Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 483

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Aishe raised her gloomy eyes and gave herself a smile. She was taller than most men, with broad shoulders, steel-like forearms, a sun-tanned face, and bulging muscles in her legs… Even in her own eyes, she is far from feminine.
Above all, her breasts were buried under developed chest muscles. This was the result of running around the mountain with a machine gun for 10 years.
“Except for Dubaiburupa, No one will see me as a woman.”‘
She suddenly missed Dubaiburupa, who had said that the healthy and strong women were real women. Anyway, now is the time to act as the head of the Novatopia Guards.
“That’s right. I’m in charge of security. Are you a doctor in the surgical ward?”
“Yes. I’m surgeon Roman Walter.”
“Oh, the doctor who was appointed one month ago. Nice to meet you.”
Aishe reached out her hand.
Walter’s face twisted as soon as he shook her hand. It was not a woman’s hand, but a large spanner tool.
Walter clenched his fist. He had boxing and tennis training. He should remove his balls if he was so easily dominated by a woman’s grip. There was a popping sound. The monkey spanner was transformed into a vise.
Walter managed to swallow his scream. Instead of overwhelming his opponent, he had to endure the agony of a crushed finger, whose nerves were sending screaming signals to his brain. His eyes grew protruding, and his lips were inflated.
Ibrahim cast a glance at Aishe. Aishe is a woman who acts on impulse. Walter’s hand will be crushed if she was left alone. Surgeons and gamblers both have delicate hands. Their life will be ruined if the bones in their hands break.
“This is Yoa House. It’s Dubaiburupa’s temporary palace, which the Novatopian people adore and respect. I hope the doctor understands. If the security guard made a mistake, we will deal with him in accordance with our regulations.”
Aishe relaxed her grip and spoke politely. Walter’s pale expression started to gain color.
“It’s not a big deal. I’m just here to see Ms. Edel.”
Walter, who was feeling wronged, caressed his hand and murmured.
‘You bastard, take your balls off and feed them to the frogs.’
Ibrahim cursed Walter, disgracing the men.
Ombuti let out a burst of exclamation.
Ombuti recalled him. He was a rude doctor who worked for Ati’s MSF. Ombuti met Walter at the hospital when he was carrying the blood-stained Wakil after completing the Sahel operation. He was the German doctor who attempted to take blood and skin samples from Wakil.
Lady Edel packed her belongings and followed Ombuti at the time. When Walter saw this, he insisted that it was for treatment purposes and tried everything he could to stop Edel. Ombuti realized Walter loved Lady Edel when he saw him struggling to stop her.
It was clear what Walter was up to. His crawling into Novatopia must have something to do with Lady Edel.
‘He is a funny guy!’
Ombuti snorted inside. Why should he crawl in here unless he intends to commit suicide? There’s no need to get Wakil’s hands dirty. If he disrespects Lady Edel, more than 50,000 people will rush out with shovels to bury him in the desert.
‘But how did he know about this place to come here?’
Ombuti tilted his head. Lady Edel immediately moved from Valdegras Army Hospital to the Njamena Wakil Chamber and came to Novatopia here. This move was never revealed to outsiders.
Actually, there was nothing strange about it. Walter initially stayed at MSF to win Edel’s heart, but when she left, he lost motivation and returned to his original job at Aachen Hospital.
Walter, the self-conscious paranoid, could not let go of Edel so easily. When she vanished like a pebble into the sea, he changed course and began watching Dr. Giz. He guessed Dr. Giz would be linked to Edel in some way because he was close to the mercenary who had possessed Edel.
Walter’s efforts were not in vain. He discovered Edel’s history in a country called Novatopia, where Dr. Guise had moved to. He was delighted and immediately packed up to join the Novatopia MSF.
Fortunately, Ethel was still single. Indeed, the noble Edel and the smelly mercenary were worlds apart.
Walter sought a chance to confess his love to her, but he did not get any. Edel’s obstetrics and gynecology wards are separate from the main building, and there was little free time due to the influx of patients. Dr. Giz’s subtle disturbance, of course, played a significant role as well. As a result, he had no other choice but to pay a visit to Edel’s house.
“You’re here to meet Lady Edel? Wazalan, what happened?”
Aishe looked back at Wajalan.
“I informed the lady, but she said she wanted to rest.”
“That’s what she said?”
Aishe stared at Walter.
‘What the heck! You punk!’
Walter was furious, but he did not dare to cause a scene. The fear of almost having his hand broken by the woman staring at him prevented him from spitting out harsh words.
“I must meet her.”
“Walter, you should be careful. Novatopia is a free country. It guarantees individual freedom, so actions against the will of others, regardless of one’s status, are severely punished.”
“Why is the security so tight? I just want to meet her as a colleague.”
As Walter replied, Aishe checked her watch.
“It is now 3:00 p.m. The owner of Novatopia will arrive shortly. Dinner is set to begin in three hours.”
“Oh, really?”
Walter’s eyes sparkled with curiosity. MSF officials all wondered about Dubaiburupa, the owner of Novatopia.
There were many theories that he was from a royal family of an oil-rich country in the middle east, that it was a puppet regime by Soviet Union to swallow Africa, and that the Yankees were a satellite state established to prevent African communism. Dr. Giz, the hospital’s director, appeared to be in the know, but he did not reveal anything.
“We invited our friends, the MSF teachers, to dinner at the Yoa palace. Would you like to attend?”
“Of course I would like to. Thank you for inviting me.”
Walter’s demeanor shifted. The anticipation of meeting Edel melted away his earlier antipathy. The dinner will also have the most powerful people in Novatopia present. Novatopia is a young country, but it is one that values order and strict discipline. He was well aware that there was nothing he could do to defy the leader’s will. Besides, he was unable to defeat the arrogant Arab security guard.
“I apologize for causing chaos, friend. Looking at your face, you appear to have been bitten by a poisonous insect.”
“I was bitten by a Red Scorpion that crawled inside my boots.”
Wazalan stroked his face and spoke in such a way that made it seem like it was not a big deal. This was despite the fact that he had developed a rash all over his body as a result of the red scorpion bite.
It is common to be bitten by scorpions, spiders, or vipers. He did not spare a thought for it unless it was a venomous thing like a deathstalker, rattlesnake, or horned desert viper. He was suffering a slight fever and pain, but if he fails to endure this much, he was not qualified to be a Novatopian soldier.
“You are not in good condition. You’ll be in trouble if you develop sepsis.”
Walter looked at the rash with a worried look.
“It is a weak poison, so it’ll subside over time.”
“Nonsense. The poison of the red scorpion is one that infects the blood. When a blood clot blocks a vein in the leg, it becomes useless.”
Wazalan flinched.
“It’s an antihistamine. Take three pills now, and three more in the evening.”
Walter took a medicine bottle and threw it at Wazalan.
“Thank you. As expected, this doctor is different.”
Wazalan bowed deeply in response to his adversary’s benevolent behavior. The doctor was a doctor, even if Walter was not very nice to him.
“How can a doctor be called a doctor if he or she turns a blind eye to a patient? My life’s goal is to live in a world where no one is sick. Hahaha!”
Walter laughed. He knows how to speak like a well-known doctor. As he walked away, he smirked.
“Is he going to die soon?”
Walter, whom he saw in Atti, was far from Hippocrates’ descendant. When looking at Sun WooHyun, it is clear that human nature is difficult to change. Ombuti was a little uneasy, but he could not say anything.
‘Heh heh! Last time, I bought a lot of athlete’s foot medicine. Why don’t you taste it?’
Walter clenched his teeth as he turned to face the hospital. It is not the place to leave the obnoxious Arabs and blacks who stood in his way.
Aische scolded Wazalan.
“Hey, idiot, how come you could not take care of that rut properly and caused our lady such stress? Why did you have to call me for such a simple task?”
“I’m sorry. He said he is a friend with Lady Edel…”
“What nonsense. A friend? You have no idea who Lady Edel is if you think she could befriend someone like this.”
“I’m sorry. I`ve been told to take good care of the MSF staff because they’re a valuable guest…”
Wazalan grumbled. He did not want to speak badly of the doctor who gave him the valuable medicine.
“Why didn`t you use the techniques I taught you before? Pretend to push the one-inch point under the left nipple. Or drop the gun on the top of his foot.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Do you even know what you are sorry for?”
Aische went into the mansion. She heard about that bastard from Lady Edel two days ago. He will be digging his own grave if he dared to mess with Dubaiburupa’s women.
“Haha. You’ve grown a lot.”
Ombuti beamed. He was pleased with Aische’s progress, and he felt sorry for Walter, who had no idea he had climbed into the crocodile’s mouth.
“Oh my, it’s already a big deal that Uncle Ombuti came during the day. But even Uncle Ibrahim and Aische are here, too. What’s the matter?”
Edel frowned. As the British playwright, Noel Coward, once said, [“Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”].
Coward was wrong. Even in the middle of the day, Novatopians were on the move. They live without knowing Siesta (southern European nap time) and Kailolla (nap time in Arabic countries). The administration imposed a midday break under the strange name of “curving time,” but few people took advantage of it. The Novatopians are the most diligent and insane people on the planet.
“It’s just housework. I stopped by because I wanted to drink the Yirgacheffe (coffee native to Ethiopia) made by the lady.”
Ethel snorted at Aische’s words.
“Who’d believe that the busiest people in Nova just came to have a cup of tea at this time? Did the German Shepherd go? It’s quiet now.”
“German Shepherd? Oh, you mean Dr. Walter. He left.”
“I’m sick of him!”
Edel shuddered. The thought of Walter’s eyes staring at her body as if he were licking it made her feel disgusted.
“Lady, shall I deport him?”
“No! Walter works as a senior researcher at Aachen University Hospital. If he spreads rumors around the neighborhood, Novatopia’s reputation will suffer. In reality, he is a world-class expert in surgical work. He’s a valuable asset to Novatopia.”
Edel was startled by Aische’s words. Deporting an MSF makes no sense. They have more power than the government at times. If Novatopia’s reputation deteriorates, it will become the second Palestinian in the international community. It’s fine to be bothered by Walter, but there’s no reason to get into pointless arguments because of him.
“That’s a wise judgment.”
Ombuti, who had deduced what Edel was thinking, smiled cheerfully. When Africa’s tribes gained independence after WWII, the Tuaregs were shunned. This is due to its reputation as a masked warrior and looted nation. It is equally important to have a good reputation in the eyes of the international community.
The myth that the beautiful are unintelligent is incorrect. Edel is a smart and considerate woman. In any case, there are more than a hundred ways to deal with rude people without leaving a trace.
“Be honest with me. What brought you here?”
“Wakir has departed from Toba on his private plane. He’ll be here in 40 minutes.”
Ibrahim reported with a smile.
“Dubai is coming? 40 minutes? No way!”
Edel’s face turned as yellow as Safran. Despite being without makeup, she had soot and splatters of dough all over her face. The kitchen was a disaster, and in her bedroom, there were underwear strewn all around.
“You don`t need to be this worried. All you have to do is wash your face.”
“Hey, don’t talk nonsense. I don’t even have a cook. What should I do? Mr. Ombuti, you’re mean. You purposely told me this late.”
Edel was in a hurry like an ant whose antennae was removed..
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