Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 482

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Mu Ssang mumbled. The lake’s windbreak forest was planted in a specific pattern to create a symbol, which he could not decipher if it was a pattern or letters.
Inwardly, he was astonished. This is not Korea, but the Sahara Desert. He did not know who came up with this idea, but the tenacity to create some kind of symbol by transplanting thousands of holy trees was incredible.
The falcon was flying at 2,500 meters above the ground, and the windbreak forest was 6,000 meters away. The windbreak forest along the lake would be unrecognizable to most people. And as the heat of the surface shook the atmosphere, it became more difficult to recognize, even with Mu Ssang’s special ability.
Epidium’s vision has improved. Using the zoom lens, he was able to see the windbreak, which was a mix of date palm trees and trees he had never seen before, mostly because Mu Ssang had never heard of Jatropha.
The date palm trees grew straight up without any branches. Despite providing adequate shade, it was not suitable for a forest designed to guard against winds. The other tree he saw for the first time was in between trees and shrubs, with dense branches and leaves.
He did not know who made it, but the trees that provided shade from the wind along the lake were exquisitely placed. Because the oblique angle made it difficult for him to read the writing, he called the captain via the intercom.
“Move over the lake, Leon. Maintain your altitude!”
Mu Ssang gazed out over Lake Yoa.
[I envy your mother.]
He rubbed his eyes and looked down. Regardless of how many times he checked, the sentence created by thousands of trees was [I envy your mother]. He was certain, Edel was the only person besides him who knew this phrase and could write it.
“I envy your mother!”
He sighed deeply. The word “envy” also means jealousy, highlighting Edel’s determination to be loved just as much as his mother was loved by his father.
The night before leaving Novatopia after completing the aquifer exploration, he had a serious conversation with Edel in the starry desert. That night, he told her about his father Park Jin Bo and his mother Kim Mal Soon’s love story. He was eager to tell someone about their story.
His mother, who used to be a shaman, and his father, who fell in love with her, were dancing on Namhae’s beach. He spent a year and a half trying to win her heart, and after that, they lived happily for a while before his death and her misfortune. Edel, who was listening to this quintessential love story, could not stop crying the entire time.
[“I envy your mom so much.”] This is what Edel said with swollen eyes.
[“What are you talking about! My mother was such an unhappy woman.”]
Mu Ssang replied to the unreasonable comment.
[“Dubai, only you can define what happiness and unhappiness mean to you. Life is too short, and human standards may appear meaningless, whereby we love and die, leaving behind offspring. Is such a view different from a God’s perspective of human life?”]
[“It is not. In the long history of the universe, there is no difference between a hundred years and a day.”]
[“Yes, my mother, Mrs. Laura, blamed and cursed my father her entire life. Since he was young, my father has been doing medical volunteer work in Africa. Everyone admired him, but in the eyes of my mother, he was nothing more than a half-hearted idealist.]
[“He was wasting his wealth and youth in Africa, leaving his young and pretty wife in Liverpool. As a noblewoman, my mother was angry.]
[“Yes, and my mother was also a racist. As a result, she despised his hands touching black people and couldn’t bear touching his body.”]
[“Despite this, Rudrey Edel managed to come into this world.”]
[“Hahaha, that’s true. It must have happened when either she or both of them were drunk. I couldn’t understand my mother at the time, and I still don’t. Why couldn’t she come to Africa to live with my father? It is true that life in Africa is more difficult than it is in England. However, there are many positive aspects. Is it possible that my mother, who couldn’t overcome prejudice and refused to accept any inconvenience, never truly loved my father after all?”]
[“It could have been a big hurdle from a woman’s perspective. There’s no flushing in the bathrooms here and she has to live with bugs.”]
[“Hmph, Don’t pretend to be a nice guy. Even a pretty and soft beauty like myself can live happily here. Mrs. Laura is living a luxurious life like a queen in her Liverpool mansion and still blaming my father. Because I hated my mother, I moved to Africa to live with my father. Is my mother, who lives a wealthy life, truly happy?”]
[“I don’t think she’ll be happy. Is it truly living if she resents her late husband and is neglected by her only child?”]
[“Indeed. As for your mother, she found true love, and she has a son who misses her. Who else in the world could have received as much love as your mother did? Dubai, don’t think that your mother was unhappy. I’m envious of your mother. If I can spend even one day with someone I love, I will gladly give up the rest of my life.”]
He recalled the conversation he had with Edel. She was the only woman who was unable to express her emotions clearly. Despite this, she was a fiery woman who boiled like lava, just like his mother, Kim Mal-soon, who lived for his father and only longed for him.
Edel who prepared kimchi stew, which was closer to poison than a stew, proudly served it. She stood out with her warm heart. How did she hide such a desperate passion?
Edel, the Rudry family’s only daughter, could live like a princess with her inherited castle if she returned to Liverpool. However, because she has a noble heart filled with compassion, she would rather endure hardships and remain in the harsh Sahara. She also stayed because of the man she loves.
“I envy your mother.”
Is my mother a happy woman that Edel would envy? According to Edel’s logic, she was a happy person. Edel is a woman who is unable to live without a loving man. And no man can resist her fatal charm, which emanates from both externally and internally.
He stayed away from Edel for two reasons. He despised the burden she had to bear as a result of Black Mamba’s harsh life. Hae Young is another reason. For the time being, he can ignore his heart, but will he be able to ignore Hae Young when she reappears? Will he be able to extinguish that flame-like, burning love? It will not be easy.
In the end, that night in the desert proved to be a night in which only Edel’s strong heart was reaffirmed.
“Mother, you must not be an unhappy person. Edel is jealous of you.”
Mu Ssang muttered. The weight, like a heavy stone, pressing on his chest eased. Suddenly, he realized that he missed Edel.
“Leon, land.”
“Yes, please fasten your seat belts.”
“Eh, the stewardess should do the in-flight broadcasting, not a grumpy man’s voice.”
Sun WooHyun grumbled after hearing Leon’s voice.
“What’s the matter, why can’t I get in? I’m Edel’s colleague.”
“No. Lady Edel said she is busy and asked you to visit her another time.”
A tall white man and a strong Arab man competed at the entrance to enter the lake mansion. Mu Ssang would have said, “The rude doctor?” if he had seen him. Dr. Guise introduced Roman Walter as a Munich idiot at the MSF Hospital in Atti, and Edel harshly criticized him for being an arrogant German shepherd.
“Oh, my. Why does it have to be this person?”‘
Captain Wazalan of Group 3 Guard had been on the verge of death. The man before him was the doctor that helped him then. He was so stunned that the man was Roman Walther, the German MSF doctor who took over a month ago, that he could not muster up the strength to use force against him.
“I’m a doctor who tended to you for free.”
“I’ll always be grateful for that. But Lady Edel wants to rest quietly.”
Wazalan politely refused. He would have shot him to death if he had not been the MSF doctor who treated him like a VIP in the autonomous administration.
“This is crazy. Call Edel.”
Walter’s eyes glared.
“I told you that she wanted to rest.”
Wazalan did not budge.
“She refuses to meet with me? Even though I’m a surgeon at Europe’s best hospital in Aachen?”
Walter’s face turned sour. Fame exerted a lot of influence in the medical world. Edel will be unable to work at any hospital if Walter decided to intervene.
“Yes, she definitely said she wanted to rest.”
Wazalan repeated the same words like a parrot. Walter knocked on the man’s chest, but there was no way to break through the Arab’s defence. The eyes of the two men staring silently were also frightfully piercing.
No matter how much Walter threatened and begged, there was no chance that Wazalan would give way. Any word uttered by the angel of Novatopia, Rudry Ethel, is treated as heavenly gospel. Even the Queen of England would not be permitted to pass through the entrance to her mansion if she says so. Walter, who did not know the truth, continued to force his way through.
Ombuti, followed by Ibrahim and Aishe, rushed to Edel after receiving word that Falcon had taken off from the Samaria Farm. Aishe was also dressed in hot pants and a loose windbreaker.
“Whenever I see that building, I feel frustrated,” Ibrahim said.
“It’s a big problem. How long does Wakir intend to stay in such a house? Tsk, tsk.”
Ombuti responded. When Dubai’s vassals saw the Yoa House, they spat out this lament. It was 50 kilometers from Jipoon Dari on the shores of Buku Lake in Nguanga Serir.
The mansion on the shores of Lake Yoa served as a temporary residence for Dubaiburupa while his Palace was being built. Ever since Edel moved into this mansion, the shabby temporary structure was identified as Yoa House. Even though they tried to convince Edel to build a new house, she objected, claiming it was a waste of resources.
“Beep!” Ibrahim picked up the walkie-talkie he was wearing on his waist.
“Dubaiburupa’s private plane has taken off from Doba.”
Ibrahim’s face brightened.
“Aklan crew will arrive within an hour.”
Ombuti smiled brightly.
“We’ll be meeting Wakir soon. Don’t you think Lady Edel will be the happiest?”
“I think Aklan crew will like it more.”
Ibrahim smiled.
“That will be better for sure. Isn’t he the dream and hope for all of us?”
“Right. To be honest, I find it more rewarding to build Dubaiburupa’s kingdom than to be forced to leave my descendants with an independent country.”
“That’s right. As we all know, Dubaiburupa is not greedy. I still remember the first time I met him in Sahel’s rough sandstorm. ”
Ombuti narrowed his eyes as he remembered his encounter with a young man with the code-name Black Mamba. In less than five years, the Asian young man who was embarrassed by his inability to detect Ritam properly rose to ascend the throne of a kingdom. The king is the king, no matter what. He has his doubts about Wakir being a human, but what if he is? Wakir is their owner, and he will cherish him for the rest of his life!
“Oh. There are no problems with dinner preparations, right?”
“Dinner? You told me not to make a fuss.”
He opened his eyes wide at Ibrahim’s confirmation.
“But we still need to eat.”
Ibrahim smiled.
“The only invitees are the five members of MSF. And since Black Culture has 12 members, there are a total of 17 people. Oh, actually there are 18 people because the president of some oil company said he would be there. According to Dubaiburupa, the number 18 is an insult. Haha.”
Aishe joked while laughing loudly.
“Stop spouting nonsense and check carefully. It’s been a year since he came here. We can’t be negligent. Did we prepare Wakir’s hometown food?”
“Of course. The chef has been looking through his notebook the entire morning. He looked pitiful. Perhaps because of his childhood, his personality seems a little bit radical.”
“Hahaha, Lady Edel will be surprised. She must have thought that the chef went fishing leisurely.”
“That’s also a bad hobby.”
Aishe averted her gaze. The only reason why they kept Dubaiburupa’s visit hidden was to surprise Lady Edel.
“Isn’t that the MSF doctor?”
Ombuti looked back at Ibrahim.
“He is a surgeon called Walter. What is Wazalan making a fuss about? What’s wrong with him?”
Aishe, the head of the mansion’s security, answered instead and tilted her head. The discipline of Novatopia’s vigilantes is strict. Deviance during working hours will be severely punished. Likewise, policing activities are also widely recognized.
Doctors from MSF are valuable personnel in Novatopia because many refugees are either sick or injured. There’s no way the security guard Wazalan did not know this.
Wazalan, who discovered Aishe presence, saluted.
“What’s going on?”
“Are you in charge?”
Walter intercepted. His eyes scanned Aishe up and down. Her twinkling eyes soon faded.
“You bastard, I’ll pull your eyes out.”
Aishe felt like her chest erupted in a flame of rage..
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