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Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 611

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Cases involving counterfeit imported liquor happened reasonably often.
Whenever a new gang tried to push out the old and take over the business, they’d dump a truckload of ‘anonymous tips’ on the police. As such, the cops didn’t even have to wait for someone to file charges to investigate and apprehend the offenders.
All ‘imported liquor’ found in nightclubs was fundamentally fake. The patrons already drunk on booze and the atmosphere would never be able to differentiate whether they were drinking the good stuff or just plain water. So there was no reason why the establishments wouldn’t resort to using counterfeit liquor.
From the government’s perspective, it didn’t matter whether the citizens drank water or booze. As long as you got drunk, counterfeit or not, it ultimately didn’t matter since you’d all piss it away in the toilet anyway. The government’s sole reason for strictly regulating fake liquor wasn’t the health of the citizens but simply the liquor tax.
However, a prosecutor’s time was too valuable to waste on tax evasion cases. Indeed, the issues involving liquor tax, VAT, and special consumption tax were the matters for the employees of the National Tax Service to lose sleepover. However, drug dealing was different.
Drugs were like cancer. If not snipped at the bud, it’d blossom into a shortcut to national ruin, a hotbed of crime, and eventually destroy the lives of the victims. As a person wearing the badge of ‘prosecutor’ and drawing salaries from all the citizens’ taxes, a drug-related case was not something Yeo Yun-dong could sweep under the carpet. At least, that’s what he believed.
‘This son of a b*tch!’
Kim Dal Su sobered up instantly.
He was planning to pass along a veteran’s know-how to a youngster and give him a fat allowance in the process… But now, his face was trampled on unceremoniously.
The organization of prosecutors placed the ideals of ‘Unity and Indivisibility, Clear Chain of Command’ even above the Constitution itself. As such, ‘mutiny’ could not be allowed.
But here was one of those uncompromising dumbasses Kim Dal Su only heard about in passing rumors. Numerically speaking, one of these idiots referred to as Pro-Dumbass was bound to show up sooner or later… and Yeo Yun-dong happened to be that one.
“Prosecutor Yeo, let me tell you something. A good thing is a good thing. It’s just a waste of everyone’s time locking up a handful of small fries. After all, other punks will quickly fill the void. You’re like this only because you don’t know how these organizations operate.” Kim Dal Su lowered his voice and tried to persuade Yeo Yun-dong nicely.
It was common to see a newbie prosecutor going wild, out of their sense of justice. One of the prominent roles of a chief prosecutor was to place reins on bucking young horses.
“I’m not sure if you’re referring to the prosecution organization or the organized crime in this case, Chief. But it might be better to forget about releasing the drug dealers at this point, sir. We’ve already requested the National Prosecution Authority’s Science division for hair sample analysis.” Yeo Yun-dong pushed the shopping bag and the jewelry case back to President Jo before continuing.
“Thank you for your consideration, but I’m not such a good man, nor do I have enough time to do good things. Therefore, I’d recommend that President Jo donate to an orphanage or a nursing home at the end of the year.”
“Hey, you sh*thead! Walk away from this case, now!” Kim Dal Su roared in anger, his brows shooting up high.
“Since you ordered me to, I shall resign from this case, Chief. Well then, I shall be leaving first.” Yeo Yun-dong shot up to his feet, then staggered out of the room.
‘Heh. I see. There is still someone worthy of being a prosecutor. I’ll remember you.’ Mu Ssang silently watched Prosecutor Yeo’s departing back.
What an unfortunate thing it was for that young prosecutor. Someone with an admirable sense of justice wouldn’t go far in his organization due to its toxic culture.
“Chief Kim, that man, he…!” President Jo’s eyes nervously darted back and forth.
He’d been doing this sponsor thing for over a decade now, and this was his first time running into a hardheaded fool like that. That punk most likely wouldn’t blab to someone on what happened tonight, but if he chose to pursue this matter till the end, then the embers would surely land on President Jo too. Alcohol evaporated from his system instantly.
“Don’t worry about him, President Jo. I’ll take care of this.” Kim Dal Su replied while gritting his teeth.
It seemed like the time had come to let an immature young punk taste the bitterness of the organization. A prosecutor like him would either crumble on his own or throw in the towel and leave if no cases get assigned to him.
“He’s a reckless simpleton who doesn’t even know how the heaven operates, isn’t he. So let’s not mind him for now. President Jo, are the Cheongsaechi (spearfish) gang ready to go?” Jang Chul Su quickly changed the topic.
“Yes, sir. Just give me the word. All you need to think about now is deciding whether to incinerate Bak In bo to ashes or just scare him a little.” President Jo formed a faint smile as he replied.
The Cheongsaechi (spearfish) gang was part of his organization. The relationship between a construction company and a band of gangsters was similar to a crocodile and an Egyptian plover. And more often than not, a business person would be serving as the gang boss too, just like President Jo.
“If our Chief Prosecutor doesn’t find anything solid, I’ll make sure to give you a call,” Jang Chul Su glanced at Kim Dal Su.
“I heard that he’s the husband of your main family’s daughter. Will this be fine?”, Kim Dal Su asked back. Most business people would be finished for good if the prosecutors barged in unannounced and performed search-and-seizure on their place of business.
“Uh-whew. He’s still my in-law, so I’m not happy about the prospect of seeing him in trouble either,” Jang Chul Su let out a crocodile’s sigh.
“…I see. Give me a call at any time, gentlemen.”
“Thank you. Oh, and don’t worry about the matter with the golf course.”
The crocodile and the plover continued to exchange meaningful words.
‘They don’t know when to stop, now do they!’
Mu Ssang was left speechless. His uncle mobilized the Samsik gang to shake up the Jang family’s roots, while the Jang family planned to utilize the Cheongsaechi (spearfish) gang to erase his uncle from existence. A figurative mudslinging match between a burnt kettle and a singed pot was about to occur.
However, Mu Ssang’s uncle must’ve saved a village in his previous life or something since he got lucky again. Last time, Mu Ssang stumbled onto the scene where people plotted to poison his uncle to death. And this time, these folks planning to mobilize gangsters were caught red-handed by him.
“Vice Governor, how about unburdening yourself first before calling it a night?” Kim Dal Su suggested Jang Chul Su.
“No, I’m no longer in the mood, unfortunately. Besides, my junior isn’t cooperating lately, so I don’t think I can handle being humiliated by a cute young thing.”
“In that case, allow me to escort both of you gentlemen to Busan’s Bokji-gwan next week. After that, I shall set up a nice little gathering for us at the year-end.”
“That sounds good, President Jo. Well then, shall we get going?”
“Allow me to drive you home.” President Jo quickly got up and assisted the wobbling Kim Dal Su.
If one was entertaining guests, one had to see it till the end to make it memorable.
“In that case, please take good care of us.”
Kim Dal Su and Jang Chul Su followed President Jo outside the room. Since both men occupied high government positions, they couldn’t afford to be seen driving an official or private car to a hostess bar. If the Prime Minister’s inspector team or the National Prosecuting Authority’s Integrity Committee learns about it, the fallout would be no laughing matter.
The air shifted to reveal Mu Ssang decked out in a baseball cap and a pair of Ray-Bans in the now-empty room. But, of course, he wouldn’t have relied on the One with Nature technique if he knew those three would be moving together.
“Dang it. I wasted my time and soiled my eyes for no good reason.”
Mu Ssang pressed the pager’s button to send the signal, then vanished from the spot like a wisp of smoke.
The moving van’s passenger door suddenly flung open, and Mu Ssang settled down on the seat.
“Huhk?! Big brother?!”
The vehicle swerved thanks dangerously to Gim Geukdo freaking out.
“Our situation just became simpler for us. Kim Dal Su’s resident is in Beomeo-dong, right?”
“Yessir. His place is between the public prosecutor’s office and the Daegu Bank.”
“Once the Benz parked by the hostess bar’s entrance gets going, follow it!”
Mu Ssang sunk deeply into the seat and closed his eyes. Did they say ‘great hardships and difficulties’? To think that they would use that term in such a manner! The world had gotten quite strange, it seemed.
He suddenly found himself pathetic for messing around with these small fries. Not only could he not erase all the injustices running rampant in this world, but he also didn’t have a reason to do so either. He would’ve probably let Kim Dal Su go – for now – if Mina hadn’t been caught up in this matter.
“Hehehe… I shall teach all three of you what hardship and difficulties actually mean!” Mu Ssang smirked lazily.
It was your business, and no one else’s, for you to waste the wealth you acquired through proper means. You shouldn’t be criticized for it. However, the wealth wastefully thrown away by these bastards came straight from the pockets of the hard-working citizens and fraudulent activities. What was ‘Hell,’ anyway? Once all fair competition was gone, and all hope was lost, it was Hell.
The hostess’s milky-white naked body and dark bush were still vivid in Mu Ssang’s mind. That girl’s face slowly morphed to Jin Soon’s, then to Edel’s, then even to Hae Young’s face after. Since he became a mercenary, he began thinking about a female body for the first time.
‘Yup, I’ve been taking it easy for far too long!’
A sigh of lament automatically leaked out of Mu Ssang’s lips. He preferred the wild, untamed Africa where he could let loose without worrying about anything. Yet, even though he was so sick of those winds of sand and the burning sun, he found himself longing for them right now.
“Big brother. We’re at the entrance of Beomeo forest. If we go around that corner, we’ll be at Kim Dal Su’s residence.”
“Got it.”
Mu Ssang wound the window down, then flicked his wrist.
A single bamboo chopstick he robbed from the hostess bar flew forward like a streak of light.
The chopstick tore through the Benz’s rear tire before disappearing into the night.
The vehicle skidded precariously before coming to a stop. The chauffeur jumped out of the driver’s seat.
“Uh-whew! Those idiots, how can the road maintenance be this crappy!” The chauffeur lightly kicked the torn tire while grumbling away. “President, sir. We have a flat tire.”
“Quickly deal with it. These gentlemen need to get home right away.”
“Yes, sir! Please wait for a minute or two.” The chauffeur bowed, then took out the spare tire from the boot and began changing the flat.
Utilizing his expertise, he quickly finished his job. But, just as he straightened his back, a lengthy shadow suddenly loomed over him.
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“You seem to be working hard late at night, mister.”
“Who’re you?” The chauffeur frowned unhappily. What a typical reaction a gangster would have.
“Merely a pedestrian number one!” Mu Ssang’s palm sneakily brushed past the back of the chauffeur’s head. The resonance wave entering him rocked the chauffeur’s brain.
“Kkeuh-euh…” The chauffeur spat out a weak moan before crumbling to the ground.
“And I’m the pedestrian number two!” Gim Geukdo kicked the chauffeur to drop the latter into a nearby ditch, then yanked the passenger-side door open.
“Are you done fixing the flat?” President Jo turned his head to ask.
“It’s about to get fixed!”
A calloused fist slammed into President Jo’s temple. He blacked out without finding out what had happened to him.
“Looks like our dear gentlemen are in dreamland, big brother.” Gim Geukdo lowered his fist, then dumped the three middle-aged men inside the van. “Should I bring the driver, too, big brother?”
“Leave him be. He won’t remember anything. Don’t forget to pick up our labor cost, though.”
“Yessir!” Gim Geukdo grinned happily while taking out the shopping bag from the car.
What good timing, too, since Mina was complaining earlier about how ‘not pretty’ Young Sook’s clothes were. Gim Geukdo wanted to buy new clothes, so this was a remarkable turn of events.
The van drove off from the scene soon after. Only the lone Benz was left behind in the deserted entrance to Beomeo forest. As for the matter of pedestrian number three discovering the chauffeur stuck in the ditch… that depended on the poor man’s luck.
“How many did you plant?”
“We planted one wired bug in the sarang-chae and one more in the main building. And five wireless bugs on various parts of the residence.”
Two employees of Samyang Electrical Company whispered to each other.
“That should be enough. Planting anymore will make them more noticeable.”
“Deputy Chief, should we try to shake up the women?”
“Leave them be. We don’t have time, and it will get us nowhere. Make the call!”
“Yes, sir!”
A short while later, the lights came back on in Eungsim-je. Samyang Electrical’s three employees only needed ten minutes to finish their business, get the payment for the repair work plus overtime, and stroll out of place.
“Plant bugs? Shake up? What are they even talking about? Argh, who cares!” Kamdoong’s ears perked up for a moment, only for it to return to its previous comfortable sleeping position.
Those humans came to assist Jin-soon, after all. After finishing their work, they left. There didn’t seem to be a need to butt in.
The van drove past Eungsim-je’s front gate.
“Geukdo, return the van to the owner of the fried chicken place. They need to open their shop tomorrow.”
“Yes, sir!”
Gim Geukdo drove the van with the logo [Cock-a-doodle-do Chicken] stuck to the side and exited from the residence. Mu Ssang borrowed the van, thinking that there would be many people needing to be kidnapped, but it turned out to be a bit of a waste of time in the end.
Mu Ssang entered the second basement floor while carrying three middle-aged men.
Kamdoong raised its head briefly before burying it between its front paws once more. “Friend, your hobby is keeping you busy, I see!”
“Instead of fooling around, I’m doing missionary work, you know.”
“Aren’t those three too old to serve as slaves?”
“Well, our manpower is always lacking, and since these three have been enjoying a great life, their stamina levels should be pretty good.”
“What a pitiful life, to be captured by a heartless human, eh!” Kamdoong closed its eyes after losing all interest. It didn’t care if every human in this world suddenly croaked one day. Other than his friend and master, the invincible Eastern Swordsman, of course.
“You three gorged yourself to stupor in the light, so it’s about time you experience starvation in the shadows.” Mu Ssang proceeded to throw Kim Dal Su, Jang Chul Su, and President Jo in the pitch-black darkness of the basement then left without even glancing back once. The weight of positions like a chief prosecutor, the vice governor, or an owner of a company was less significant than a chick’s teardrop to him.
Next morning…
The mealtime of Eungsim-je was as lively as usual. But that was understandable since there were many people here, and most of them were women, to boot.
“Dad, do I have to transfer school now?” Mina asked dejectedly.
The noisy dining table was met with a bout of sudden silence.
“Uh? What do you mean by transfer?” Pretending to be oblivious, Mu Ssang asked back.
“Dong-seon’s mom was scolding my teacher yesterday. My teacher couldn’t even say anything and just cried, you see? So Dong-seon’s mom said that if the teacher doesn’t transfer the violent girl right away, she’ll have the teacher chased out instead.”
“Oh? And who is this violent girl?” Mu Ssang grinned brightly.
“Aaaaing, dad! Don’t be like this! Mom, you said my dad is so much higher than Dong-seon’s dad, right?” Mina turned to look at Jin-soon next.
“I did! Your dad is indeed so much ‘higher’ in status.”
“Does that mean I don’t have to transfer?”
“Of course~. My daughter doesn’t want to transfer, so who would dare force her? No need to worry, child. Dong-seon’s mom won’t show up at school anymore.” Jin-soon reassured Mina. Mu Ssang went out last night, so the result was pretty much set in stone.
“Come on now, have you ever seen your dad lying?”
“Ehehehe~. That’s true. Our dad never lies.” Mina smiled brightly.
Once the family breakfast was over, Jin-soon whispered into Mu Ssang’s ear. “Did you throw ‘him’ in the basement?”
“Yup. What a trash he was, too. And, as a bonus, Jang Chul Su from the Jang family and another corrupted civilian tagged along, too.”
“Are you thinking of sending them to Novatopia?”
“Yup. Keeping those rats here is too much waste of good rice, after all.”
“Oppa. I also want to live in Novatopia.”
“What? Why?” Mu Ssang jumped up in surprise.
“Didn’t you say that Novatopia is a land of justice?”
“Yeah, but at the same time, it’s a rough, savage land, too.”
“Oppa. I’m Jip-eun Dari’s original tough nut. Instead of this corrupted civilized society, I prefer living in the land of righteous savagery, you know. Sometimes, I feel so frustrated with the idea of living in this country.”
Mu Ssang wordlessly stared at Jin-soon. He found it difficult to refute her. South Korea was undoubtedly a lot more stable and developed than Africa, but so many things about this country left you frustrated nevertheless.
“Once the purple chicken comes back, I’ll take you there. If you like it over there, you can stay. But if you like it here more, then you can always come back.” Mu Ssang nodded and replied to her.
Most of those people with bad history with him had been taken care of, more or less, by now. And once he discovers his mother’s current whereabouts, he’d have even less of a reason to cling to this country.
“Thanks, oppa!” Jin-soon’s complexion brightened considerably.
She had an ulterior motive for asking him. A certain feeling of danger brought out this change in her. A feeling that if she continued to sit tight in Korea, she’d die as an old spinster!
Mu Ssang went to the basement storage only on the following day.
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Snap, poof-!
When he switched on the lights, he was greeted by shrill screams.
Three middle-aged men shielding their eyes with their hands were sticking very close to each other like a trio of barnacles.
The basement storage located 25m underground constantly maintained the temperature between 4℃~10℃ to preserve the cultural artifacts. A human body waking up from an alcoholic stupor felt coldness even more acutely than average. These three must’ve been pitifully shivering away for the past one and half days.
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