, my god. I can’t believe it! It’s a windbreak. It’s an endless windbreak!”
Professor Mulsoli, who was peering through binoculars, yelled. Bakri and the others smiled. They did not say anything on purpose to surprise him. The inquisitive lackey also took his binoculars from his backpack. Working in the desert required the use of binoculars.
“Wow! There’s a road, too.”
The lackey admired it. A road that suddenly appeared from the distant western Sahara crossed into Novatopia and disappeared like a mirage into the eastern sand. Sun Woo-hyun was astonished by the dedication of the people who drilled over a thousand kilometers of roads in just over a year.
“You did a great job.”
Mu Ssang stated as he looked at Bakri. They were deserving of the plaudits. Hundreds of kilometers of windbreak forests were planted in a short period of time, and over 1,000 kilometers of roads were drilled. This is the result of people’s blood, sweat, and tears such as Bakri’s.
“You should praise Dubaiburupa! All this was possible due to the fact that Wakil drew French support and provided an abundance of funds, food, and supplies. If they were unable to work, the children may have been unable to eat bread. He is the one who assisted them in obtaining food.”
Barkley and the others’ faces were filled with pride. Professor Mulsoli and the lackey discovered pre-existing oil, but they created something from nothing. Oil is a valuable economic good, but Novatopia is a complete gift set.
“Praise is yours. Blue Art Blue Art Le Deze! A project is not a task that can be accomplished with support only. It was possible because of your perseverance.”
Mu Ssang held Bakri’s hands and patted them.
“Damn it, that’s political. The more Bakri and Mohammed lowered their heads, the more Wakil recognized them. On the other hand, you’re a servant who keeps your head raised. You should learn from Bakri.”
Lackey was sincerely advised by Ssamdi, who was learning the benefits of seniority. Hearing this, Sun Woo-hyun’s face turned into stone while eating his black bean noodles.
“There is no one above Dubaiburupa, and the small children are only doing their own work.”
Bakri and the others yelled angrily. Those who were saved from death were courageous. No one was sluggish in Novatopia. After school, the students went out with djembe and a dustpan to work. They struggled as if they were possessed by a Genie, as if they would die if they did not work.
The whole of Novatopia was covered with the roar of heavy equipment and slogans to live. The beginning was small, but day by day it got bigger. It was a day that started with ‘Blue Art Blue Art Le Deze!’ and ended with ‘Dubaiburupa Ester Abek Nou (Dubaiburupa is with us.)’.
People will die for those who recognize them. No matter whether you live or die, you will be happy when your efforts are recognized. How miserable would it be if you worked hard but your efforts were stolen, and no one recognized you?
Mu Ssang picked up the intercom when the plane was above the Jipun Bridge.
“Leon, turn at 2,500 feet and at a low speed.”
The Falcon orbited over Jipoon Dari at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.
“Oh, my. This is Jipoon Dari”.
Sun Woo-hyun rubbed his eyes. A radially planned city, which cannot be seen in Africa, stood tall on a green grassland. Roads stretched out across the land where houses and buildings were arranged in an orderly manner.
There was a green lake in the center of the city, and the whole area of the lake was a park covered with trees and grassland. How could this tremendous monument be created in only one year? Sun Woo-hyun was in awe of the people who turned the desert into green grasslands and established the city. It is a characteristic of Koreans who work quickly, but this was even faster than he had imagined.
Mu Ssang cast a silent glance out the window. The reddish-brown land of 100 square kilometers where the Jipoon Dari is located has already been overrun by green. Ombuti and the professors were able to expand Novatopia beyond his wildest imaginations.
The city’s heart is a five-square-kilometer park in the middle of Lake Yoa. Administrative facilities, commercial facilities, residences, farmland, grasslands, and military facilities were built on the inside. Jipoon Dari has already begun to resemble a city.
Falcon headed east along the road. Lake Kadam and Lake Serir, designated as Nguanga Natural Park, remained the same. Mu Ssang was satisfied.
Mu Ssang was fed up with Korea’s natural resources being damaged in the name of development. He directed Professor Shernion not to develop anywhere near the lake’s area. Nature needs to be preserved.
Falcon entered Lake Yoah after traversing and searching along the road’s axis. The southern and western coasts of Lake Yoah were densely forested, but sand carried by Harmatan was encroaching on the lake’s northern and eastern coasts. Separate windbreak forests were planted on the north and east coast of the lake to prevent erosion. The windbreak forest on the lake’s north coast, on the other hand, had an unusual shape.
“Huh? That looks like handwriting….”
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