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Chapter 590 Chapter 54 Episode 1 Cause and Effect
The war in the Pacific came to an end on August 15th, 1945. The victors of the war, the Allied Nations, boasted over sixty overseas colonies by the end. But the loser of the battle (by this time, Italy had already surrendered and began siding with the Allied Forces, while Germany had surrendered in May the same year), Japan only had one colony under its belt. And that was the Korean peninsula. The positions of the colonies were also split along the line of the losers and victors. When Japan and the Allied Forces signed the peace treaty in 1951, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma (Myanmar), and other colonies of the victors automatically inherited the status of the Allied Forces. As for Korea… Not only did it have to suffer from the pain of being a colony, it now had to inherit the Scarlet Letter, denoting it as a defeated nation, too. Korea was the sole ‘defeated nation’ colony in history, and it was also the only nation to be excluded from the Peace Conference.
As a result, the colonies of the victorious nations could proudly and confidently demand compensation from Japan. Sadly, however, Korea couldn’t even politely ask for payment.
The rules of engagement in the international community were brutal cold. If you don’t have ‘power,’ you need a pretext, at least. Korea didn’t have any power, and neither did it display any apparent resistance against the foreign ruler that could have helped its case with the international community.
Despite all those lonely skeletons of the freedom fighters left behind in the desolate Manchurian plains… Despite the price paid with blood by all those grassroots movements crying out “Freedom!” that got mercilessly crushed…
The footprints left behind by the rich and unscrupulous that assisted and sucked up to Japan were so much more significant. Japanese yangahchis fatally stabbed a nation’s queen in the palace bedroom. Her body was set on fire soon after. The palace’s garrison officer was in bed with the Japanese ruffians while the actual palace guards got frightened by the gunfire and ran away from their posts. Meanwhile, both the king and the prince didn’t dare to utter a word, even though the king’s wife and the prince’s mother had been killed brutally.
The central figure of the assassination, Adachi Kenzo, said these infamous words: ‘Mere Joseon bastards (trusted Russia and] dared to raise their heads, thereby looking down on our Great Nippon Empire. That’s why we hunted the fox down.’
Adachi Kenzo remained a central figure in the Imperial Rule Assistance Association and lived a pretty precious life until his death at 85. No one dared to say anything, whether it was the royal court, the cabinet, media, or some other random passerby. A country like that wouldn’t get to appeal its case to the international community. The term ‘noblesse oblige’ didn’t get invented for no reason. The part that got the most attention wasn’t the ordinary men desperately resisting the Occupation, but the actions and words of the upper-class traitors and cowardly royal court. From the perspective of other nations, Joseon looked like a country that readily accepted Japan’s rule.
The Philippines received half a billion dollars as compensation from Japan. But Korea had to jump through multiple hoops and make many pleas to get the same amount under the pretext of ‘economic cooperation’ through the agreement on reparation. If Korea were allowed to participate in the Peace Treaty and demand compensation like the others, even five billion dollars wouldn’t have sufficed. Korea wouldn’t be crying over the issue of comfort women until now, too. The amount of half a billion paid out might be the same, but the nature of the two payouts was different. The Philippines got the compensation with their heads held high, but Korea had to sell their pride to eke out that amount. Considering the situation back then when the Korean government barely had any seed money to develop its infrastructure, lowering their heads to Japan was an understandable gesture. But that didn’t make the shame any more bearable. Why did such a thing happen, though? That’s because we failed to gain independence through our own hands. Instead, that independence simply fell from the sky while Koreans were asleep. The’ atmosphere’ was the Mena House Hotel in the Giza Pyramid complex 15km away from Cairo’s city center. And the ones that dropped the independence were Roosevelt, Churchill, and Chiang Kai-shek.
Even then, the ‘independence’ nearly ended up drifting aimlessly away without any firm promise, thanks to Churchill getting too greedy during the negotiation. Without any participation of Koreans, determined the fate of Korea and its people in that manner.
However, something even more gob-smacking than that occurred after August 15th, 1945. The Rhee Syngman regime forcibly stopped the Special Investigation Committee of Anti-National Activities from doing their job to capture those who actively cooperated with the Japanese empire during the Occupation period. The regime then appointed the pro-Japan faction members to critical governmental posts re-hired the majority of those who worked as ‘patrolmen’ during the Japanese Occupation as the police to suppress the Korean nationalists.
Even someone like Noh Duk-sul, that served as a high-grade detective during the Occupation, responsible for arresting and sending countless patriots to prison got re-hired to a high-ranking post in the national police. Where was justice when even people like him acted as if the whole world was under their beck and call?
As a result, the push to punish the pro-Japanese was thrown out the window, and the history of corruption began in earnest. It led to the sorrowful phenomenon of the traitors that betrayed their people and kissed off the enemies continuing to lead prosperous lives generation after generation. In contrast, the children of brave patriots that sacrificed their lives and wealth for their nation’s independence couldn’t even afford a single decent meal.
“Chartres, you were right all along,” Mu Ssang muttered quietly. Chartres, a former historian, lamented that South Korea didn’t have a ‘founding father’ figure. Instead, its first ruler, blinded by his desire to hold onto power, chose to embrace traitors and the corrupt, leading to the vanishing of justice. Chartres contended that a country with no justice was bound to walk the path of corruption.
Korea was colonized and ruled over by Japan for 35 years. Meanwhile, France was occupied by Nazi Germany from June 14th, 1940, to August 25th, 1944. Four years and two months, in other words. Over a hundred thousand French were prosecuted for collaborating with the Nazis during that short period.
France strictly punished every French citizen that willingly collaborated with the Nazis. Including summary executions, a total of 12,000 people were executed. In addition, between fifty to sixty thousand received various sentences, including imprisonment, forced labor for life, and revoking their citizenship.
Compared to this, Korea boasting a 35-year-long occupation produced… a nonsensical phenomenon of 221 prosecutions, one execution, twelve imprisonment, and eighteen suspensions of citizenship. Rather obviously, this was not the result of Koreans being such resolute patriots, and no one was pro-Japanese during 35 years of Occupation.
Having dealt harsh punishments for all traitors, France advocates for life imprisonment without exception for traitors to this day. Even their media was no exception. Any media organization that collaborated with the Nazis was shut down immediately, all of their assets confiscated. What about Korea, then? Instead of punishing the pro-Jap traitors, the worlds of politics, law, and finances were monopolized by the pro-Jap factions. And the dregs of immoral corruption also managed to taint the yangahchis. As a result, the newspapers that led the way in the pro-Japan propaganda began writing even more brazen articles one after another.
Shady organizations like the Imperial Rule Assistance Association and the Hamon clan extended their evil tentacles into the country. Yangahchis became their eyes and ears, hands and feet. And what’s crazier about this situation was that the judicial authority and the administrative organizations meant to destroy such groups began protecting them instead.
This was because people learned that being traitors would lead to a good life. But, unfortunately, it was already too late to yank out the roots of evil by now. Whether or not Mu Ssang would go against Monk Dae-woo’s command not to interfere with the mundane world… Now that remained to be seen.
The day after, I sent the kids to France…
That afternoon, Gamulchi letting out weighty, throaty exhaust noises headed to the Textile Center. Mu Ssang, feeling somewhat pressed for time by this and that, decided to meet with Baek-bu and finally deal with what needs to be dealt with. “What brings you here, mister?” A young security guard blocked Mu Ssang’s path. He stood straight with a raised chin in a show of pure arrogance. “I came to speak to the president.” “You have an appointment, then?”
Mu Ssang stared straight at the young security guard. The latter flinched at the overbearing attitude. Another security guard behind him sneakily went for the baton on his waist.
Mu Ssang then glanced at this security guard next.
“Heok?!” The security guard let out a shocked gasp and stumbled back ungainly.
Mu Ssang was about to say something but stopped himself and turned his head away. Trying to reason with some idiots dying to show off after getting their hands on a tiny bit of authority would be an utter waste of his energy.
“Call the secretary, then. Do I need to make an appointment for that, too?” “N-no, not at all.”
The security guard picked up the intercom and began dialing while looking somewhat unwilling. He wanted to ask the purpose of the visit, but his lips didn’t want to part for some reason.
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Mu Ssang took over the receiver. “Yes… I’m his nephew… Yes. I’m from Jip-eun Dari.”
The security guards overheard the ‘nephew’ part and jumped up in surprise.
“Here, talk to the secretary.” Mu Ssang handed the receiver back to the security guard. The latter kept nodding his head like a bobblehead toy, unable to say anything other than “Yes, yes” over and over again. “It’s this way, sir.”
The security guard rapidly became uber-polite. He pressed the button on the elevator and even performed a smart military salute before leaving. “I guess being the owner of the place does have its perks. Should I also act a bit arrogant from now on?” Mu Ssang smirked while murmuring that. Novatopia’s citizens numbered over a million now. He was the monarch of a nation and also one of the wealthiest men on Earth. That’s why these petty fools trying to show off with just a tiny bit of authority and wealth came across as laughable in his eyes.
“It’s the entrance of his real nephew. Isn’t this like the return of the prince!” Chief Jung Ah-young’s heart began pounding away. Plenty of the president’s nephews came to see him already. A few even worked in the company, too. But, of course, they were all nephews from his wife’s family. In the past, the number of such nephews was over ten. Finally, however, she got to fire those wage thieves and chase them out of here.
The president only had one real nephew. The president often talked about a talented, amazing nephew like a bad habit. A nephew that one and only president Bak In-bo wanted so badly to see again but were too afraid to do SO…
That was Bak Mu-ssang. Since his hometown was Jip-eun Dari, he had to be that ‘talented, amazing’ nephew from all those stories.
Knock, knock
Chief Jung knocked on the door to the ‘small-fry trap.’ As his health deteriorated through the illness, the president became more anxious and temperamental, abrasive, with every passing day. Getting summoned to the president’s office would inevitably mean you ended up half-dead, so the employees began calling the office ‘small-fry trap’.
Jung Ah-young stepped into the office without waiting for an answer. Not only was she the sole employee who didn’t fear the small-fry trap, but she was also the ‘doorway’ capable of joking around with the president of the company, Bak In-bo. “Mister President, your nephew, has come, sir.”
“Who the hell is it this time? Just send him home, will you.” Bak In-bo took off his reading glasses and waved them around in the air.
Honestly speaking, he was getting fed up. With their foundation already yanked out, the in-laws had been deploying this appeal-to-his-humanity tactic using young nephews-in-law for a while now. “But sir, he said he’s the nephew from Jip-eun Dari.” “What did you say?!”
The reading glasses in Bak In-bo’s hand fell to the desk.
Cough, cough…! Bak In-bo’s trembling hand urgently massaged his temples as he tried to control his heavy, gasping breaths. Even the one and only cold blooded Bak In-bo couldn’t help but freak out at Mu Ssang’s sudden entrance. “Man, that almost killed me. Hurry up and show him in. Hehehe, I wonder, just how much has he changed after all these years?” However, Bak In-bo was still Bak In-bo. He regained his composure in an instant. Due to the effects of jaundice, his yellowing eyes began gleaming in the lights of anticipation and excitement.
When the visitor stepped inside the secretary’s office, a lady secretary manning one of the desks raised her head to confirm. Then her eyes grew super-wide.
The person is stepping inside, he… Facial features as delicate and well-defined as a Greek statue, a proud physique six feet tall at the very least, and a well-balanced body shape of an athlete… A rare kingly character had made his appearance.
“My goodness!” The secretary unknowingly gasped out in awe.
Two other female secretaries raised their heads away from the piles of documents to look. Their eyes instantly widened, and it was the same story for Jung Ah-young, as well. “Jackpot?! He’s the real deal, a real man!’ Jung Ah-young’s breathing clogged up. She sensed the caring, warm atmosphere and a wild beast-like aura that’s weighty like a boulder emanating from him simultaneously. This nephew did not resemble his five-feet-and-half uncle with unattractive facial features. Like, not at all. The nephew didn’t seem to share many genetic traits with Wu-tak, Hui-ja, and Hwa-ja. Simply put, this man was the real deal. A man that emanated the scent of a powerful yet passionate alpha male! Jung Ah-young was a spinster who didn’t have much interest in men, but her heart still pounded madly away. She never imagined that a man like this existed for real.
‘So, it was this woman!’
Mu Ssang instantly deduced that Jung Ah-young was the Samshik Capital’s business contact. A woman in her mid-thirties with a curvy figure, she wasn’t the most beautiful person in the world, but she still gave off a kind impression. Her eyes were clear while her lips had this determined look to them. A woman giving off such an impression was usually loyal to the core and very stubborn. ‘She might be perfect as Emil’s wife.’ Her curvy figure and tenacious-looking eyes made Mu Ssang believe that she might be able to whip that indecisive Emil into shape in no time at all.
“By the way, where have I seen him before?” Not knowing that her fate had already been set for her, Jung Ah-young quickly combed through her memories. ‘Aha! The alpha male kitted out in all-black I saw back in the early winter a couple of years ago!’ She finally remembered. That man was wearing a black suit over a tight black shirt, carrying a black backpack and a black Ray-Ban on his face… She recalled the man with a body straight out of her dreams. She was so shocked back then that she even went on a diet because of him. But now, a man even more remarkable than that Mister Black Fashion had appeared before her eyes. The funny thing was, Jung Ah-young had no idea that the so-called Mister Black Fashion was Bak Mu-ssang standing right before her. “Is there something on my face?” Feeling slightly uncomfortable now, Mu Ssang chucked that question at the secretary. Jung Ah-young sobered up instantly and hurriedly lowered her head. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m the Chief Secretary, Jung Ah-young.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Bak Mu-ssang.” A baritone voice reminiscent of winds gushing out from a deep cavern rumbled the secretary’s office. Jung Ah-young’s eyes grew dreamy. She had been searching for a man like this. If he told her to ‘Take everything off!’ then she’d be too weak to say no. …. These girls, how dare they?!’
The eyes of the other two secretaries were glued to Bak Mu-ssang and didn’t want to leave him. Lasers were shooting out from those lustful gazes. At this rate, they might even take off their panties and throw them at him.
Jung Ah-young’s glare sharpened considerably. “What are you all doing? Want to work through the night?” Her shrill yell freaked out the secretaries, and they hurriedly buried their heads back in the document piles. But Jung Ah-young still managed to read the ‘warning shots’ fired by the underlings’ eyes. So they were saying that this was nothing more than a hysteria of a spinster. ‘I’m not that old, you know?!’ She tried hard to console herself but still was driven mad with unhappiness at her not-as-ideal looks, which made her look three, maybe four, years older than her actual age.
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Mu Ssang estimated Jung Ah-young’s age to be in the mid-thirties, but she was only thirty-two in reality. Once a woman goes past thirty, every subsequent year would be like a nightmare to her. It was indeed a tragic situation akin to the sun setting over the mountain on the west, impossible to fix, like how it was impossible to capture a cow that escaped from captivity and ran away. Getting married for Jung Ah-young was getting progressively harder every year.
“You don’t resemble our president all that much, you know?” Jung Ah-young said that while tilting her head.
Mu Ssang pointed at the president’s office with his chin without saying anything. He was silently saying, shut up and guide the way. Even that looked so cool to Jung Ah-young “Our president’s health is frail, sir. I know I’m being impertinent here, but I’d still like you to not say or act in a way that might worsen his health, sir.” Mu Ssang simply observed Jung Ah-young in utter silence without saying yes or no. If you thought it was impertinent, then you shouldn’t say anything to begin with. Knowing you were being impertinent while still saying those things meant that you were being impertinent anyway. Jung Ah-young felt her whole body freeze up right there and then. “…Fuu-woo. I’m just asking for a small favor, sir.” Jung Ah-young added that with a sigh. “Fuu, fuu. He might not have any luck with his kids, but he still got lucky with his employees, it seems.” Mu Ssang chucked his observation out there as if he was talking to himself. But Jung Ah-young still sensed the heaviness of time from those words. Compared to his cousin of similar age, Wu-task, it was like trying to reach a small pebble found on a new road to substantial boulder thousands of years old resting on a mountain peak. “Just what kind of a life did this man lead to getting here?’ Jung Ah-young’s curiosity stoked up. “You’re a good person, Miss Jung.” Mu Ssang smiled after saying that. Jung Ah-young cringed in pain. Behold! A thin pale line drew on this man’s handsome visage, prompting his facial muscles to soften like waves in the calm lake. His expressionless face instantly filled up with a refreshing grin. “S-so beautiful!”
The grinning face of the president’s nephew was like a brightly-blooming lotus flower under the morning sun. Was it natural for a man’s smile to be that magnificent?!
Jung Ah-young was amorously drawn in after him into the office.
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