Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 498

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‘Oh, my gosh! What did I just say?!’
Edel desperately wanted to cover her mouth. A woman that could endure the weight of one ton…? What a cheap and dumb-sounding statement that was! Definitely not something an esteemed daughter inheriting the heritage of an aristocratic family should say.
She forgot all about the darkness of the night and began searching for a place to bury her face in shame in panic.
A short gasp escaped from her lips. A powerful arm wrapped around her waist and reeled her in, like a toad snatching down a fly. Her face, which was searching for a place to hide, dug into his strong, thick chest. The smooth and sturdy skin of his bare chest touched her face, sending a shudder down her spine.
Edel involuntarily sucked in a deep breath. An overwhelming masculine scent dominated her senses. Her breathing became shallow as her consciousness threatened to abandon her.
Her slender and smooth shoulders rose and fell in a hurry to match her quickened breathing. And as if to match her heavy breathing, Edel’s satisfyingly full bosom pressed tightly against his steel-like chest.
Actually, even Mu Ssang was staggering after being subjected to this “bosom coercion assault”.
The ‘Boyle’s Law’ was also applicable to the instincts of young men and women with thriving sexual hormonal secretions. It did not matter whether they were an excessively emotional woman or an excessively ascetic man, these two were still in the prime of their youth.
His desire had reached a critical point after holding back for so long.
The Harmattan crossed the lake to rock the temporary shelter built in haste.
“It’s cold!”
Edel quietly shuddered. To say she was cold in the middle of the Sahara desert where the temperature regularly hovered around 48 degrees Celsius, what nonsense was that! But then again, this emotion called love was an interaction of irrational and unreasonable. A young man and woman were in heat, so who cared whether one used a telephone pole to pick one’s teeth or ears?
Edel became heady, her mind wavering back and forth from the powerful scent of the man. Did such an indescribably pleasant smell always come from a man? And how could such a steel-like chest feel so supple and soft?! All of her cells were coming to life from the fresh and primal lifeforce oozing out from the male.
Didn’t ‘they’ say that soft words win against hard hearts? Even the one and only Mu Ssang had to raise his hands in defeat at Edel’s bosom coercion.
Ba-dump, ba-dump!
His heart that remained unmovable even after blowing up hundreds of surface-to-air missiles began racing almost out of control.
Her slightly parted pale pink lips, her white teeth barely visible through the gap of her open lips, her faintly trembling eyelashes, her heaving chest, and the scent of Arabian jasmine tickling his nose… All of these scents combined drove him crazy.
When described in the style of Wuxia, she’d be like a single flower of pear blossoms soaked under the downpour.
His composure, trained by the Mind Centering Technique to remain steadfast, crumbled quickly. Women were supposed to be aroused by their imaginations while men were supposed to be aroused by what they see. Before he realized it, Mu Ssang pressed his lips on her skin.
‘Something’ as soft as cotton candy gently brushed past the hair on the nape of her neck and the ear lobe. Edel continued to shiver from this electrifying sensation. Every little hair on her ear lobe began ringing in different frequencies. A thrilling sensation she had never experienced ran riot within her nerves.
Edel had no choice but to admit that she was utterly wrong about male anatomy at this point. There was simply no way that a man’s lips and tongue could be this soft and supple.
She crazily hung on to him. Her lungs were burning up like a palm tree’s leaves withered from a long drought. Water…! She desperately needed water to wet her body and cool it down.
He asked softly. “Does it feel good?”
“Yes. So good that I might die. You truly are a devil.”
“You want this to last forever, don’t you?”
“How did you guess?”
“My intuition!”
His burning tongue invaded her. Water! An oasis in the middle of a desert!
Edel’s breathing stopped just then.
She thought that a little peck on the lips similar to birds brushing their beaks against each other was the only type of kissing in this world. But what was this? What was this foreign substance filling up her mouth and roaming wantonly free in every direction? This French kiss with his tongue deeply entering her mouth was driving her towards the point of passing out.
Edel had never experienced a French kiss before. Actually, Mu Ssang was her very first ‘little peck’ she mentioned earlier. She continued to hold onto him madly, because she feared her body would crash to the floor if she let go. Her clumsy kissing skills resulted in her teeth loudly clattering into his.
Mu Ssang hurriedly broke the kiss. The hardness of an Epidium’s teeth was more than enough to tear through a steel plate. If a human’s frail teeth clattered into something that hard, it’d be akin to a ceramic plate hitting a cast iron cauldron and cracking into bits. In other words, an end-of-the-world tragedy of the aroused Edel needing to get dentures might become a reality at this rate.
Edel was panting heavily as if she had sprinted 100 meters with all of her might. Just one French kiss later and the previously-innocent esteemed daughter of an aristocratic family had become utterly dazed and crazed.
“How was I?”
Even in the midst of all this, Edel still cared about her clumsy kissing skill. She was so pure and innocent that she did not understand the concept of being coy.
“It was the most delectable thing in the whole world. This wonderful freshness that’s also so mature that it’s addicting beyond belief. Just where did you hide this intense heat hot enough to burn a man’s soul in your delicate body?”
His leery hand began traveling down her spine and he caressed her hip bone. His naughty hand then started digging into the hill between her buttocks, causing her frame to quiver.
“Ah, aaah! You playboy!”
Edel jumped up and wrapped her legs around Mu Ssang’s waist, clinging onto him tightly. This was the woman’s crafty heart expressing her desire to feel more of her man’s hands.
His arms, tougher than forged steel, held and supported her hips. His warm breath traveled down her throat to reach her collarbones. Edel’s spine arched back like a bow. His hot lips then clamped down on the crown of her jiggling bosom through the fabric.
She cried out. This heat incomparably fiercer than a mere kiss burned through her whole body. The heat flooded down her spine like a waterfall to travel past her abdomen and invade the valley between her thighs. She involuntarily gripped as tightly as she could with her legs. The desire to possess this man now scorched her body.
“Dubai, I think my insides are boiling lava.”
“Love is lava, after all. It can melt anything when it’s burning, but it’ll end up as nothing more than useless crumbling piles of ashes when cooled down.”
“You’re so poetic. If love was truly eternal, there wouldn’t be so many locks adorning the Solférino Bridge, you know? However, there are eternal loves, too. I want you as mine. It’s not just the lust of a woman who wants your seed, you know?”
Edel somehow managed to say what’s in her mind despite all the heavy panting. Her state could not be normal since she deemed his realistic description of lava poetic. According to Shakespeare, a woman in ardent love would start thinking that even her lover’s yawn was poetry.
Mu Ssang’s eyes were filled with burning heat. An Epidium’s night vision was better than that of an owl. The moonlight pouring in through the terrace’s windows was as bright as a middle of a day’s.
Her face as red as a late Autumn apple, her heavy and intermittent panting, and those eyes burning in a crimson hue…
Not embracing such a woman would be deserving of a thousand deaths. No — you were disqualified from calling yourself a hot-blooded man if you did not embrace her.
His large, warm hands gently covered her smaller face. With proficient skill, he began deeply sucking in her tongue.
Edel shuddered grandly at this feeling of her whole being getting sucked in. She fought back with her own skill that had gotten noticeably better than before.
A kiss as sweet as cotton candy, as hot as hell, and as long as eternity continued on. Her brain, running out of oxygen, began pleading with her.
“H-hurry, please tune me up!”
She began sobbing. Her panting became too unbearable, while all the moisture in her body seemed to be concentrating down in her lower torso at the moment. If they hesitated any longer, she feared that all the water in her body would dry up completely.
Mu Ssang lightly spun around her hips in his hands to hold her in a proper embrace. This was commonly seen in Hollywood romantic movies – the so-called “princess carry”. In those movies, the male lead would pick up the woman with both of his arms and carry her over to the bed when the mood became just right.
‘This should be more than enough to better the Yankees’ mood-building, am I right!’
Mu Ssang laid Edel down on the bed, then reined in his breathing. Hae-young always struggled to handle him back then. So, the concept of ‘take it slow’ took root in his head. Then again, no human woman out there would be able to handle an Epidium’s physique.
He caught the sight of the Yoa Lake’s surface gleaming under the moonlight outside the window. Thousands of starlight were falling on the lake. Indeed, the current mood was no different than a scene from a romantic movie.
The teacher used to tell Mu Ssang this whenever he had to go on a ‘business trip’.
[Listen, you fool. Whether it’s a black horse or a white one, you must ride them like you’re touching a glass plate or a fragile flower petal, understand? One slip-up from you, then never mind getting it on, your lady will be finished off instead.]
Remembering that made Mu Ssang grin unconcsiously. That man never embraced a woman before, yet he knew so much about everything.
His perfectly balanced and proportioned naked body… Like droplets of a waterfall, the moonlight falling on his smooth skin seemed to scatter brilliantly away. How could a man’s body be so beautiful?! Edel’s eyes grew dreamy.
None of the great sculptors of the Renaissance era managed to leave behind works of art that rivaled her Dubaiburupa.
Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump…!
She grew scared that the loud pounding of her heart might bring the whole house down. And then, the living sculpture turned around.
Edel sucked in a deep breath. As a doctor herself, she was obviously well-versed in human anatomy. However, that… Could not be a human male’s junior. In fact, the word ‘Equus’ began circling around madly in her mind.
‘That… Humongous thing will be in me? Even though I’ve never done it before?!’
She began trembling like a leaf. Her previous one-ton confidence had already flown far away, perhaps beyond the lake itself.
“…Even so, I still love you!”
The moment she squeezed her eyes shut, a weighty figure moved on top. However, it did not feel all that heavy for some reason. She felt a little scared even as this sense of deep satisfaction washed over her.
The image of that ‘Equus’ junior was still lingering in her brain. Both her mind and body were ready, but she could not do anything about feeling scared.
The zip of her hot pants came down. The tight pants got caught around her hips, so Edel slightly lifted her lower torso higher despite her inner turmoil.
She disliked her mother, but even so, she still took that woman’s teachings to her heart – if she saw someone doing hard labor, she should try to assist and generally be more helpful.
“You’re bigger than I thought!”
“What? Y-you mean, my hips?”
“No, your breasts!”
A large hand dug underneath her T-shirt. Her warm mound as firm as a tennis ball filled his hand, some flesh even managed to spill out.
As Mu Ssang thought, this ‘quality’ far outstripped the Korean-made ‘goods’. He closed his eyes and savored the soft suppleness and the warmth of her flesh. A faint, distant memory of touching his mother’s breast as a toddler began coming back to him.
“I, I don’t care anymore!”
Edel pressed herself against him, burying her face in his chest. His hands fumbled around her firm buttocks to remove her underwear, before feeling her bristled hair below.
Mu Ssang’s hands trembled like a man suffering from tremors. He was like a Buddhist monk who knew the delicacy of meat but could not get to enjoy one for the past seven years, so how could he resist anymore? Before he realized it, his hands became rougher.
“Well, no need to care anymore, anyway!”
Her thin T-shirt was easily ripped off. With the hindrance gone, her suppressed bosom sprang free.
A stiffly protruding crown belonging to one of her twin mounds instantly disappeared into his lips. The shocking impact of it being sucked on caused her eyes to spin dizzily. She wanted to be devoured by him. She wanted her beloved to completely, utterly, devour her whole being.
Edel wanted to sink below the surface like how a quagmire would suck her in.
“I love you!”
A person in love would even throw their soul to their love. As such, Edel transformed into someone far more hands-on. Actually, it was more like her reasoning was thrown out the window, her actions now dictated by her instincts. She caressed and licked every part of his body.
As if they were trying to check every strand of hair on each other’s skin, they desperately explored each other’s bodies. His hands, that were caressing the twin hills’ attractive buds, traveled south to explore the deep valley. There was a figurative flood waiting. It was indescribably silky smooth and warm.
His junior was quivering so hard, wanting to enter its home.
When his hand invaded her nether region, Edel moaned loudly while squeezing her thighs tight. And then, her breathing momentarily stopped when his massively engorged member touched her slick lower abdomen.
A hot object pushed in. That was his avatar. Finally, they had become one. Anticipation and fear ran amok, her muscles spasming out of control.
Edel’s figure jumped up.
The bed creaked loudly under the passionate bodies.
“Dino, chase everyone out!”
Dino was dreaming a pleasant dream when a rude kick to its arse woke it up. The creature stared at Samdi in silence, its eyes rapidly filling up with dissatisfaction.
In the dream, Dino was using its skills improved by its master to finally defeat the terror bird. But before it could tear out the enemy’s throat, a dang rhino came out of nowhere to punt Dino in the butt. And that rhino turned out to be this detestable man.
“Hey, you punk. Can’t you hear that? Our master is preparing to make babies!”
Samdi wanted to punish this little kitten for its rebellious glare, but he could not really pummel the creature anymore like he used to. This damn kitten had gotten pretty strong lately. Besides, he was the guardian deity of the Pygmy race, so he wanted to avoid creating a humiliating scene of him having fisticuffs with a damn cat if he could help it.
That’s why instead of hitting it, Samdi began explaining in a calm manner.
Dino instantly figured out the meaning behind Samdi’s words. Nothing was more important than making babies, after all. And every living creature was at its most defenceless state during the act. If the master was procreating, then quite obviously, it was Dino’s job to clean out the surroundings.
Dino shot up to its feet, then began driving out all the inhabitants of the Yoa House. Its first target was an adult female pretending to be asleep.
Dino’s front limb as sturdy as a steel beam tapped ‘sleeping’ Bassel awake. She was listening in with her ears wide open at that time. She got dragged out of the bed, then without mercy, was tossed outside the building.
Akra slumbering away behind the locked door was also chased out. Just one tap from Dino’s front paw was all that’s needed to break the door lock like it was nothing.
Dino wrapped the deeply-asleep Tigre, Yijihana’s daughter, in a blanket before leaving her outside the front door. As it turned out, Dino was not an uncultured beast that manhandled kids.
Yijihana woke up from his deep sleep and freaked out. Even if Dino was gentlemanly in its conduct, it was still the king of beasts. It might have been a pet to Mu Ssang, but to others, Dino was the terror personified. If you did not freak out after a paw as large as a metal tray suddenly woke you up in the middle of the night, then you were not a human being.
Yijihana was also helplessly shoved outside the front door by Dino’s rather polite front paw. Beside him, the gardener, the assistant chefs and even maids were woken up before getting thrown outside.
Dino was utterly devoted to fulfilling its role. So much so that it even chased out the dog and cat Edel was raising. It even went on to clean out all the lizards, rodents, spiders and other insects hiding in the residence, too.
From Dino’s perspective, humans and animals were all the same..
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